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Scan-to-Donate: Free QR Codes for Fundraising

Scan-to-Donate: Free QR Codes for Fundraising

Introducing Scan-to-Donate, the ultimate solution for seamless fundraising! With our free QR codes, organizations can revolutionize fundraising efforts and maximize their impact. Our user-friendly platform enables your group to generate custom QR codes for any fundraising experience. Schools and charities can effectively use these codes to direct supporters to a fundraising experience or donation page. 

Read on to learn how to use scan-to-donate for your organization and how easy it can be to get started.

Effortless QR Code Creation

Our QR code generation process makes creating personalized codes tailored to your fundraising campaigns a breeze. Whether your group is organizing a walk-a-thon, hosting a gala, or running an online charity auction, our fundraising platform ensures you have the right tools at your fingertips.

Boost Your Fundraising Potential with QR Codes

Scan-to-Donate in a cafeteria

By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, Scan-to-Donate empowers your supporters to make quick and secure donations. Supporters take a picture of the QR code and are immediately directed to your fundraising page to make a mobile donation.

We partner with Stripe for payment processing to ensure every transaction is processed securely and efficiently.

Getting Started is Simple

To get started with DoJiggy’s free Scan-to-donate service:

  1. Sign up for a free account and create your organization profile.
  2. Design and customize your fundraising campaign or donation page.
  3. Generate a QR code for specific URLs
  4. Share your QR codes on websites, social media, emails, and physical marketing materials
 DoJiggy’s free Scan-to-donate

Our QR Codes Work for All Types of Charity and Fundraising Campaigns

Scan-to-donate optimizes mobile giving across all types of fundraising campaigns. Organizations can generate a QR code for any experience type. Use the codes to advertise peer to peer events, charity sales, donations pages, fundraising raffles and giveaways, and ticketing events. In addition, QR codes can be generated for individual auction items, allowing organizations to promote items to specific audiences or use QR codes for silent auction events.

Great Ways to Use Charity QR Codes at Fundraising Events

QR codes can be used virtually anywhere, whether in a digital or physical format. Just be sure that they are well-printed with no distortions and have some white space around them. Use codes on nonprofit event flyers, direct mail appeals, and the home page on your website. 

Charity QR Codes at Fundraising Events

QR codes are great for fundraising events, providing an easy access point to engage supporters and encourage donations. Here are a few ideas for where to incorporate QR Codes at your next event:

  • Signs or posters
  • Table displays
  • Event flyers and handouts
  • Registration table
  • Name tags and badges
  • Menus

Ready to Unleash the Power of Scan-to-Donate?

Embrace the future of fundraising with our free QR codes for fundraising. Empower your supporters to contribute seamlessly and watch your impact grow. Start creating your custom QR codes now and make a difference, one scan at a time.

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