Mobile Giving

Mobile Giving

What is Mobile Giving?

Mobile giving refers to a fundraising campaign where donations are sent to an organization through a mobile device. Most nonprofits have just recently begun to explore the idea of mobile giving. The first big mobile campaign that many people will recall was the American Red Cross Text Haiti campaign, which raised 32 million dollars in relief funds.

Mobile giving is the wave of the future. Research shows that by 2014 mobile device usage will exceed that of desktop and laptop computers. Therefore, integrating mobile giving as part of your campaign is going to be a necessity.

So how does mobile giving work?

Integrating mobile giving as part of your fundraiser provides a great way for nonprofit and community organizations to further extend the reach of their online fundraising campaign. Almost every fundraiser now has a fundraising website where participants, donors, sponsors and community members can interact as well as make safe and secure online donations. But, organizations also need a user-friendly mobile optimized fundraising website, to ensure that their constituents can easily engage from wherever they are. Mobile giving allows participants to register, track progress, and send notifications. And, most importantly it allows donors to make online donations to support your cause via their mobile device (phone, ipad, etc.)

Mobile Giving

Benefits of a Mobile Giving Campaign

  • Integrating mobile giving as part of your campaign shows your constituents that your nonprofit or community organization is “tech savvy” and responding to current trends.
  • Mobile giving allows you to increase your reach and allows you to reach out to constituents more frequently by engaging with them while they are on the go.
  • A mobile giving campaign increases the “Engagement Factor”.
    • Participants can check status of their donations and post notifications at any time from their mobile device.
    • Donors can easily make an online donation with a credit card using a mobile optimized screen to help them enter data.
    • Sponsors, volunteers, media and any other community members can access your website at any time for information, to check progress, read comments, make donations, etc.

DoJiggy Releases Mobile Fundraising Websites

Luckily DoJiggy is one of the first providers of fundraising software to include mobile giving as part of their product offering. And the best news is… it does not cost a penny more! All DoJiggy fundraising websites come with a mobile optimized website allowing participants, sponsors and donors to access your fundraiser at any time from any mobile device! Read more about the features and benefits of our mobile fundraising websites.