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Fraternity Fundraising

Fraternity fundraising is very common on college campuses. Being part of the Greek system can be expensive, so money has to be raised. Typically there is an annual membership fee (usually a few hundred dollars), in addition to a number of other things that cost money, such as fraternity lettered sweatshirts, paddles, group photographs, frat parties, social events and the financial cost of the pledging process.

Charity work is part of being in a fraternity, and most frats host at least one major fundraiser of fundraising event per school year. One thing to think about with your fraternity fundraiser is the message that you'll be communicating with your fundraising initiative. Consider exploring fundraising initiatives that embody the spirit and excitement of "brotherhood" and are fun, so people will want to attend!

To help your determine what fundraising event is right for your fraternity, we've outlined a couple of popular options hosted by fraternities on college campuses across the country. If you don't like what you see here, check out our creative fundraising event ideas section, as any of these activities could also work well for a fraternity!

Fundraising Events for Fraternities

  • Fraternity Golf Tournament: A very popular and lucrative fundraising event for fraternities is a charity golf tournament. Not only do many guys love playing golf, but during the college years, it's good practice to hone your skills (as many business deals are conducted on the course). Golf tournaments can encourage brotherly bonding. If new pledges are assigned a "big brother", why not plan a golf tournament format such as "Alternate Shot" which is played in two-person teams and encourages teamwork? Don't forget to market the event by inviting parents, faculty and businesses to participate. Reach out to local businesses on campus to see if they are interested in sponsoring the golf tournament. There are also plenty of ways to raise additional funding on during the tournament such as offer "on-the-course contests", beverage cart sales, raffle fundraising and more. Read golf fundraising ideas for more information.
  • Drag-Queen Beauty Contest: Being part of a fraternity is not only about creating a bond between brothers, it's also about having fun with friends and being able to laugh at one another. For this reason, fraternity fundraising events may draw on humor as part of their theme. To host a Drag-Queen Beauty Contest, recruit 10-12 brothers to volunteer as contestants (or order pledges to compete). Then bring in some girls to help your frat brothers get "made-up" with makeup, wigs, jewelry, evening gowns, high heels, etc. Send out invitations across campus inviting students and faculty to come watch the contest and vote. The idea of seeing your frat brothers dressed in drag should definitely draw in a crowd! Charge a reasonable entry fee ($10), and try to include some food or drinks as part of the event. You may be able to find a campus restaurant to donate these items for a good cause. Include a talent contest as part of the contest for even more laughs. The great thing about an event like this is that there is no overhead cost. You can host the event at your frat-house, in a social lounge or college cafeteria.
  • Rent a Brother: For this fundraising event, frat brothers are auctioned off to raise money for a good cause. In order to be successful with this type of fundraiser, you'll want to draw in a big crowd so there will be plenty of bidders. See if you can use the school auditorium so you can easily showcase your frat brothers on stage. Make the atmosphere fun and energetic. Hire a DJ to play music and help bring excitement to the event as Emcee. Explain what types of activities the "rented" fraternity brothers can do such as: cooking, cleaning, helping with homework, washing a car, running errands, etc. (chores must be legal and within school policies - i.e. no asking someone to take a test for you!) Now here's where the fun part comes in! Music plays and each frat brother struts out and tries to win the audience's admiration. Then line them all up on stage and start the bidding... one at a time. The highest bidder wins. After the auction, each frat brother can meet with the winning bidder to arrange what his chores will be and schedule the day of service.

Of course there are plenty of other fun events that work well for fraternities. How about "Dancing with the Stars"? Try to recruit a few girls from the dance team to participate by pairing them up with one of your frat brothers and invite the student body to come vote for who's the best. Or what about a hosting a Bake-a-thon for parents? Your frat brothers' mothers would love to see what kind of cooks they've become now that they're on their own. Charge an entry fee and then include a raffle fundraiser as part of the event to raise additional dollars.

Lastly, remember that your fraternity fundraiser does not have to be an event. There are lots of other options including sending a donation request letter to parents, family and friends asking for pledges. You can also consider sales. Students love saving money, and university fundraising discount cards can be an easy way to earn some extra cash.

For alternative fundraising ideas for your fraternity, check out our university fundraising page.

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