DoJiggy Platform Integrations

Allowing Your Organization to Do More of What You Love

Easily integrate DoJiggy’s fundraising platform with your other nonprofit and organizational tools, streamlining everyday tasks and busy work while giving your team more time to fundraise and grow your donor base.

No coding is necessary with any of these integrations – we’ve done the work for you.


Do It All with Zapier


With the DoJiggy Zapier connection, you can easily connect your fundraising data to thousands of other apps. That’s right, thousands! Zapier allows organizers to automate workflows and save time by avoiding busy work. Some of the most popular connections for nonprofits include – Mailchimp and Constant Contact for donor communications and Salesforce and Bloomerang for nonprofit CRM. We already have templates in place, or create your own desired actions, all based on transactions in DoJiggy. These integrations allow you to send donor data directly to your other apps. Just create a zap and your life just got easier!

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Payment Processing Integrations

Easily connect your credit card processing account and receive donations directly into your designated bank account. No holding periods or delays.

Payment Processing by Stripe

DoJiggy integrates with Stripe, one of the best payment processing platforms. Through Stripe, your organization or group has access to secure credit and debit card payments along with Apple Pay and Google Pay digital wallets. The option will appear at checkout when Apple Pay or Google Pay is enabled on supported devices.

Stipe allows your organization to set up your own payment schedule for daily, weekly, or monthly deposits right into your bank account.

Payment Processing by Stripe
Apple Pay and Google Pay

Apple Pay and Google Pay

Apple Pay and Google Pay allow donors to quickly donate on their mobile devices without manually entering their credit card or debit card numbers. Since many donors are likely to access your campaign on the phone, supporting Apple Pay and Google Pay simplifies the donation process. That means more donations for your cause.

Apple Pay and Google Pay are automatically enabled as payment options on our platform, so you won’t have to do anything special to accept donations and payments through these digital wallets.

Marketing Integrations

The more you know about your supporter base, the more you can speak to them and grow your charity with their support.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows your organization to get to know your donors by tracking and analyzing user behavior on your fundraising campaigns. Google Analytics is a free Google service.

Learn more about the Google Analytics integration.

FGoogle Analytics
Facebook Pixel

Meta Pixel (Formally Facebook Pixel) 

When donors visit your website and take an action (for example, buying something), the Meta Pixel is triggered and reports this action. This way, you’ll know when a patron took an action after seeing your Facebook ad. Use Meta Pixel to fuel your fundraising experience.

Set up Meta Pixel tracking.