Mobile Giving: The Essential Fundraiser’s Guide

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Mobile giving has transformed the online fundraising industry. It’s no longer the future – mobile is here. Mobile device usage now exceeds that of desktop and laptop computers. Therefore, integrating mobile giving as part of your fundraising campaign is sure to gain exposure and increase fundraising for your organization and cause.

Mobile giving

What is Mobile Giving?

Mobile giving is a proven fundraising technique where donors can give to an organization or fundraising campaign on a phone or mobile device. Online giving encompasses mobile giving but also occurs on laptops and desktops. Mobile giving comes in many forms, like Text to Donate, using QR codes, and mobile donation campaigns. Organizations of all types and sizes use mobile giving platforms to bring their audience easy donation and engagement capabilities.

What is Mobile Giving?

Benefits of Mobile Giving Campaigns

Mobile giving campaigns provide key benefits for organizations.

Global Engagement techniques

Mobile giving allows organizations to increase their global reach, as your group connects to constituents by engaging with them where they are.

Simplified Donations

Mobile giving simplifies the donation process for donors. The easier it is to donate, the better, right? Donations can be made in a few screen taps, providing a simple, secure user experience.

Young Donors

Mobile giving increases supporter engagement. Integrating mobile giving shows constituents that your nonprofit is tech-savvy and responding to current trends. Younger donors especially will want to engage with these cool tools.

Donate Anytime

Mobile giving campaigns allow donors to give whenever they’re inspired. That means a shorter turnaround time and higher conversions for your organization.

  • Benefits of mobile giving: Unlimited Reach

    Unlimited Reach

    Reach larger donor and supporter audiences anywhere, on any device, at any time of day.

  • Benefits of mobile giving: Unprecedented Ease

    Unprecedented Ease

    Donations can be made in a few steps, providing a simple, secure user experience.

  • Benefits of mobile giving: Unhindered Fundraising

    Unhindered Fundraising

    Our virtual fundraising platform is packed with mobile features that will supercharge your ability to raise money online.

How Does Mobile Giving Work?

The DoJiggy fundraising platform was built to help organizations run extraordinary fundraising campaigns. The platform is optimized for mobile use at every level to help you stay in tune with a new generation of online donors.

With our mobile-first platform, we have integrated the latest mobile giving features to make it easier for you to promote your fundraiser.

Digital Wallets are part of mobile giving techniques

Digital Wallets

We offer mobile donations via Apple Pay and Google Pay, allowing many smartphone users to donate without entering credit card details. When a donor doesn’t have to type out credit card details, it makes donating faster and more feasible from anywhere. With just one click, our mobile technology allows Apple Pay and Google Pay users to donate to your fundraiser.

Text to Donate

Our Text to Donate feature allows donors to easily support your organization anytime and anywhere from their mobile phones. Supporters will text your fundraising campaign’s keyword to a designated phone number. In return, they will receive a link to your website or auction item (Text to Bid) to make a simple mobile donation.

 This is not the same as true text-to-give. Text to give is a carrier-based mobile fundraising method that allows supporters to donate via a text message to qualified charities. Supporters simply text a keyword to an organization’s shortcode (rather than a full phone number), and a specified donation is added to the supporters’ phone bill. Fees apply.

Text to Donate


Our QR code generator creates personalized codes for all of your fundraising campaigns. By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, Scan-to-Donate empowers your supporters to make quick and secure donations. Supporters take a picture of the QR code and are directed to your fundraising page to make a mobile donation.

Scan-to-donate optimizes mobile giving across all types of fundraising campaigns. 

Mobile First Donation Pages

Our mobile-responsive donation pages look and function well on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. They have larger buttons, pre-set donation amounts, limited navigation options, and are designed to work on any mobile device.

Nonprofits can direct donors to their mobile donation page by including links in emailed newsletters and social media posts.

Mobile-Responsive Donation Pages
Free Mobile Text Fundraising with Text to Donate

Free Mobile Text Fundraising with Text to Donate

As technology develops and everyday activities become increasingly mobilized, so should your organization’s fundraising strategy. That means employing new marketing techniques and offering new mobile donation opportunities.

The beauty of mobile text fundraising lies in its simplicity. Text to Donate boosts your organization’s revenue and engagement by making donations easy. Everything is in place with our platform, and we will walk you through the setup steps. Our Text to Give is included at no cost with the following fundraising software platforms:


Mobile Fundraising Websites That Drive Results

Integrating mobile giving provides a great way for nonprofit and community organizations to extend the reach of online fundraising campaigns further.

Our platform provides a mobile-optimized website, allowing supporters, sponsors, and donors to access your fundraiser anytime from any mobile device.

  • Participants can check the status of their donations and post notifications at any time from their mobile devices.
  • Donors can easily make an online donation with a digital wallet.
  • Sponsors, volunteers, media, and other community members can access your website to check fundraising progress, read comments, and make donations.
Mobile Fundraising Websites That Drive Results

Best Practices for Mobile Giving Campaigns

Follow these best practices to ensure success with your mobile giving campaigns.

Keep Things Simple

Keep Things Simple

No one wants to spend time searching for a way to donate. Focus on simple, mobile navigation and easy-to-access information.

Include a Clear Call to Action

Include a Clear Call to Action

Provide clear instructions so your supporters know exactly what you need them to do….Donate Now!

Use Suggested Donation Amounts

Use Suggested Donation Amounts

Suggested donation amounts speed up mobile donations and keep donors from having to guess the right amount to donate.

Spread the Word on Social Media

Spread the Word on Social Media

Sharing your mobile campaigns on social media will certainly increase the efficacy of your outreach efforts.

Make Sure It’s Secure

Make Sure It’s Secure

Donors need to know that their financial information is secure. Ensure your giving platform practices secure data management.

Always Say Thanks

Always Say Thanks

Always send a personalized thank-you message after a supporter makes a gift. It’s easier to keep your current donors than to find new ones.

Mobile Giving Terminology

Are you confused about the difference between mobile responsiveness and mobilization? Mobile terminology is new and can be confusing. Here are the basics of working with mobile.

Mobile giving for Nonprofits can work for you!


Mobile responsiveness refers to a webpage’s ability to resize, pan, and scroll depending on the device where the site is being viewed. This greatly improves the mobile user’s website experience since each screen size differs.


Mobile-friendly webpages are visually appealing and fit within the confines of a mobile device’s screen. There are more and more common, but you certainly know when you see a website that just does not work on mobile. That’s not friendly!

Mobile First

Mobile-first is a technology development strategy in which a web presence is designed for mobile devices first and desktop devices second. This methodology revolutionized IT development and is essential for successful eCommerce and fundraising since constituents are increasingly using mobile devices.