Free Text Fundraising with Text to Donate

Free Text Fundraising with Text to Donate

The virtual fundraising platform features free, unlimited Text to Donate SMS messages for all US-based charity and fundraising campaigns.

What is Text to Donate?

Text-to-donate is using SMS phone texting to donate to a nonprofit organization or charitable cause. Text to Donate allows your donors to easily support your organization or charity at any time and anywhere right from their mobile phones. Supporters will text your organization or fundraising campaign’s keyword to a designated phone number. In return, they will receive a link to your website, auction item, or other feature to make a mobile donation.

So you can see how promoting mobile giving via Text to Donate makes it easy for your supporters to donate. In addition to boosting revenue, text donations also enable nonprofits to improve donor engagement and retention. In turn, this will help you to secure long-term support for your cause.

Text to Donate is ideal for the following situations:

  • Dinners and galas: Provide attendees a keyword they can text to purchase items, bid on auction items, and make donations right from their table.
  • Use on Marketing materials: Display a text-to-give keyword on your printed marketing materials, such as flyers or posters.
  • Conference and meetings: When you’re in front of a crowd of people, giving them text fundraising information is often easier than a URL.
  • Church and Religious services: Many churches and religious groups ask the congregation to give directly from their pews.
  • Promotion on Radio and TV: Promote your keyword in radio and TV spots, podcasts, and other media.

Let’s Get Started

Text to Give vs Text to Donate

You may have heard of Text to Give and wonder – what’s the difference between Text to Give vs Text to Donate? Today the two are mostly used interchangeably. Text to Give is sometimes called:

True Text to Give

DoJiggy text-to-donateTrue Text-to-give is a bit different from the more common Text-to-donate. Text-to-give is a carrier-based mobile fundraising method that allows supporters to easily donate via a text message. Supporters simply text a keyword to an organization’s shortcode (rather than a full phone number) and a specified donation is added to the supporters’ phone bill. That’s right – the donation is added to a phone bill and not charged on a credit card at the time the donation is made. Text to Give allows donors to donate a specific, pre-set amount, say $25. The amount is generally low to widely encourage giving. This may limit support, as many donors would give more when given a chance.

Nonprofit organizations must meet the requirements and guidelines set forth by the Mobile Giving Foundation to be eligible to use true Text to Give. Organizations have to submit an application and meet qualifying criteria that many organizations cannot achieve.  

True Text to Give is expensive to implement. Costs run around $2,000/year for just one keyword and $1,000 for additional keywords.

For these reasons, Text to Give is used mainly by large organizations for emergency or specific campaigns such as the American Red Cross and UNICEF. You may have seen this type of text fundraising promoted on TV or national media.

Text to Donate is much more flexible. Unlike text-to-give, there are no minimum fundraising or fiscal requirements for text-to-donate. Small nonprofit organizations and schools can use texting to enhance their fundraising efforts. Text-to-donate allows supporters to make custom donation amounts, set up recurring donations, donate to specific fundraising events and individuals, and much more.

Why Should Your Nonprofit Use Text to Donate?

DoJiggy text-to-donate works for charity fundraisingPut simply, text-based fundraising works. Text to Donate boosts your organization’s revenue and donor engagement, by making donations easy.

As technology develops and everyday activities become ever more mobilized, so should your organization’s fundraising strategy. That means employing new marketing techniques and offering new donation opportunities. With text-based fundraising, your organization will meet two very important fundraising goals:

  • Reach your donors wherever they are
  • Simplify the donation process for donors

Text to Give for Churches

Many religious groups are now asking the congregation to give right from their pews. Often referred to as Text-to-Tithe in the church sector, text-to-give helps churches and communities of faith reach their fundraising goals in an increasingly cashless world. Since church fundraising is largely done via donations, Text to Donate is a great option.

Fundraising with Text to DonateHow Our Text to Give Works

The beauty of Text fundraising lies in its simplicity. With our system, everything is in place and we walk you through the setup steps. DoJiggy Text to Give is included at no cost with the following fundraising software platforms:

From your campaign setup, simply:

  1. Click the checkbox to enable text-to-give functionality.
  2. Enter your desired keyword. This is the word that donors will text to our designated number. It’s best to keep the keyword short and simple to remember, yet easy to associate with your cause.
  3. Click CHECK AVAILABILITY to see if your keyword is available. If it’s already in use, consider adding numbers or finding an alternate word to formulate a keyword that’s unique to your campaign.
  4. Share this keyword with your supporters, along with our custom phone number

Donors text the keyword and receive a link to complete their donation. The system supporters digital wallets (contactless payments) like Apple Pay and Google Pay, to make mobile donations even easier.

See more details on enabling the function here.

Note that Text to Donate is only available for US clients and US mobile phones, at this time.

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