Supported Payment Processors

To process credit and debit cards, your organization will need to utilize a payment processor. DoJiggy offers integrated payment processing options. We do not take or hold your transactions. You will receive funds directly from your payment processor, into your organization’s designated bank account.

Our Golf Pro fundraising software and Pro Stores are integrated with the following internet payment gateways to provide your organization with secure, reliable payment processing. Please note that Stripe currently provides all payment processing on our online and virtual fundraising platform.



Stripe USA Canada UK International

Stripe provides all credit and debit card payment processing on the virtual fundraising platform. We chose Stripe as they are an innovative and trusted PCI Level 1 processor that transacts billions of dollars every year for some of the world’s largest companies. Stripe also supports Google Pay and Apple Pay digital wallets. Sign up in your administration area and start accepting credit card payments – right on your DoJiggy websites, within minutes with no merchant account requirements.

SUPPORTED PROVIDERS USA Canada can help you accept credit card payments quickly and affordably. The Payment Gateway is a secure Internet bridge between merchant businesses and credit card and electronic check payment processing networks. provides merchants with fast, reliable, and secure passage for transaction data via a 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Internet Protocol (IP) connection and manages the routing of payment information to the appropriate processors.


PayPal USA Canada UK International

PayPal offers a fast and convenient online payment service with no start-up or monthly fees.

We support PayPal Checkout which includes Venmo payments (in the US only) on the Golf Pro platform. Our Pro Stores support the Website Payments Standard version of PayPal.


DoJiggy Payments by WePay USA Canada

DoJiggy Payments offers easy credit and debit card payment processing to our US and Canadian nonprofit and charity clients. No more waiting for merchant account approval or sending clients to to get payments. Sign up in your administration area and start accepting credit card payments on your DoJiggy websites, within minutes. DoJiggy Payments is powered by WePay. See fees and more information.

USA These payment processors support USD payments.
Canada These payment processors support CAD payments. See more information for Canadian clients.
UK These payment processors support UK payments.
International These payment processors support other international currencies.