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Ticketing and Event Management Software for Nonprofits and Charities

Our nonprofit event management software provides organizations with a donor-friendly website platform to organize the full life cycle of impactful fundraising events. Easily register event participants, collect donations, sell and promote sponsorships and custom products online. Manage fundraising event details and view detailed financial reporting with our comprehensive nonprofit and charity event management software that performs on all platforms.

  • FREE Event Ticketing and Online Registration Sales
  • FREE Sponsor Promotion and Sales
  • FREE Gamification Elements (Countdown, Thermometer, Chatter, Livestream)
  • FREE Customer Success and Technical Support Included
  • FREE PRICING with Optional Donor Tips
Event Management Software for Nonprofits

Setup Your Free Event Ticketing Website Today

Beautifully Designed

Beautifully Designed

Our campaign templates are designed to look beautiful, whether your donors use a phone, tablet, or computer to access your websites.

Incredibly Easy-to-Use

Incredibly Easy-to-Use

Designed for the best user experience. Our platform is intuitive for administrators and easy to navigate for supporters and event participants.

Seamlessly Interconnected

Seamlessly Interconnected

Streamline fundraising operations with one platform for donations, peer-to-peer crowdfunding, auctions, giveaways, product sales, and event ticketing.

Loaded with Features for Easy Nonprofit Event Planning

  • Customizable Event Website to Match Your Brand
  • Responsive Website Templates for Mobile Giving and Registration
  • Easily Manage Online Event Registration and Ticket Sales
  • Secure Donation Processing
  • Free Text to Donate (for US-Based Campaigns)
  • Sponsorship Sales and Promotion
  • On-site Check-in for Event Attendees
  • Fundraising Thermometer to Drive Donations
  • Include Product Sales, Raffles, and Online Auctions to Earn More
  • Promotion Code Generation for Discounted Ticketing
  • Social Media Share Icons on Every Page
  • Download Easy Financial and Participant Reports
  • Automatic, Customizable Email Confirmations to All Constituents
  • Integrated Livestream Platform for Online Virtual Event and Fundraising Campaigns
  • Community Chatter Feature to Encourage Engagement
  • Campaign Updates and FAQ Pages on the Events Website

See How Our Event Management Software Works

Event Management Software: See How It Works

Our nonprofit event software simplifies charity event planning and expertly manages online registrations, secure donation collection, and more. Event registration is used for virtual and hybrid fundraising events, online conference registrations, breakfast fundraisers, Fun Runs, charity poker events, and all types of general registration events. Your organization can easily configure your event website from our templates to meet your needs and mirror your brand.

Impressive Event Websites for nonprofits

Impressive Fundraising Event Websites

Our mobile-responsive nonprofit event website templates will impress your constituents.

  • Easily register event guests with the ability to ask custom questions
  • Promote your charity event sponsors online
  • Sell event products to increase revenues – including custom apparel, bar tickets, mulligan packages, and anything you want
  • Social media share links are included on each website page for easy sharing
  • Fundraising thermometer and event countdown inspire urgency

Loaded with Functionality for Virtual, Hybrid, and In-Person Special Events

Our event registration software offers more functionality and flexibility than competitors. Our event platform supports:

  • Advanced pricing controls for online event registration: multi-level pricing with inventory control
  • Configure custom sponsorship packages and sales
  • Add raffle and online auction components to increase revenue
  • Live streaming platform built for fundraising engagement
  • Event check-in for in-person events
Functionality for Virtual, Hybrid, and In-Person Special Events
Robust Financial Reporting & Data Collection

Robust Financial Reporting and Data Collection

The administration area houses participant data and allows event organizers to configure settings for the fundraising event. Multiple event managers can log in here and work on the campaign, customizing the website and settings. The primary administrator can provide limited access to additional administrators or volunteers to keep event data secure.

All credit card payment processing is managed by Stripe, which is easily accessed from the administration area. Financial tracking is imperative to reaching fundraising goals and managing a fundraising event.

Custom Branding and Communications

Our events platform can be branded to meet your organization’s nonprofit brand identity and standards. Why advertise your platform provider when you can promote your organization? Add your organization’s logo, favicon, and color scheme for expert-looking websites.

The event platform also includes a built-in email system that allows event managers to easily email supporters. These email lists are pulled from reports in your administration area and updated in real-time as registrations and donations occur on your event fundraising website. Communication is key, and we make it easy!

Our email templates can be branded with your organization’s logo or header image. Your management team can customize many auto-generated communications.

Custom Branding and Communications
Free Text Fundraising with Text to Donate

Free Text Fundraising with Text to Donate

Text-to-donate is using SMS phone texting to donate to a nonprofit organization or charitable cause. Text to Donate allows donors to easily support your organization anytime and anywhere from their mobile phones. Supporters will text your organization or fundraising campaign’s keyword to a designated phone number. In return, they will receive a link to your website to make a mobile donation.

Our event management platform features free unlimited text-to-donate SMS messages for all US-based fundraising events.

Events Platform Pricing

Start your fundraising campaign for free! We offer two pricing options for your fundraising events and online campaigns.


There are no platform fees when you use our free pricing model. Optional donor tips from your supporters allow us to offer the platform free of charge.


Sometimes free pricing isn’t a good fit, or you don’t want donors prompted for tips. With percentage pricing, 4.9% is applied to each credit card transaction; you decide who covers the cost.

Regular Stripe payment processing fees apply.

Types of Fundraising Events We Support

Event Management Software for Conferences


Event Websites for Happy Hour or Cocktail Events

Happy Hour or Cocktail Events

Event Management for Bingo & Trivia Nights

Bingo & Trivia Nights

Fitness Classes & Marathons

Fitness Classes & Marathons

BBQs & Casual Dinners

BBQs & Casual Dinners

Film Festivals & Movie Nights

Film Festivals & Movie Nights

Host An Unforgettable Event

Host An Unforgettable Event

There’s no doubt about it – people want to participate in a fundraiser that stays in their minds long after the event. Good nonprofit event planning is all about creating great memories of a fun, exciting, and engaging campaign while generating money to benefit a great cause.

  • Host the event at an exciting venue to grab your supporter’s interest – a theater, private country club, or a themed restaurant.
  • Create an event theme – themes help get everyone in the mood with relevant costumes, attire, decorations, food, and drink. They also make event marketing fun and easily shared.
  • Show a short, meaningful video during your fundraising to tell the story behind your cause. Make it personal and touching so your audience understands why you are raising money and awareness.
  • Create personalized merchandise to sell in your eCommerce store. By doing this, your supporters will have something to take away with them and remind them of the event long after it’s finished.

Making a lasting impression in the minds of your supporters is crucial to getting the most out of your fundraiser. Successful fundraising events can turn into signature fundraising campaigns that your supporter base looks to year after year. So get creative and make it unforgettable!

Make It Simple To Participate And Donate to the Event

Choosing the best event management software is essential to the success of your charity campaign. Opt for our simple, free platform with optimized event registration and donation pages. Our fundraising software provides nonprofits and charities with dynamic, branded fundraising pages to successfully take online registrations and securely collect event funds.

Here are a few points to consider to simplify donations and online engagement for your supporters:

Mobile Giving

Our Text-To-Donate and mobile giving tools provide great ways to simplify the registration process and increase donation levels. Google Pay and Apple Pay integrations allow your donors to easily register and give to your organization or charity anywhere, from their mobile devices.

An Easy-to-Navigate Webpage

Our easy-to-use platform provides a complete fundraising campaign management experience. Sell event tickets, custom-printed products, and raffles on a streamlined checkout page. Easily host virtual and hybrid events with the integrated live stream studio built for online fundraising.

A Clear Timeline of Events

Make your schedule clear by creating and publishing a campaign timeline on your fundraising event site. Post it on social media, your organization’s website, and any other communication platforms you are using.

Contingency Plans

Back-up plans are essential for any fundraising event, especially in uncertain times. Make sure you have plans B, C, and D – just in case you need them. Offer virtual and hybrid fundraising options so that your supporters won’t miss out in case an in-person event is canceled or for those who don’t feel comfortable participating in person.

Make It Simple To Participate And Donate

Make Nonprofit Events Fun With Gamification Elements

Make Events Fun With Gamification Elements

Visual online tools to help boost engagement are key to increasing your donor network. Maximum interaction is the goal when attracting donors to your campaign and getting the most out of your fundraising event. A great way to do this is by incorporating gamification elements into your nonprofit event planning.

Here are some of our event management tools that will bring your supporters together to support a good cause, create a healthy sense of competitiveness, and have fun all at the same time:

  • Free fundraising thermometers are used to monitor the progress of funds raised for an online fundraising campaign and are included in all of our fundraising event website templates. Our peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform uses thermometers at the individual fundraiser, group, and campaign levels.
  • Event countdown builds excitement for the event day.
  • Online polls are an excellent tool for audience engagement. Find out what your donors are thinking by simply asking them.
  • Online quizzes are another fun gamification element to boost attendee engagement during your fundraising live stream.

Grabbing the attention of your donors is key to smashing your fundraising goals, and utilizing these fun, interactive gamification tools will leave your supporters wanting more.

Fundraising Event Management Resources

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I have so far coordinated two events using this software and its been great. It has made my job so much easier.
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