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Donation Software

DoJiggy Donation Software offers your organization a cutting-edge, responsive website for an online donation campaign. Our donation software provides a seamless campaign experience complete with recurring donation profiles, and the ability to customize your online website with ease in design for all platforms – desktop, tablets and mobile.

Donation Software

Loaded with Features

  • Responsive Website Design for Mobile Donations
  • Download Financial & Donor Reports for Your Records
  • Collect Recurring Donations by Month, Quarter, or Other Term
  • Email Receipts Automatically Sent to Constituents
  • Drive Traffic to Website with Email Management System
  • Gift Management for Gifts Made ‘On Behalf Of’ or ‘In Memory Of’
  • Create Custom Questions to Gather Donor Info
  • Online Technical Support at No Cost Throughout Campaign

See How Our Donation Software Works

See How It Works

DoJiggy Donation Software works for online donation campaigns whether they are year round or seasonal. Your donors will simply create a profile for giving and rest assured their donations will be processed securely. Your organization will be able to easily configure your donation website to meet its specific needs, or we’ll design one for you to mirror your brand. See our demo to learn more about our donation software.

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It’s so easy to use and maintain.
— Marisa C. – South Peninsula Hebrew Day School