Website Banner Design Package

Website Banner Design Package

Each of our websites comes with a stock header or banner which appears on each website page. Most organizations choose to customize this banner to give their website a more unique and professional look and feel. This task can be daunting, if you do not have the expertise to manipulate images. If this is the case, let us do the work for you!

We can either:

  • rework your current header (our tech team will need to review for feasibility) or
  • make a new header that is correctly sized for our templates

Our designer will prepare two options for your review. You can choose the option you prefer and give feedback. One final header will be presented. The cost of our custom header development is just $79.


••New Banner Design Requirements
  • Your organizational logo or a horizontally oriented picture (in high resolution JPEG format)
  • Any text you want to include, such as the organization or event name (Hint: It is best to include the event name without the year, so that the header does not need to be updated each year.)
  • Your preferred color scheme