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DoJiggy: A Free Ticketing Alternative to Eventbrite

DoJiggy: A Free Ticketing Alternative to Eventbrite

Are you looking for a free ticketing alternative to Eventbrite? If so, DoJiggy is the right choice for avoiding unnecessary fees and limitations you’ve likely experienced using Eventbrite.

Choosing the right event management platform enables your nonprofit, charity, or organization to focus on what it does best–without getting nickel-and-dimed by fees. After all, the fundamental principle is simple: the lower your ticketing fees, the more funds are available for your cause.

Paying higher fees can significantly reduce the funds you raise, making it essential to select a platform that offers the best value for money. With a focus on affordability and efficiency, DoJiggy aims to empower your special events, ensuring that more money goes to your organization.

To help you make the right decision and maximize your fundraising potential, we’ve created an easy-to-understand comparison between DoJiggy and Eventbrite. You’ll discover some clear differences that may make you reconsider using Eventbrite in lieu of DoJiggy’s versatile platform.

Fees: DoJiggy vs. Eventbrite

Let’s start with what’s on everyone’s mind: How much are the fees for Eventbrite versus DoJiggy?

DoJiggy offers the best free platform out there. Further emphasizing our commitment to affordability, DoJiggy maintains transparency with its pricing structure and ensures there are no hidden costs.

Instead, DoJiggy offers an innovative tipping method where donors cover the platform fees via optional tips. If they choose not to leave a tip, that’s fine, too, and your group does not need to meet any minimum threshold.

Stripe Payment Processing fees

Payment processing (credit and debit card payments) is managed on DoJiggy’s platform via Stripe.

For transactions with national cards, the following rates apply:

  • US and Canada – 2.9% and $.30 per transaction
  • UK – 1.5% + 20p per transaction
  • Australia – 1.75% + A$0.30 per transaction

This low fee structure ensures that a greater portion of donations goes directly to your cause rather than being consumed by administrative costs. This model is a great advantage for charities seeking to maximize fundraising efficiency without sacrificing impact.

On the other hand, Eventbrite charges a comparatively higher fee of 3.7% plus $1.79 per transaction for using their platform. While Eventbrite is a popular choice for event management, this higher fee can significantly reduce the net amount available for charitable purposes.

For transactions on Eventbrite in the United States, the following rates apply:

  • Platform Fee – 3.7% + $1.79 per sold ticket
  • Payment Processing Fee – 2.9% of the order

And for those using Eventbrite around the world, the Eventbrite fee structure is certainly less promising.

Here’s a breakdown by country, service fee, payment processing fee, and how much of a cut Eventbrite gets per donation:

Australia Eventbrite fees


  • Service Fee5.35% + A$1.19 per sold ticket
  • Payment Processing FeeNot applicable
Canada Eventbrite fees


  • Service Fee3.5% + C$1.29 per sold ticket
  • Payment Processing Fee2.9% of the order

United Kingdom

United Kingdom Eventbrite fees
  • Service Fee6.95% + £0.59 per sold ticket
  • Payment Processing FeeNot applicable

DoJiggy vs. Eventbrite Payment Schedule

Having quick access to funds is important when planning events–especially if your organization needs to pay for overhead and expenses upfront. When compared to Eventbrite, DoJiggy remains the clear winner.

DoJiggy lets organizations take control of their money directly; we never hold your funds. With DoJiggy and Stripe, you decide when you want to get paid. When your supporters buy tickets or give money, it is directed to your bank account with no hold time. This is super helpful because you can pay for everything you need to get your event up and running without waiting for payouts.

In contrast, if you use Eventbrite, you typically must wait until after your event is over to access the funds. This can be a problem if you have up-front costs that need to be paid, like securing a venue or buying supplies. And what event organizer doesn’t? Waiting for funds might make it harder to organize your event and could lead to stressful situations.

Fundraising Campaign Flexibility

One of the most frustrating aspects that make organizations look for free ticketing alternatives is Eventbrite’s lack of flexibility. When it comes to flexibility, DoJiggy is the clear winner.

Why do we mention this? Eventbrite only focuses on event ticketing. This is a significant issue, as many people wonder about fundraiser event add-ons, such as online auctions and raffles. If you use Eventbrite, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

While Eventbrite primarily focuses on event ticketing, DoJiggy offers a wider range of fundraising tools to complement ticket sales. DoJiggy’s fundraising platform includes: 

  • Peer-to-peer fundraising
  • Online auctions
  • Raffles and sweepstakes
  • Online stores for merchandise sales
  • Crowdfunding and donation campaigns (including recurring donations and memberships)

This variety allows organizations to tailor their fundraising strategy to their specific needs and audience, potentially increasing their overall revenue.

DoJiggy supports plenty of types of fundraising campaigns beyond event ticketing, including:

  • Peer-to-Peer FundraisingEngages supporters to fundraise on behalf of your organization, expanding reach and impact.
  • Raffles and SweepstakesEasy-to-organize activities that can attract a wide audience and encourage donations.
  • Online Charity AuctionsThrough DoJiggy’s unique charity auction software, virtual auctions can engage supporters worldwide, increasing participation and funds.
  • Crowdfunding and Donation CampaignsBroaden your fundraising efforts with campaigns that can include one-time or recurring donations.
  • Online Stores for NonprofitsSell merchandise or services to support your cause, creating a steady revenue stream.

Having the ability to custom-tailor your events is key to maximizing your organization’s bottom line–and it’s noticeably lacking in Eventbrite’s platform.

Promote Your Brand, Not Eventbrite

Promote Your Brand, Not Eventbrite

Charitable organizations know that marketing and branding are the secret sauce that makes or breaks the success of your fundraising ventures.

When it comes to fundraising, whether your organization operates quietly or takes center stage, maintaining a strong and consistent brand identity is crucial. DoJiggy understands this and provides tools that allow you to customize your fundraising platform to reflect your brand’s unique identity and values.

DoJiggy’s approach is different from Eventbrite’s. Eventbrite may leverage customer data to promote similar events. For donors who are on the fence about whom they share their personal information with, this is often a dealbreaker. Plus, it associates your brand with advertisements and tracking data, muddying the waters when it comes to how transparent your organization is.

With DoJiggy, you can be assured that your supporters’ data remains private and is exclusively used to benefit your organization (and not for DoJiggy’s marketing purposes). This commitment to privacy and brand integrity helps ensure that your fundraising efforts remain distinctly aligned with your organization’s mission and ethos.

Wrapping It Up – 5 Reasons Nonprofits Choose DoJiggy Instead of Eventbrite

With everything you learned in this brief guide about finding a free ticketing alternative to Eventbrite, DoJiggy is a no-brainer when it comes to fundraising for your cause.

  1. Raise More Money: DoJiggy’s all-in-one fundraising platform offers a plethora of tools beyond event registration. These include an online auction platform, recurring donation forms, and peer-to-peer campaigns, providing a comprehensive toolkit for nonprofit fundraising.
  2. Nonprofit and Charity-Specific Functions: DoJiggy is tailor-made for nonprofits, offering greater customization, compliant receipts for tax purposes, fundraising upsells, and interactive engagement tools such as fundraising thermometers and supporter chatter.
  3. Keep More Money: The free platform offered by DoJiggy, coupled with low transaction fees, means more of the funds raised go directly to the cause without delays from bank transfers. For charities where every dollar counts, this is a game-changer.
  4. Promote Your Brand: From your logo and colors to your customer data, DoJiggy helps organizations promote their own brand. And we never access your customer data for sales and marketing or to promote similar events.
  5. Get the Support You Need: DoJiggy provides in-house live chat and support, ensuring that organizations have the assistance they need for successful event and campaign management.

Ready to try out DoJiggy’s comprehensive, cost-effective, and tailored solutions for your nonprofit’s fundraising needs? Join the myriad of successful nonprofits who have chosen DoJiggy and never looked back. Get started with DoJiggy today to transform how your organization fundraises for the better!

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