Online Stores for Nonprofits

Easily & Securely Sell Products and Accept Donations Online
We Offer 2 Store Types – Simple Stores and Pro Stores
Our Simple Stores Can Be Ready to Go in Minutes with Optional P2P Functionality
With Automated Fulfillment on Pro Stores, Sales Fundraisers Have Never Been So Easy

Simple StoresSimple Stores for nonprofit P2P sales

Pro StoresPro Stores for nonprofit organizational sales

Does your organization want to sell products online? Hosting a sales fundraiser on your own eCommerce store is a great way to add extra money to your organization’s bottom line. With our customizable online stores for nonprofits, we make it easy.

Purchasing branded merchandise on your nonprofit’s personalized online store is a great way for supporters to give to your organization. Better yet, supporters can display your brand everywhere they go – on t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, and more – carrying your logo and message on your organization’s behalf.

Easily Create an Online Merchandise Store That’s Loaded with Features

  • Customizable, mobile-responsive eCommerce store
  • Include an unlimited number of products
  • Automated email receipting
  • Coupons can be generated
  • Special discounted pricing is supported
  • Product options – collect size, color or whatever you need
  • Accept secure online donations on your store
  • Product categories, search and filter
  • Tribute or Honorary giving (in honor of, in memory of)
  • Use unlimited storage and bandwidth for the store
  • Customer account management – constituents can login and view orders, print receipts
  • Sales tax and shipping fees can be included and auto-calculated
  • Store can be embedded into our WordPress nonprofit websites or linked from your organization’s website
  • Strong sales reporting features
  • Option to purchase a private store domain

See How Our Online Stores for Nonprofits Work

DoJiggy offers two types of eCommerce stores to meet the needs of nonprofit and school fundraisers. We have Simple Stores and Pro Stores – see which one is best for your organization.

Simple Stores for Nonprofits

Ecommerce Option #1: Simple Stores for Nonprofits

Our Simple Stores® are a great option to get your organization set up and selling quickly, with little effort. Users can set up the store for free and add items within minutes. This is a great option for schools, churches, clubs, and all organizations where items can be picked up on-site. It also works well with fundraising events and sales fundraising campaigns. Shipping can be done if you build the shipping cost into the product or apply a flat fee to each transaction for shipping.

Another great feature of our Simple Stores is that individuals and teams can sell for your organization, by enabling peer to peer functionality for your store.

Features of our Simple Stores include:

  • Free pricing model, pay only a percentage of sales or fund the store with optional tips from your supporters
  • Add unlimited items with multiple variations on each product – ie size and color of shirts
  • Sales tax can be added to items
  • Administer promo codes for discounted sales
  • Take online donations in any amount
  • Fundraising thermometer tracks sales progress
  • Live stream video option to launch fundraising campaigns online (via YouTube Live, Twitch, Facebook Live or Vimeo)
  • Shipping address is required when shipping is enabled
  • Promote your fundraising sales via our free Text to Give feature
  • Customizable auto-generated receipts to constituents
  • Allow supporters to leave comments on your store updates page
  • Secure payment processing by Stripe
  • Allow individuals and teams to sell items on their own personal store page
Pro Stores for Nonprofits

Ecommerce Option #2: Pro Stores for Nonprofits

Our Pro stores are for organizations that need more functionality, including automated printing and fulfillment. Many organizations use the Pro Store as part of their organization’s website for an on-going revenue generator. The Pro store is also great for organizations who don’t mind paying a monthly fee and want low platform fees.

Features of our Pro Stores include:

  • Shipping connects to the USPS app, for real-time shipping rates
  • Automated printing and fulfillment of items, with Printful integration
  • Advanced donation functionality, Including tribute donations
  • Advanced promo code and coupon management
  • Multiple payment processing options available to supporters
  • Payment processing via DoJiggy Payments,, Stripe and/or PayPal

Getting Started with an Online Store

See How Our Online Stores for Nonprofits Work for Sales Fundraisers

Step 1: Decide Which Store Is Best for Your Organization

Decide if the Simple Stores meet your needs, or if your organization will benefit from the features of our Pro stores.

Step 2: Get Started with a Simple Store or Request to Trial Our Pro Stores

  • Start Setting Up your Simple Store now – right here
  • We will provision your Pro eCommerce store within 24 hours – request here

Step 3: Add Your Store’s Products & Donation Levels

Include high-quality images and great copy to woo constituents.

Step 4: Customize Your Nonprofit Store

Define your colors, add your organization’s logo and branding standards.

Step 5: Configure Your Payment Processor of Choice

Our Simple Stores integrate with Stripe. We offer DoJiggy Payments, Stripe, and PayPal integrations for Pro Store clients.

Step 6: Launch Your Online Merchandise Store and Start Selling!

Announce your launch widely on your nonprofit website, newsletter, and via Social Media.

Our Nonprofit Store Hosting Features

online stores for nonprofits: AWS Cloud based

AWS Cloud-Based

online stores for nonprofits: Super fast

Super Fast

online stores for nonprofits: Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited Bandwidth

online store builder with Unlimited storage

Unlimited Storage

online stores for nonprofits: Regular backups

Regular Backups

Ecommerce for Nonprofits and Charities with Automatic updates

Automatic Updates

Nonprofit eCommerce Store Pricing

Start your store for free! We offer pricing options for sales fundraisers – so you decide what’s best for your organization. Start small and upgrade later. It’s your choice. And don’t forget that the Pro nonprofit store is already included as part of our nonprofit website premium hosting plan.

Simple Stores


There are no platform fees when you use our free pricing model, period. Optional tips from your supporters allow us to offer the platform free of charge.


Sometimes free pricing isn’t a good fit. With percentage pricing, 4.9% is applied to each credit card transaction, and you decide who covers the cost.

Stripe payment processing fees apply.

Pro Stores

Clients have two price options with our Pro Stores. And don’t forget that the Pro Store is already included as part of our nonprofit website premium hosting plan.

$9/month, 3% platform fees

$25/month, 1% platform fees

  • With the option to bring your own payment processor

Automated Fulfillment for Your Nonprofit eCommerce Store

Automated Fulfillment for Your Nonprofit eCommerce Store & Sales Fundraiser

No time to package and ship products? This is often the downfall of nonprofit sales fundraisers. After all, your nonprofit is not an apparel company, right? While an online store can raise money for your organization and help you spread the word, it shouldn’t take away valuable internal resources from your mission. No problem!

Printful and Printify provide on-demand printing and automated fulfillment (or dropshipping) for our online stores. This means that these companies produce your custom-designed items only after they are ordered online. No need for guesswork or printing up extras that you can’t sell. Design the items and print them only once they have been ordered on your eCommerce store. Printful or Printify will even ship your items directly to your nonprofit constituents and charge your organization the nonprofit rate. Your organization sets your product rate above this, to ensure that you always make a profit.

DoJiggy Pro Stores are integrated with Printful and Printify to make your job easy. Ask us if you are interested in automated fulfillment for your nonprofit eCommerce store.

What Types of Merchandise Sales & Sales Fundraisers Can Nonprofits Do Online?

What Types of Merchandise Can Nonprofits Sell Online in a Nonprofit Store?

For the most part, nonprofit organizations that sell products in support of a charitable or nonprofit mission should have no problem, as long as the proceeds from such sales are categorized appropriately when filing taxes. However, be sure to discuss your plans with the nonprofit accountant or CFO to assure that the storefront activity is operating according to 501(c)3 standards. We cannot provide legal or tax advice.

Read our blog on how to generate nonprofit merchandise sales.

Popular products for merchandise sales include:

  • Candy bars and chocolates
  • Customized pet products (bandanas, bowls and more)
  • Customized face masks
  • Jewelry
  • Books or educational pamphlets
  • Holiday items – gift wrap, fresh wreaths, and more
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Products that support or inform about your organization’s mission

Who Runs Sales Fundraisers with Our Online Stores for Nonprofits?

online merchandise store for nonprofits

There are so many types of organizations that can benefit from sales fundraisers via an online merchandise store.

  • Educational Institutions – Public schools, Private schools, PTO and PTA groups
  • Hospitals and their foundations
  • Nonprofit foundations
  • Churches, synagogues, meditation centers, and communities of faith
  • Advocacy groups
  • Animal shelters
  • Government organizations
  • Civic organizations – Kiwanis, Key Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Lions Club, and more
  • And all types of nonprofits and charitable organizations

Nonprofit Websites & eCommerce by WordPress

Nonprofit eCommerce by WordPress

WordPress is the most powerful, flexible content management system with thousands of templates available. In fact, almost 30% of all websites on the internet today use WordPress.

DoJiggy has taken the best of the WordPress platform and customized it to fit the specific needs of nonprofits and schools. Our nonprofit and school website software can optionally integrate with our online merchandise store, to offer your organization a more comprehensive fundraising solution. Our WordPress nonprofit customization includes:

Online Stores & Ecommerce for Nonprofits and Charities
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