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Organizing a walk-a-thon fundraiser or Run/Walk/Ride fundraising event where individuals and teams raise money for a cause? DoJiggy is the leader in walkathon fundraising websites and tools. These free resources can help your organization organize successful walk-a-thon fundraisers – even if you need to move to a virtual walk this year. Whether this is your first time planning a fundraising walk or you already have an established peer-to-peer event, DoJiggy can make your walkathon more successful with fewer headaches.

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Walk-a-thon Fundraisers and Walkathon Fundraising Websites

Organizing a Walkathon Fundraiser in 5 Steps

Organizing a walkathon fundraiser is no small task, but we’ve broken it down into these five steps and created a free ebook and resource page for more details on organizing a walkathon. If your organization is planning a virtual walkathon during COVID, we have that covered, too. Mobile giving features and our live stream studio make it easy.

Organizing a Walkathon Fundraiser in 5 Steps

Step 1: Assemble a Walkathon Committee

Successful walk-a-thon and Fun Run fundraising events hinge on the recruitment and action of a strong leadership team. Don’t try to do it alone – get a committee together early to help with all the run/walk logistics.

Step 2: Determine Walkathon Logistics and Financial Goals

This step includes determining the date and time of your fundraising walkathon, fundraising budget and goals, walk-a-thon location, and the like. You’ll need to recruit plenty of volunteers to help on the day of the walk.

Step 3: Implement Walkathon Software

Peer-to-peer fundraising software is a must for walkathons. This is where DoJiggy comes in! We deliver the best, most affordable walk-a-thon fundraiser software in the industry. Ready to get started?

Step 4: Recruit Walkers and Sponsors

Recruit sponsors and walkers by working within your network of supporters and by outreach and marketing efforts. Social media and traditional marketing and promotion efforts will raise awareness and draw participants and donors to the walk.

Step 5: Manage Donations and Pledges Online

One of the most important considerations when planning a walkathon is how to successfully and securely manage donations and pledges. Our walkathon software has you covered.

Peer-to-Peer Walkathon Fundraising Websites

Our peer to peer fundraising software is a robust registration and donation management platform for walk-a-thons, School Fun Runs, dog walks, and other events where individual and team participants solicit and track donations for your organization. Each participant manages their fundraising page, including a fundraising thermometer and social media links, and invites friends and family to support your organization through secure, online donations. Administrators configure the walk-a-thon website with registration fees, the types of donations accepted, prizes for top fundraisers, and much more in our powerful administration console.

Keep more money with us! With DoJiggy, your team can pay a percentage of funds raised (and pass the fees on to your donors) or use the software for free with our innovative tipping model.

Raise 2-3 times more by taking walkathon fundraisers online with our P2P crowdfunding platform for walk-a-thons

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Benefits of Hosting a Walk-a-thon Fundraiser

If you’re still on the fence, here are some reasons walk-a-thons make great fundraisers.

Family Friendly and Accessible Events

Walkathons are family-friendly and accessible events. Walkathons bring families and communities together in a fun atmosphere. Almost everyone can participate in a walkathon by walking, being a spectator, or sponsoring a walker. The addition of business sponsorships helps local businesses make connections and join in the fun while raising more money for your charitable cause.

Introduce Your Organization to New Donors

Walkathons introduce your organization to new donors. Since walkathons are peer-to-peer fundraising events, your walkers are asked to reach out to their network and fundraise. Many people will give to your organization on behalf of a friend or family member who is excited about your cause, giving your organization a chance to connect with new donors.

Healthy Fundraisers

Walkathons are healthy fundraisers. Physical activity and a healthy lifestyle can contribute to overall self-esteem, productivity, and enjoyment of life. All of these are enhanced by simply getting out and moving. We are also teaching our kids and encouraging them to be active.

Lucrative fundraising events

Walk-a-thons can be lucrative fundraising events. Software Advice analyzed survey responses from almost 100 event-planning professionals to identify events with the highest return on investment (ROI). They concluded that fun runs and walk-a-thon fundraisers are the easiest events to plan, generating moderate to high revenue for nonprofits of all sizes.

Walk-a-thon Themes Add to the Fun

Adding a theme to your walk-a-thon fundraiser can make the event more engaging and fun for your participants. Create a signature fundraising event that your supporters will look forward to each year, with a walk-a-thon theme!

Dog Walks

Dog Walks

Adding dogs to your walk-a-thon can add great fun to your event. Participants bring their canine companions (on leashes, on course!) and walk the course with them. Just ensure everyone is safe, you have plenty of water for the humans and dogs, and your course is pet-friendly. A dog walk is a perfect theme for animal shelters, humane societies, and other groups where animal lovers seek to raise funds for animals. 

Color Walks

Color Walks

Color Walks are great school events yet can attract people of all ages with that extra pop of color during the walk. The walk-a-thon is done by adding packets of colorful powders at registration and for spectators. The participants wear white to start and enjoy the day with bursts of colors they can do with what they wish. Learn how to organize one with our article on Fundraising with a Color Run.

Pajama Walks

Pajama Walks

Another fun walk idea to consider is a pajama walk or onesie run. Participants gear up in their pajamas before the event begins. Onesies have recently made a comeback in style, oftentimes mimicking animals like unicorns and foxes, and can be a fun idea for young ones and adults together. A more easily accessible outfit can be pajamas, in which events like Pajama Jamboree or Pajama Jog are names that roll with the theme well.

Night Light Walks

Night Light Walks

Consider this idea as a party that happens to be on a run or walk to the finish line. The event typically has a DJ playing high-energy music, and participants are given glow sticks to use and enjoy while walking. Participation in this event draws camaraderie by costume, where walkers can upgrade their outfits for extra pizzazz with glow-in-the-dark socks, shoelaces, body paint, and clothing. Be sure to have all of these on hand to sell.

Turkey Trots

Turkey Trots

You guessed it! These are walk-a-thons that take place on or around Thanksgiving. This is the time of year when everyone wants to give back and connect with others. Turkey Trots are fun community events; let’s face it, we can all use a little extra exercise around Thanksgiving. Turkey Trots can be successfully incorporated with #GivingTuesday fundraising campaign kick-offs.

TV Show-Themed or Movie-Themed Fun Runs

TV Show-Themed or Movie-Themed Fun Runs

Another great option for walk-a-thon themes is to design an event after a TV show or movie. With the ever-growing popularity of shows like Game of Thrones or Star Wars, why not let people don their best Daenerys wig or Princess Leia buns? Start the enthusiasm with your themed walkathon fundraising website to get participants excited. Include costume contests with prizes for the best dressed.

Disney-Themed Walks

Disney-Themed Walks

A walk fundraiser that is fun for the younger crowd and elementary school fundraising is a Disney-Themed walk-a-thon. Parents and kids can get their best Elsa or Aladdin costumes and run with the enthusiasm of Moana singing out at sea. Disney attire is not limited to just the princess or new movies but can also involve the classics – like Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse ears.

Santa-Themed Walks

Santa-Themed Walks

Should you need a fundraising walk or run during the wintertime, it’s only natural to make it a holiday-themed event. Everyone can get into the holiday spirit! A famous walk in New York City is called SantaCon, where participants join in costume as Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, or elves and Santa helpers. You can also do a Jingle Bell Jog, where everything from holiday sweaters to Christmas-themed costumes counts as an outfit.

Water Walks

Water Walks

Summer walkathons can get pretty hot. Why not add a cooling aspect to the run/walk with water guns? Registration packages can include a small water gun so everyone can join in the fun. What’s great here is that the event can have added activities, like water slides, water balloon tosses, and water sprinklers on the side or at the after-party, for participants and spectators alike to join in the water fun.

Halloween Costume Walkathons

Halloween Costume Walkathons

Halloween walk-a-thons can be good, spooky fun! If your walkathon is happening around Halloween, why not go with the flow of the theme and make it a costume walk? Everyone will get in the spirit. Hosting the best costume contest for participants is a great way to end the walk. School fun runs and walks are often held in the fall, making this a great school fundraising option.

Zombie Lurch

Zombie Lurch

Zombies are everywhere, from shows like The Walking Dead and iZombie to movies like Dawn of the Dead. Then there’s the ever-classic music video, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Becoming a zombie can be a fun idea for your walkathon or obstacle course fundraisers. Sell related items, hire face painters, and offer games supporting the theme, especially around Halloween.

Walk for a Cure

Walk for a Cure

Walk for a Cure events aim to raise funds for breast cancer research and awareness. This is an inspiring event that breast cancer survivors will want to attend. Have a few inspirational speakers at your after-party to share their experience and the importance of your fundraiser. Provide pink ribbons for all and sell other pink accessories at the walk and on your online store.

Walk-a-thon Timeline and Planner

9-12 Months Before the Event

  • Designate an event chairperson or co-chairs.
  • Begin recruiting your leadership team and forming committees.
  • Determine high-level walk-a-thon objectives.
  • Select the date, time, location, walk distance, and walking course for the event.
  • Start a walk-a-thon file where you will store all relevant data for your event for future reference.

6-8 Months Before the Walk

  • Brand your event; design a logo and slogan.
  • Create a corporate sponsorship packet and begin approaching prospective sponsors.
  • Establish a walk-a-thon website.
  • Determine a rain day plan (or set a ‘rain or shine’ policy).
  • Apply for permits through local city/county/campus governing bodies.
  • Determine liability and insurance needs.
  • Determine schematics of event day registration and expo area.
  • Set fundraising and participation goals.
Start with the plan
Promote your event

3-5 Months Before Your Event

  • Begin recruiting walkers.
  • Continue soliciting corporate sponsorships.
  • Ask for in-kind donations for goody bags and prizes.
  • Coordinate with your local police department for safety needs.
  • Incorporate corporate sponsor logos into print media. (Use print media deadline to encourage the early commitment of sponsors.)
  • Produce promotional flyers and print media.
  • Contact local media for information about submitting press releases or obtaining event coverage.
  • Start posting signs and distributing print material.
  • Partner with other community organizations and sponsors for recruitment support.
  • Finalize event course, pit stops, insurance needs, and permits.

1-2 Months Before the Walk-a-thon

  • Continue recruiting walkers.
  • Send reminder emails to your registered participants with a motivational message and advice on soliciting donations and pledges.
  • Determine logistics for registration, event set up and break down, etc.
  • Assign volunteer roles and responsibilities.
  • Plan for first-aid needs.
  • Submit a community calendar/public service announcement to local newspapers/radio/TV stations.

2-3 Weeks Before Your Event

  • Assemble goody bags and information packets for participants.
  • Repost flyers and print media for the event (be sure to include any additional sponsors).
  • Send another confirmation email to participants, including logistical information for event day, such as parking, registration and/or check in. 
  • Confirm participation of sponsors and donors.
  • Secure communication resources (such as walkie-talkies) for race day and any materials needed, such as traffic cones and/or tape.

One Week Before the Walk

  • Send final confirmation emails to participants. Report fundraising leaders to excite last-minute fundraising.
  • Complete a final check-in with volunteers to make sure all assignments are covered.
  • Ensure all emergency items, such as water, snacks, camera, and first aid, are on hand.
Event logistic
Organize a wrap-up meeting

Show Time: Event Day

  • Arrive early for set up. Delegate responsibility among the leadership team.
  • Establish easy to find help table(s) for last-minute problems with registration and/or check-in.
  • Check in with any representatives from the media.
  • Thank and recognize all participants and contest winners.
  • Make sure that all sponsors are thanked and recognized publicly.
  • Document the event with photos and memorable quotes. Designate photographers who are not assigned other tasks.

Immediately Following the Walk

  • Organize a wrap-up meeting with the leadership team to critique the event and update your files with suggestions for next year’s event. This should be done within a week of the event, so that everything is fresh in mind.
  • Complete all event financials – determine actual monies raised, charge per km. or mile donors, make final payments on open invoices, etc.
  • Send thank you acknowledgments to all event sponsors, walkers, and volunteers. Detail the amount raised and how this money will make a difference.
  • Update your DoJiggy website with event pictures, thank yous to your sponsors, and total funds raised.

Walk-a-thon Templates and Forms

See our free fundraising templates for Run/Walk/Ride events, including walk-a-thon pledge forms, a sample press release for a walk-a-thon fundraiser, a sample participant waiver, peer-to-peer participant instructions, and walkathon flyer templates.

Walkathon Pledge Forms

Walk-a-thon Pledge Forms

DoJiggy has created the following walkathon pledge forms to help you get started on your walkathon. Both pledge forms are in Word format, so your organization can easily customize them to your needs. Presenting the pledge forms to your fundraisers in printed or digital PDF format is generally a good idea. Your organization may use one or a combination of these pledge forms for your walkathon. These forms can be customized and used with your crowdfunding platform.

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Walkathon Flyer Templates

Walkathon Flyer Templates

Marketing your event is an important process. Good visibility raises participation and, in turn, helps bring more dollars to your cause. To simplify this process, we have outlined steps to help you create more effective walkathon flyers and provided two customizable flyer templates. Simply customize the text and insert your graphics or logo, and you are ready to start spreading the word about your fundraising event.

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Sample Press Release for Walkathon Fundraisers

Sample Press Release for a Walk-a-thon

Looking for a sample press release for your walk-a-thon fundraisers? Press releases are a great way to spread the word about your fundraising walk. The local media is always interested in activities and events happening in the community, especially when there is a positive angle, such as an opportunity for the public to give back. Here is a sample press release and a few tips to help you successfully promote your walkathon.

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Walk-a-thon Participant Waiver

Walk-a-thon Participant Waiver

Even with the best of intentions, accidents happen. You can help protect your organization by collecting participant waivers and Release of Liability forms before the event. This sample waiver includes basic language to help inform participants of the risks while reducing liability to your organization. This is only a sample form. You may wish to consult a local attorney for further advice specific to your organization and geographic area.

Walk-a-thon Participant Waiver
Walk-a-thon Timeline & Planner

Walk-a-thon Timeline and Planner

To plan a successful walk-a-thon, your organization must plan ahead, engage your community, and be well organized. Successful walk-a-thons are often year-round events. This planner doubles as a timeline and project checklist and begins with tasks for nine months to one year before your event. After your walk-a-thon fundraiser, wrap-up and thank yous are always important, and our timeline won’t let you forget these crucial steps.

How to Organize
a Walk-a-thon: Timeline & Planner
Fundraising Tools for Walk-a-thon & Pledge Participants

Fundraising Tools for Walk-a-thon and P2P Participants

Administrators need to make it easy for fundraisers to succeed by providing them with fundraising tools. Here, you’ll find helpful tools and sample templates to help your participants succeed in your upcoming walk-a-thon, jog-a-thon, or other pledge events, including tips for soliciting pledges, a sample timeline, sample donation request and thank you letters, tips for team captains to recruit team members and more.

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Walk-a-thon Guides and Articles

Here, you will find several great articles, tips, and helpful guidelines to help you manage all the details for your walk-a-thon fundraiser. Many people find it valuable to download our walk-a-thon guide e-book, which walks you through each step of the planning process to help you prepare, manage, and execute a successful fundraising event.

How to Organize a Walkathon Fundraiser

How to Organize Walkathon Fundraisers

Here, you’ll learn when to start your fundraising walk planning, which steps to consider first, how to recruit participants and sponsors, logistical considerations not to be ignored, tips for marketing your walk-a-thon, and much more. Intended to guide the first-time walk-a-thon planner, this guide offers a complete reference to everything practical and necessary when putting on a successful walk-a-thon, bowl-a-thon, swim-a-thon, or similar nonprofit crowdfunding event. If your organization has a walk-a-thon fundraiser on the horizon or is considering hosting a walk-a-thon, start here.

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Walkathon Guide: Your Complete Guide to Hosting a Walkathon fundraiser

Walkathon Guide: Your Complete Guide to Hosting a Walkathon

We have created this in-depth walkathon white paper to help you organize a successful walkathon or peer-to-peer fundraising event from start to finish. We hope these guidelines will help your organization carefully prepare, plan, manage, and execute your walk or fundraising event, helping you save time and resources while raising more money for your cause. The walkathon guide is a great resource for organizations of any size.

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Planning Virtual Walkathons

Planning Virtual Walkathons

Many organizations turned to virtual walkathons during COVID-19 and raised lots of money. Virtual walks can occur in a couple of ways:

  • Participants walk or jog on a certain specified day. Organizers can schedule a live stream video that morning to get everyone excited about the virtual race.
  • Participants complete the required mileage at their convenience within a week, month, or another specified period. This can make it easier for busy people to fit the walk into their schedule.
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Dog Walk Fundraising

Dog Walk Fundraisers

Many organizations opt to put a furry spin on their annual walk-a-thon by expanding their participant audience to our favorite four-legged friends. Planning a dog walkathon follows many of the same familiar steps of a regular walk-a-thon. However, specific needs exist to accommodate your human and canine friends. Read more on logistics and fun ideas for dog walk-a-thons.

Information for Dog Walks
Color Run Fundraisers

Color Run Fundraisers

A Color Run is a non-competitive walkathon or Fun Run where participants and observers throw brightly colored paint on the runners. All participants should wear white to make the most of the colorful splashes. Color run fundraisers are safe for everyone to participate in when using non-toxic paint. Color runs offer a great spin on a classic walkathon and are a popular choice for nonprofit and school fundraising events.

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Encouraging Participants to Fundraise on your walk-a-thon website

Encouraging Peer-to-Peer Participants to Fundraise

The power of a walkathon peer-to-peer fundraising campaign lies in your participants’ fundraising abilities. As your participants tap into their social network, new people are introduced to your organization, and many will likely become donors. If your organization has decided to host a walkathon, the percentage of your participants that fundraise will likely be a key metric of your success. Find out how to raise your walkathon participation rate for a successful fundraising walk.

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Obstacle Course Fundraisers

Organizing an Obstacle Course Fundraiser

An obstacle course can be a great stand-alone alternative or addition to a School Fun Run. Try this out this year if your walk event needs a new twist! Easy-to-create obstacle courses can include old tires, mud pits, or crawling obstacles. The course can be broken up into sections with teams, where young participants can tag or pass a baton to team members to begin the next part of the course, or they can be completed per person in an obstacle course fundraiser.

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How to Get Sponsors to Support a Walkathon

How to Get Sponsors to Support a Walkathon Fundraiser

You may consider sponsorships to offset the costs required to produce a walkathon event and boost your fundraising dollars. Corporate or community sponsors fulfill a critical role in any successful walkathon or fundraising event through financial contributions and helping to increase awareness for your event. Here are some useful guidelines for getting sponsors to support a walkathon. Hint – think about what’s in it for them!

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Five Tips to Help Walkathon Participants Succeed

Tools to Help Walkathon Participants Succeed 

The success of your walk-a-thon fundraiser lies largely in your participants’ fundraising ability. One of your biggest jobs as an event administrator is to support your walkers and make it easy for them to raise money for your cause. This article describes in detail five steps for doing this successfully: helping participants prepare for the walk, making fundraising easy and personal, providing sample forms to participants, and motivating walkers by providing incentives.

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Peer-to-Peer Alternatives to Walk-a-thon Fundraisers

Finding a fundraising event that matches your organization’s mission and motivates your participants is important. The good news is that there are many great crowdfunding alternatives to walk-a-thons. Here are some great ideas for nonprofit peer-to-peer fundraising events that are not walk-a-thons.

More Fundraising Resources

Our goal is that these fundraising resources, used with our P2P walk-a-thon software, will save your organization valuable staff and volunteer time so you can raise more money at your next peer-to-peer fundraising event. And, if you’ve chosen a different kind of crowdfunding event, no worries. DoJiggy provides more resources and fundraising software solutions to help organizations organize any type of fundraising campaign. Big results are entirely possible with careful planning and execution.

Still looking for fundraising ideas?