Our Story

At DoJiggy, we believe in the incredible work that our nonprofit and charity clients do to make the world a better place. Every day, we see people sharing kindness and working to make their dreams come true while benefiting others.

Why shouldn’t changemakers and visionaries like you have the best technology available? We believe fundraising and online giving should be easy and cost-effective so that everyone can do it. So we’ve created a robust online fundraising platform that creates user-friendly experiences for nonprofit administrators and supporters.

Because let’s face it, you need the right tools to raise more money, work smarter, and make your impact on the world.

DoJiggy Team

We’ve been working hard to accomplish this vision since 2003. That’s right – we’ve been around since before social media was a thing. We started with two guys in Boulder, Colorado, hacking out golf tournament software that has become the industry standard for charity tournaments. In 2006, we broadened our reach and started developing a whole suite of tools for all types of online fundraising campaigns.

When COVID hit, the fundraising world changed again, and DoJiggy responded with a new, more versatile platform for in-person, virtual, and hybrid fundraising. So check us out, start a free campaign, and feel free to give us a call – we’re real humans and are here to help you succeed.

Reasons to Love DoJiggy

Keep more money

Keep More Money

DoJiggy provides great fundraising software at low prices. We always show our pricing up front, and there are no hidden fees. Most of our services are available for free with optional tips from your supporters. You can’t beat free!

Seamless Payment Integration

Seamless Payment Integration

DoJiggy provides reliable and cost-effective credit card processing solutions that integrate seamlessly with our fundraising websites. Sign up right from your administration area and start accepting funds within minutes.

Free Technical Support

Free Technical Support

Our customers receive excellent support via support tickets, email, chat, and our comprehensive Knowledge Bases. We strive to offer the highest quality support every day. We won’t leave you hanging when you need us!

Product Innovation

Product Innovation

We dedicate ourselves to staying on top of industry trends and considering all customer suggestions. We continually update our platforms to provide the latest tools and features to help organizations manage successful fundraising initiatives.

Our clients

Our Clients

More than 2,000 organizations in the US and Canada choose DoJiggy as their trusted fundraising software partner. These customers include nonprofits and charities, schools, churches, businesses, and community organizations. See our client examples.

We give back

We Give Back

We believe that social consciousness is the responsibility of every company and individual in helping to make the world a better place. We donate a percentage of our profits each year to nonprofit organizations.

The EIN for DoJiggy LLC is 30-0167323.