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Valentine's Day Fundraising Ideas

Looking for Valentine's Day Fundraising Ideas? Valentine's Day is a perfect time to host a themed fundraiser to bring in revenue for your organization. Although Valentine's Day is not an official holiday, it is one of the most popular days of the year for celebrating and in-turn spending money on the ones we love. See below for some popular Valentine's Day fundraising ideas.

Valentine's Day Fundraising Donation Drive

Every year people search for the perfect gift to give to their loved ones. This year, encourage supporters to spread their love through helping those in need. For example, instead of spending $100 on a new necklace for your wife, donate $100 towards a cause you and your wife support. When your wife opens up the envelope with a receipt and explanation of your donation, she'll be thrilled to see how big her husband's heart is and how selfless the gift was. It may even become an annual tradition that you and your significant other participate in together.

If you decide to host a donation drive, make donating easy! Set up an online donations page where members of your organization, previous donors and other supporters can easily go online to make a secure online donation with a credit card or PayPal account. Then create a Valentine's donation certificate that can be printed as a gift receipt. You may want to consider offering a small gift such as a box of chocolates as part of the receipt for those who donate a certain amount. Once their donation is made, you send the chocolates or bouquet of flowers to their home - which can be a small gift to present along with the donations certificate.

Fundraising Event for Valentine's Day

Another great Valentine's Day fundraising idea is to host a themed fundraising event. A wonderful way to celebrate this day of love and giving is by bringing people together and offering them a chance to "give-back" straight from the heart. Be sure to come up with a fun theme that does not alienate any of your donors. For example, you may not want to host an event strictly for couples, but an event that attracts both couples and singles alike. Here are some fun Valentine's Day Event Ideas:

  • Valentine's Dance: Rent a place within your community such as a church or school gymnasium and sell tickets to the event. Decorate with Valentine's themed decorations. Hire a band to play songs that everyone can dance to (not only couple songs). Invite people to send a "singing Valentine's telegram" from one of the band members throughout the night. Incorporate a dance-contest, where couples or friends can compete to win prizes. Partner with a local restaurant to offer food and beverages for purchase.
  • Wine Tasting: Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to host a wine tasting. In fact, some people see wine tasting as a different kind of "love affair". Partner with a licensed wine dealer and host a classy event guaranteed to satisfy the palette. Charge admission for the event and offer a selection of wines for attendees to taste, along with commentary from a wine expert. Ask a local market to donate some fine cheese and chocolates to compliment the wine selections. Invite a local guitarist or vocalist to play acoustic music and create a festive mood. Following the event, offer wines for sale at exclusive discounted prices. This special pricing may be enough to draw in a crowd.
  • Bake Sale: Since Valentine's day is often associated with sweets, why not host a fundraising bake sale? Invite members of your organization to prepare their favorites desserts, sweets and candies. Invite your local community to stop by the sale at a convenient location. Invite press to attend the event and perhaps sample the various delicatessens. Offer a prize for the best dish. Lastly, sell the goodies the day before Valentine's day wrapped in festive paper and décor for people to give to their loved ones.
  • Valentine's Raffle: With any of these ideas, you may also want to consider obtaining prizes and offering a fundraising raffle as part of your event by selling raffle tickets on site. Reach out to a hotel for a romantic weekend getaway complete with room, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. Ask a spa to donate a massage so one may "spoil him or herself" this Valentine's Day, or ask restaurants to provide gift certificates for fine dining. Offer a gift basket for raffle complete with fine wines and cheeses. There are many options for raffle prizes and provides an excellent opportunity for your organization to raise additional funds for your cause.

Whatever you decide to do for your Valentine's Fundraiser, it will surely be a success with the right planning, promotion and fundraising software tools. For more fundraising ideas, tips and tools, feel free to visit our blog, Online Fundraising Today.

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