New Universal Shopping Cart

DoJiggy Releases New Universal Shopping Cart

As part of our commitment to continually improving our online fundraising services, DoJiggy has released a completely new and improved universal shopping cart for your Pledge fundraising event registrations, sponsorships, and product sales. The new state-of-the-art cart offers more flexibility and functionality for your fundraising events. The new shopping cart is compatible only with our new templates so be sure that your websites are updated today.

New and Upgraded Shopping Cart Features Include

  • The ability to purchase event registrations, sponsorships and product sales from unique website pages or one catalog page. This flexibility allows you to direct potential sponsors or others to a specific page and elicit the exact response you want.
  • An up-sell feature has been included in the cart. For fundraising events with optional products, registrants will be directed to the product sales page before checkout.
  • All Pledge (ie walk-a-thon) event participants are prompted to create or join a team at the time of registration, whether your event requires paid or no-cost registrations.
  • Users can register multiple participants in one step. After registering one person, the registrant is prompted to add another registration. (This was a top feature mentioned by school groups and others that wanted to register families as part of a team.)
  • Users can purchase team registrations/memberships without a full team purchase. ie, A registrant can add 2 or more participants to the same team, without purchasing the entire team.
  • Administrators can create custom questions based on registration or products purchased. The same questions are no longer required for all your registrants.
  • A user-friendly registration process with less data-entry required to register. Registrants will be prompted to enter more detailed information (such as address) later, in the participant control panel.
  • Users can add unique contacts for product or sponsorship purchases within a single order.

As of January 2013, we are currently migrating all Pledge clients to the new shopping cart. We are also accepting a limited amount of clients using other subscription packages.

To view a working demo of the new universal shopping cart, goto: Here you can register or place test orders.