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Introducing DoJiggy’s Free Live Streaming Platform

Introducing DoJiggy’s Free Live Streaming Platform

We’re excited to announce our new live-streaming platform, built into our online and virtual fundraising software. Our platform was developed specifically for fundraising campaigns, with features to give your supporters more engagement opportunities and options to contribute to your organization’s cause.

Now the opportunities for virtual and hybrid fundraising events are truly limitless. Better yet, we’re thrilled to be able to offer this stand-out feature at no cost to organizations with our free pricing option.

Why Organizations Host Livestreamed Events

Livestreaming was gaining popularity before COVID-19, but in light of the global pandemic, it has become an even more useful tool for many nonprofits to connect with and grow their constituent base. By streaming everything from virtual happy hours and galas to walkathon fundraisers, organizations effectively share their stories with supporters in a safe, live context. You don’t need to cancel your fundraiser this year. Instead, you can pivot to an online campaign and still raise the money you need for your mission.

Livestreamed Events

Livestreaming allows organizations to:

  • Reach a broader audience – Adding a virtual element to your in-person gathering makes it possible to engage donors who would not be able to attend an in-person event. Livestreaming allows anyone to get involved no matter where they are or what’s happening in their world.
  • Engage donors and raise more money – Online attendees can donate, bid, enter, and have fun just like they could in person. Reaching a broader audience and using engagement tools will provide highlighted opportunities for people to donate.

Features of Our Live Stream Platform for Events

The key to hosting successful virtual fundraisers is connecting with your audience. Our platform allows you to do that and supports multiple presenters logging in from their devices. With our live streaming platform, here are some things your organization can accomplish as part of virtual and hybrid events.

  • Share featured donation amounts that encourage donors to give at a designated level
  • Offer trivia questions that allow supporters to answer from home and see the results on their screens
  • Share surveys that let everyone share their thoughts and opinions
  • Run paddle raises that work just like they do at live events: you share a need, and donors raise their paddle to give
  • Run fund-a-needs to communicate with donors exactly how their gift will impact your goals
  • Host gated or private livestreams where participants must purchase tickets to attend
  • Spotlight an auction item, raffle prize, or sale item to build excitement and sales
  • Thank your donors and inspire more giving with the live donations feed
Spotlight Items in Livestream

For more information and detailed instructions on our live streaming functionality, check out this FAQ.

How Do Organizations Use Our Livestreaming Platform for Virtual Fundraising?

Live-streaming video allows organizations to connect with their supporters and tell their stories. Here are some ways nonprofits are using live streaming in virtual fundraising campaigns:

  • Live Stream campaign kick-offs or virtual pep rallies (especially for P2P campaigns to motivate fundraisers)
  • Livestream events, such as Happy Hours, virtual galas or concerts
  • Live stream to draw raffle winners
  • Livestream in the field for research or conservation organizations
  • Live interviews and Q&A sessions with a panel or experts

Spotlight on Live Stream Raffles

Raffles and contests are a great way to pull your viewers into the charity stream and promote engagement and extended viewership throughout the live stream. Organizations running online raffles can now promote the raffle and include the live raffle drawing on our live streaming platform. Your supporters will be on the edge of their seats, waiting to see if they’ve won.

Hosting Live Stream Auctions

Host Livestreamed Events

Online charity auctions can undoubtedly be successful but often lack the buzz that is part of a live auction event. Now you have the solution! Run a live auction online with our live stream platform for auctions. Organizers can highlight certain auction items and announce bids, as they come in.

Running a Private Livestream

Private Livestream

Virtual events don’t have to be free. Some organizations wish to run private or gated live streams. Gated Livestreaming allows you to stream a private video directly to donors that have purchased an event ticket. This ensures that you have complete control of which participants are allowed into your livestream platform.

Private livestreams are a great fundraising option for choirs and music groups. Supporters can purchase tickets to virtually attend a performance and will also see the trivia, product spotlights, online auctions or raffles, or other content you intend to host.

Learn how to run a private livestream here.

Livestreaming Helps Organizations Reach Fundraising Goals

Setting a fundraising goal and displaying it visibly on your fundraising thermometer is easy with our platform. It also excites supporters to work together to hit fundraising goals. Our live streaming platform supports flash auctions, paddle raises, and many ways to help your organization reach its fundraising goals.

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