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Best Custom-Printed Merchandise for Fundraising

Best Custom-Printed Merchandise for Fundraising

Custom-printed merchandise can help raise funds, boost awareness, and improve visibility for your nonprofit or charity. By providing eye-catching personalized printed products for sale, you can capture supporters’ attention and ensure that your cause is at the forefront of people’s minds.

But what are the best custom-printed items for your organization? Read on to find out the top ideas for charity fundraising sales.

Selling Custom Printed Merchandise Online

Organizations can maximize donations by hosting an online merchandise sales fundraiser to showcase a variety of print-on-demand merchandise. Use DoJiggy’s easy-to-use software to set up your bespoke eCommerce store and produce incredible custom printed products to sell anywhere and anytime with Printful or Printify.

hosting an online merchandise sales fundraiser to showcase a variety of print-on-demand merchandise

Print-on-Demand Favorites

Do you need some ideas for the best custom-printed merchandise for your fundraiser? Check out our list of top-selling products below. These print-on-demand items are the top sellers that are always in style.


Printful t-shirts

The simple T-shirt is probably the most popular custom-printed product. It is cost-effective and a perfect way to spread your fundraising message wherever the wearer goes. And who couldn’t use another cool T-shirt? Consider offering youth sizes and women’s T-shirts with a more fitted look.

Hats and Baseball Caps

With summer here and parents and children needing to stay safe in the sun, a customized cap, hat, or visor is a great idea to sell in your e-commerce store. They are also affordable, and most people own a few.

Baby Onesies and Bibs

Baby onesies are great sellers for Custom Printed Merchandise

Babies wearing custom-printed products are a great way to raise money and boost charity awareness. Whether you are taking your child to the park, a class, or a café, people are bound to notice a bright and unique personalized outfit or bib and ask where they can get one.

Keychains and Coins

Other great, inexpensive, custom-printed products are keychains or keyrings and trolley coins. These are always a top seller when fundraising, as they provide convenience, are used daily, and offer great visible awareness for your charity. 

Best Custom Printed Eco-Friendly Merchandise

So, what are the best custom print and print-on-demand products for nonprofit organizations? We’ll give you the heads up here on the best ideas for helping to save the environment while raising funds for any cause.

Customized Tote Bags

Printful tote bags look great as print on demand merchandise

Plastic bags are a thing of the past, and reusable tote bags are here to stay! Customized tote bags are one of the most popular products to sell online, which is great when it comes to raising money for your charity. But why stop there? Printful offers a wide range of great bags to customize, such as laptop cases, duffle bags, drawstring bags, bum bags, and backpacks.

Travel Mugs and Drinking Flasks

DoJiggy - Printful mugs

Be kind to the environment and ditch single-use plastic water bottles and paper cups for reusable drinking flasks and travel mugs. Reusable mugs are perfect for targeting coffee and tea lovers while providing a highly durable and personal solution to promote your charity and generate awareness.

Customized Face Masks

Printful masks are the new custom merchandise item for COVID

Gratefully, COVID-19 lockdown measures have eased up, but it’s still important to take appropriate measures to remain safe. Customized cloth face masks are a great way to have fun while being eco-friendly, as they are washable and reusable.  Print a kid’s drawing, your organization’s logo, or a fun message onto a facemask for a memorable gift that will have people talking about your fundraiser long after they purchase it.

Customizable Accessories that Sell

Mobile Phone Cases

printful phone cases are popular custom printed merchandise

Phones are one of the biggest accessories of this generation, so why not make your friends envious with a newly purchased bespoke phone case? With print-on-demand, you won’t have to pre-purchase or create any extras.

Stationary and Pens

Back to school with new pencil cases and custom pens and pencils? Personalized pens provide unique exposure opportunities all day, every day, for your chosen charity. The same applies to notebooks and calendars.


Colorful, durable, and fun, wristbands are a great way to spread awareness and raise money for your fundraiser. One of the top-selling custom merchandise options for fundraising, everyone can wear one, they are cost-effective and incredibly versatile.

Badges and Stickers

printful stickers

Pin badges are synonymous with charity promotion and a cost-effective way to create awareness for your cause. They are easy to sell and generate income from your eCommerce store. Stickers allow you to get mass exposure at a very low cost and can even be given away with other products you sell to thank your supporters for their donations.


Always be prepared with a custom-printed umbrella. An innovative, customized printed product to sell in your eCommerce store to raise awareness and money for a good cause whilst staying dry.

Seasonal Customized Merchandise

Printful  offers swimsuits as print on demand merchandise

Summer is here! These are some great customized items for summer fundraising.

Flip Flops, Towels, and Swimsuits

Custom-printed beach towels and flip-flops are top sellers for fundraising and can boost awareness for your charity, even internationally, if supporters travel abroad. Check out Printful’s great selection of print-on-demand summer merchandise, including all-over print swimsuits. 

Customized Items for House and Home 

Blankets and Cushions

DoJiggy - Printful cusions

Get cozy with a personalized blanket and brighten up your home with custom printed cushions. Everyone likes to snuggle up in the evening or on a cold morning with a cuppa and a plush blanket, so why not offer custom printed blankets to generate money for your fundraiser?

Bean Bags

Another fun trend is personalized bean bags. Make money for charity by selling custom printed bean bags in your eCommerce store for kids and big kids, aka adults!


DoJiggy - Printful aprons

Cooking dinner for the kids or lighting up the summer BBQ, either way, you don’t want to stain your clothes. Custom printed aprons are a great solution and always a thoughtful gift for loved ones.

Pet Apparel

People often treat their pets better than themselves, so why not offer custom-printed pet merchandise for your fundraiser? Whether raising money for animal protection or rescue charity or planning a crowdfunding event like a dog show, be sure to run your own eCommerce store and sell personalized pet products. These can include engraved name tags, dog collars and leashes, food and drink bowls, bandanas, and more.

Cause Boxes

Cause boxes are a dynamic trend that allows you to showcase a variety of personalized merchandise in a gift box. It is a great way to interact with your supporters, generate funds and boost awareness for your fundraiser. Themed cause boxes with custom-printed products are a creative idea to make a lasting impact on your supporters. Just provide a list of items that are available and they can choose 4-5 products to create their very own customized cause box.

Leave a lasting impression about your cause and its story.

Who is Printify?


Our Pro stores are integrated with Printify, an industry leader in on-demand custom printing services. Integrating Printify into your online store can significantly enhance your offerings and streamline sales operations. This integration allows your school or organization to sell custom products without dealing with inventory, shipping, and related guesswork.

Who is Printful?

Use printful for print on demand merchandise

Printful is another popular on-demand printing and warehousing company that helps organizations turn their ideas into products. Whether you wish to create your own online brand or gift a personalized T-shirt, Printful can help.

Note: This post includes affiliate links. Purchases made via affiliate links may result in a commission.

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