Spin-a-thon Fundraisers – Learn to Host a Charity Spinathon

Spin-a-thon FundraisersSpin-a-thons® have become popular fundraising events in recent years as spinning has become a favored fitness activity. Not sure exactly what spin-a-thon fundraisers are? A spin-a-thon is a peer-to-peer fundraising event where participants ride on stationary bicycles and raise money for a cause. Participants commit to spinning® (or riding a stationary bike in place) and ask friends and family to donate to an organization or charity on behalf of their efforts.

A fun advantage of a spin-a-thon is that people literally stay in one place. Instead of a walk-a-thon or traditional bike-a-thon fundraiser where people start at one destination and end at another, the spin-a-thon event is set up with stationary exercise bikes. This allows for more of a communal gathering place for announcements and entertainment throughout your event. You can make your fundraiser into a community party and include live music, food and beverages, and fun games and contests. While people cycle to raise money for your cause, you are bringing members of your organization together with local businesses, media, and neighbors.

Organizing a Charity Spin-a-thon

Fundraising Planning is key to spin eventsAs with most all fundraising events, you’ll need to get a strong spin committee in place well in advance of your desired spinathon date. These types of events take lots of planning and several dedicated committee members are needed. As well, you’ll need to consider your fundraising event budget, since spinathons typically have up-front costs to consider. The good news is that when done well, spin-a-thons can be lucrative and fun fundraising events.

Read on to find out how to successfully organize a charity spin-a-thon.

Utilize Spin-a-thon Software

Extend the reach of your spin-a-thon fundraiser with a fundraising platform for peer-to-peer events, like our crowdfunding software. Utilizing a spin-a-thon website is absolutely essential to your event’s success. Participants can easily register for your event and create personal fundraising pages. Here they explain their mission, upload photos and videos, and provide a safe and secure way for people to make online donations. Spin-a-thon event participants and volunteers can send out an email donation request that includes a link to their personal fundraising page, making it very easy for donors to contribute to your organization. Encourage participants to post links on social media sites to extend the reach of your fundraising campaign beyond your local community. Be sure to add a prominent link or widget to your spin-a-thon fundraising website on your organization’s website as well.

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Secure a Great Spin-a-thon Location

Host your spin-a-thon in a fun environment. If the event takes place in the summer, host the event on the beach. Set up a stationary bike station overlooking the water and have participants sign up for time-slots to pedal. Have other activities for people to participate in such as beach volleyball. If the spin-a-thon is a family event, host it at a park where there is a playground for younger children to interact while parents and siblings ride. If you host the event in the winter, host it at a large community gymnasium or YMCA. Set up stations for biking, but also other areas for community interaction.

Create a Charity Spinathon Theme or Scene

Spinning Fundraiser outsideOnce you’ve decided where to host your spin-a-thon fundraiser, what other fun ideas are possible to make your fundraising event unique? If you are promoting health and wellness as part of your message, perhaps you’ll want to add other types of supporting activities. Some organizations add a free yoga component (or stretching class) to their spin-a-thon. Event attendees can join a gentle yoga class after their ride or before they hop on the bike. Invite nutritionists to talk about a healthy diet or fitness experts to provide tips to lower body fat. You could also consider offering complimentary chair massage to help participants unwind, or paid chair massages with the money earned benefiting your cause.

Bring the bikes outside for a summer or COVID-friendly event!

Harness the Power of Competition & Prizes

Many spin-a-thons offer a gift bag for all event participants or participants that raise a certain amount of money. Gift bags can include an event T-shirt, a water-bottle for riders to use while cycling, plus samples, coupons, or other donated goodies from event sponsors and local businesses.

To motivate supporters to work hard and secure donations, offer incentives and prizes. Create incentives for the participants and teams who raise the most donations or pledges. Also, consider hosting contests on the day of the event to award participants who pedal the furthest and/or longest. Easily post Leaderboards and fundraising thermometers on your spin-a-thon website.

Utilize Spin-a-thon Add-Ons to Generate More Revenue

Bike Spinning FundraisersYour goal is to raise money for your organization or charity, so adding additional revenue-generating opportunities throughout the day is key. This is also a great time to consider reaching out to sponsors who can provide products or services that are in line with the theme of your event. Sponsors can provide financial donations, assistance promoting the event, as well as in-kind donations and prizes for contests. Learn more about how to get sponsors to support your fundraising event.

  • Add a fundraising raffle to your charity spinathon event. Offering participants and event attendees a chance to win cool prizes is always popular. Solicit raffle prizes from local businesses such as restaurant and retail gift certificates, a free month membership or private training session at a local gym, free stationary bike, or free massage to work out those sore muscles after an hour of cycling.
  • Perhaps you can host a silent auction where event attendees can bid on items. Auction items can include gift certificates, weekend getaways, art, and jewelry, or celebrity memorabilia. This is another great way to bring in even more funds for your cause.

More Peer to Peer Fundraising Resources

For more useful fundraising resources for your charity spin-a-thon, visit our Athon fundraiser resources where we have sample pledge forms, event timelines, and flyers, as well as guidelines to help you plan and promote your peer-to-peer event, sponsor solicitation tips, and much more.

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