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All organizations and businesses that accept credit card payments are required to maintain PCI compliance. You can read more about PCI compliance on our blog:

Total Merchant Services (TMS), our primary merchant services provider, has provided the following information and self-assessment questionnaire in order to assist clients in becoming compliant. Please use this information only if you are a TMS client.

PCI Compliance Requirements

A key requirement under PCI is to complete an annual Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) attesting your compliance. We have created three quick and easy solutions to assist you in completing your annual SAQ. Use the solution that works best for you:

  1. We have our PCI specialists waiting for your call to walk you through the process. Simply call your merchant services customer care number at 866-485-8999, *1550 and a specialist is standing by waiting to assist you.
  2. We have created a SAQ addendum form that is attached here. Please download and fill out the attached addendum for completion, if you prefer to submit the form. Should you have any questions filling out the form, please call customer care.  >>SAQ Addendum C
  3. You can visit The My PCI website to begin your process of becoming PCI compliant. If you have any questions we have PCI Service Specialists waiting to assist you at 866-485-8999, *1550. This option is for clients that have a more complex processing and data security environment.

If you do not take action, you will be assessed a monthly non-compliance fee of $19.95 until your SAQ is completed.

As your credit card processor and advocate, we prefer not to pass this non-compliance fee on to you and we are here to help you complete your SAQ. You do not have to incur this fee if you take immediate action.

-Your Total Merchant Services Team