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Welcome to DoJiggy’s Peer to Peer Participant Fundraising Toolkit. You’ll find helpful fundraising tools for peer-to-peer participants, including sample fundraising letters and templates for your upcoming walk-a-thon, bowl-a-thon, jog-a-thon, or other peer-to-peer fundraising events.

First, we’d like to congratulate you! By choosing to organize or participate in a P2P event such as a walkathon fundraiser, you’ve taken the first step to make a difference. Now you could probably use some helpful guidance and fundraising tools to help you succeed. Our P2P Participant Fundraising Toolkit provides fundraising event participants with helpful fundraising tools and tips to successfully accomplish fundraising goals. Feel free to download and use any of the resources and templates provided here for your peer-to-peer events.

Managing Peer to Peer Participants

Tools for Peer-to-Peer Participants

With peer-to-peer events or campaigns, your organization has the ability to reach outside your donor base as individual fundraisers raise money for your charitable cause. The success of your fundraising effort lies largely with the ability of your participants to raise funds from their social network of supporters. That’s why P2P is sometimes called social fundraising. Your goal as an event administrator then is to make the most of your supporters’ time and fundraising efforts and help them succeed.

Encourage healthy competition to motivate participants to raise more donations by providing incentives and prizes for the top fundraisers. Read more on how our peer-to-peer software platform helps you encourage your peer-to-peer participants to fundraise.

Our fundraising software also includes a Prize Management and Incentivization system. This system allows your organization to easily monitor fundraising prizes or awards. The function is completely configurable for your prize levels and ideas. A prize widget will appear at the top of personal fundraising pages when a participant has reached a certain prize level and your participants will love to see this! Prizes that are appropriate to your constituents are always strong motivators to fundraise, so be sure to include these to help reach your fundraising goals.

Event participants will likely have many questions about fundraising and creating their personal fundraising pages. Be prepared with resources on hand. Questions they may have include:

  • How do you set up a personal fundraising website?
  • How can I spread the word and attract donors?
  • How can I collect donations without having to walk door to door?
  • How do I prepare for the upcoming event?
  • Do I need to write donation request letters and thank you responses?
  • And, for team captains… they may be wondering how to recruit and motivate their team.

Our Peer to Peer Participant Toolkit

Use this P2P toolkit as a template to motivate your organization’s participants. It’s fun and easy to read, to help your fundraisers succeed. We’ve created it in Word so that you can edit and use it any way you like!

Download the Toolkit

More Fundraising Tools for Peer-to-Peer Participants

Still looking for more P2P participant resources? These tools provide helpful fundraising tools for peer-to-peer participants, as well as tips and templates to help organizations accomplish fundraising goals. Fundraising participants are likely busy and only have a certain amount of time. Make it easy for them by providing them with these resources.

The files below are available in PDF and Word file formats. Click on the file icon next to each item to get the format of your choice. PDFs can be shared directly and Word documents may be customized and branded for your event.

Peer-to-Peer Planning & Event Preparation

PDF Word Tips for Soliciting Donations
PDF Word Personalizing Your Fundraising Page
PDF Word Sample Participant Timeline
PDF Word Tips for a Great Event Day

Sample Peer-to-Peer Forms

PDF Word Sample Donation Request Letter or Email
PDF Word Sample Thank You Letter or Email
PDF Word Off-line Donation Forms
PDF Word Participant Waiver
PDF Word Walk-a-thon Flyer templates

Fundraising Tools for Peer-to-Peer Team Captains

If your fundraising event includes teams, your team captains (or team leaders) are even more crucial to your event’s success. Their job is to recruit and motivate a strong team of fundraisers. Provide them with the tools they need to find and encourage team members.

Recruiting & Motivating Peer-to-Peer Team Members

PDF Word Tips for Motivating Team Members
PDF Word Team Recruitment Talking Points
PDF Word 10 Tips for Recruiting Team Members

Sample Peer-to-Peer Forms

PDF Word Sample Team Recruitment Letter or Email
PDF Word Sample Team Thank You Letter

Utilizing Peer-to-Peer Software

An online crowdfunding campaign is essential to raising money with a walk-a-thon or peer-to-peer fundraiser. Crowdfunding websites make it easy for event participants to share their fundraising pages and get donations from friends and family. Some key features of our software include:

Utilizing Peer-to-Peer Software
  • Personal and team fundraising pages are the heart of the system. Each participant has a personalized page with images, videos, their mission statement, Donate Now button, a fundraising thermometer, and social media links.
  • Participants can send out an email or social media donation request to friends and family members, which includes a link to their personal page. Making it easy for potential donors to contribute via mobile giving techniques is key.
  • Team and individual Registration: All participants may easily create or join teams.
  • Prize Management: Track multiple award levels and print reports to easily distribute prizes. When participants reach a certain fundraising level, they get a prize widget on their personal fundraising page.
  • Product sales – Sell event-related products on your website.
  • Reporting Capabilities: Always be able to check the progress of your online registration and fundraising goals in real-time so that you can plan that extra push to promote your event strategically.

Types of Peer-to-Peer & Crowdfunding Campaigns We Support

Crowdfunding Websites for Nonprofits: Car Wash-a-thons

Car Wash-a-thons

Surfing Events

Surfing Events

Meditation Sit-a-thons

Meditation Sit-a-thons



Climb-a-thons need Peer to Peer Crowdfunding Software


Board of Directors Fundraising Events

Board of Directors Events

Our donor-friendly P2P crowdfunding software helps organizations succeed in peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns

DoJiggy's fundraising software tools for peer-to-peer fundraising and participants

Tips for Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign Success

  • Ensure that your peer-to-peer website is responsive and readily visible on mobile devices. The majority of social media interaction is done on mobile devices and your P2P website will be accessed through social networks. Therefore, it’s vitally important for it to be responsive and professional in appearance and allow for easy donation collection to raise money online.
  • Stories are of utmost importance. The participants raising funds for your organization should share their reason for loving the mission of the organization, along with the organization being able to clearly define what makes their mission come to life. Taking the time to frame your success stories in a compelling manner helps to ensure that people feel connected to your work and compelled to give.
  • Provide templates and tools for peer-to-peer participants that make it easy for them to actively participate.
  • It is important that individuals raising funds and giving funds are able to see the progress of a campaign. Check to see if the crowdfunding software that you are considering has a visual progress chart to illustrate how much money has been raised thus far towards a goal. This can be shown in the form of a thermometer or leaderboard. DoJiggy Pledge sites use fundraising thermometers at the campaign, team, and individual fundraiser levels.
Tips for Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign Success
  • Every p2p campaign must be able to be shared on social media with ease. By ensuring that individuals can easily share links to and from your crowdfunding sites, your event will receive more attention and raise more money.
  • Create weekly campaign progress reports that are sent out to each campaign participant so that everyone understands where the campaign stands in terms of goals and which individuals are the highest performers. Your role as an administrator is to support and motivate your participants.
  • Weave a culture of gratitude through every step of campaign progress. By making sure participants feel appreciated and supported, you will increase the likelihood of their enthusiastic support and future participation.
  • Don’t give away a large percentage of your fundraising money in software and payment processing fees. Many peer-to-peer crowdfunding platforms advertise themselves as a free service – but be sure to read the fine print. All e-commerce transactions carry a transaction fee (since Visa and MasterCard charge merchants for the privilege of accepting their cards – even for charitable donations). DoJiggy offers affordable pricing and a free option with optional donor tips.