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Plan a Successful Sporting Clay Shooting Fundraiser

Plan a Successful Sporting Clay Shooting Fundraiser

Have a blast with a clay shooting fundraiser by raising essential funds for your organization while spreading awareness for your cause. If your organization wants to host something different from the typical event, why not consider running a skeet shoot fundraiser? With over 30 million recreational shooters in the United States, a clay shoot event may be the perfect fit for your mission, donors, and fundraising goals.

Check out our simple guide to Planning a Sporting Clay Shooting Fundraiser In 8 Easy Steps and see how fun, unique, and profitable an event like this can be. 

What Is a Sporting Clay Shoot Fundraiser?

Clay shooting is when shooters use a shotgun to shoot clay targets tossed in the air or across the ground. Sporting clay shoots, also known as skeet shoots, have a broader appeal than you might think. Based on the number of individuals who shoot for recreation and the fact that the events can be quite lucrative, more and more organizations host these events as fundraisers. To add fun and competitiveness to the event, various shooting stations test participants’ skills. A clay shoot is similar to a charity golf tournament in this way, but instead of completing 18 holes, participants experience different shooting stations. 

Cartridges for Clay Shooting Fundraiser

DoJiggy hosts several sporting clay shoot fundraisers each year, including some of the highest-grossing events in the US. We’ve seen the impact that successful events can have on an organization’s mission and programs. Organizations use our event ticketing software for general registration tickets, sponsor registration, product sales, and event promotion to manage a seamless sporting clay shoot fundraiser from start to finish.

Plan a Clay Shooting Fundraiser in 8 Easy Steps

Before diving into the planning process, decide if a sporting clay shoot is the right event for your fundraiser. As with any fundraising event, it is important to consider your organization’s mission and how the event aligns with that mission. Fundraising skeet shoots are great fundraising events for Boy Scout troops, military and police groups and supporters, Oil and Gas industry groups, and those organizations that support and champion shooting sports and outdoor pursuits. You will also need some expertise within your organization to safely and successfully pull off this type of fundraiser.

Once that’s decided, you can start planning your sporting clay shoot fundraiser. Follow these steps to get the most out of this exciting event. 

Gather Your Event Committee

Don’t go it alone when planning your sporting clay shoot. Your tournament planning committee is a critical part of the success of your event. Consider the following when gathering a planning committee for your clays shoot:

Volunteer Clay Shooting Fundraiser
  • Recruit an incredible set of active, committed, and leading volunteers who will put in the work and time to help pull off a successful sporting clay shoot fundraiser.
  • Try to get some knowledgeable sporting clay shooters on your team, as they will bring valuable experience to your event and planning strategy. 
  • Remember that besides your volunteers helping to bring in sponsorships, participants, and media exposure, they are the perfect people to put together teams and create peer-to-peer camaraderie, which is so important to event registration and participation.

Set Fundraising Goals

Once you have assembled the ideal planning committee, start outlining your fundraising event budget. Think about the following when mapping out your fundraising goals:

  • How much will you need to raise (in net proceeds) for this event to create the financial momentum and publicity your mission needs? 
  • Consider all of your expenses. Remember to include in-kind contributions and support through media, public relations, food, venue, or anything else that you think you may be able to get donated. While these may not bring in actual income, the offset of exposure and expense savings can be a tremendous asset to any charitable organization. 
  • Take your revenue goal and break it into categories that will have action plans associated with them.

Choose and Negotiate the Gun Club Wisely

Selecting a reputable gun club and negotiating the terms and conditions of your fundraiser from early on is crucial. Here are a few points to consider before signing a contract with the venue:

  • Be flexible with the date and time of your fundraising event – some clay shoot courses may offer special rates during off-peak hours and weekdays over weekends.
  • What do you get included in your agreement with your chosen gun club? For example, will you be covered for safety equipment, service fees, food and beverages, and gun club staff?
  • Make sure everything is signed and in writing before the day of the clay shoot fundraiser to avoid any confusion. What will be the total costs of the event? 
  • Be sure to be clear about cancelation terms and weather policies.   

Create a Skeet Shoot Fundraising Website

Many organizations turn to nonprofit crowdfunding to increase fundraising capabilities and awareness around their sporting clays tournaments. With this option, all of your shooters become fundraisers for your organization. DoJiggy offers powerful peer-to-peer crowdfunding software for sporting clay shoots, where each shooter and team has their own personal and team fundraising pages, which they can customize and send to friends and family via email and social media. Their network of friends then becomes supporters of your organization via easy, secure online and mobile donations.

Clay Shooting Fundraiser websites

Functions of our donor-friendly fundraising websites include:

  • Participants drive potential donors to their fundraising page to make secure online donations.
  • Personal fundraising pages include a fundraising statement, banner image, social media share, and fundraising thermometer to track goal progress.
  • Interactive features: Campaign Chatter and Donations Page where donations received are optionally displayed.
  • P2P event managers can promote sponsors on the website with sponsor logos, text, and Social Media.
  • Participant Center includes registration, leaderboards, prizes, and more to motivate participation.

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Promote Your Sporting Clays Shoot

Used efficiently when fundraising, a social media campaign can set off an explosion of energy that boosts awareness of your cause, increases donations, and gains you unlimited and recurrent supporters. So get online and start promoting your sporting clay shoot fundraiser. Here are some ideas to help maximize your outreach and get as many donors as possible involved in your charity event:

Promote Your Sporting Clays Shoot
  • Post entertaining videos, stories, and content about your cause to tap into your followers’ emotional and personal interests.  
  • Offer fun polls, quizzes, and games to help boost engagement, which is key to increasing your donor network. 
  • Post daily reminders and updates to keep supporters in the loop regarding your fundraising progress.
  • Learn to Livestream. Engage with your supporters and show the story behind the cause. 

The impact of promoting your clay shoot fundraiser online can be staggering. One of the great things about online promotion is that it is also very cost-effective.  So, take advantage of this to maximize your outreach and get the most out of your charity campaign.

Recruit Skeet Shoot Teams

Your sporting clay shoot fundraiser won’t exist without shooters, so start recruiting early. Tell your shooters about the benefits of the tournament, what they will receive on the day of the shoot, and how much fun they will have while making a huge impact on the community and individuals with the money raised from the event. 

Find Tournament Sponsors and Ask For Donations

When planning a charity clay shoot fundraiser, one of the best ways to help finance it, make a profit, and expand your outreach is by finding great charity event sponsors.  It’s crucial to remember that the relationship between nonprofits and sponsors should be mutual. While your charity receives funding to help create a successful event, the sponsors should gain significant exposure and marketing opportunities. If you can add value to your charity event and the sponsor’s brand, your fundraising success will be limitless.

Desirable prizes for top fundraisers and fundraising teams can provide inspiring incentives for your supporters to take part in the sporting clay shooting event. With so much competition, ensure your charity tournament prizes catch everyone’s attention and obtain as much awareness and money for your fundraiser and chosen cause as possible. Here’s a list of the best prize ideas and how to get them donated.

Competition Follow-Up

Using sporting clays shoot software will help to manage your event follow-up. Each participant and donor should be contacted promptly after the event with a thank you letter. Ensuring that your notes of gratitude are correct and prompt is an amazing way to leave a donor with a lasting impression of your nonprofit or charitable organization. Tell supporters how much was raised, where the money is going, and how it will help your community, sharing a story of its impact.

Clay Shooting Fundraiser participants

Maximizing Revenue from a Clay Shooting Fundraiser

How will you raise money besides the obvious ticket sales or P2P revenue? Break your revenue goals into selling event tickets, sponsorships, and crowdfunding goals (if you have decided to go this route). Then consider that there are many other ways to raise additional funds once you have your shooters all in one place.

Why not host a lunch or dinner after your clay shoot and incorporate a charity auction or a fund-a-need at the event? This will boost profits and awareness as you won’t be limited to the clay shooters’ attendance but extend the invitation to their friends, family members, and colleagues. 

Another great way to generate more giving during your sporting clay shoot fundraiser is by selling event-related products. Custom printed merchandise can help raise funds, boost awareness, and improve visibility for your nonprofit or charity. Capture supporters’ attention and ensure that your cause is at the forefront of people’s minds by providing eye-catching personalized printed products for sale.

Organizations can now maximize donations by hosting a merchandise sales fundraiser with an eCommerce store to showcase a variety of custom merchandise.

Our Crowdfunding Software Makes Clay Shooting Fundraisers More Successful

Pro Tips To Have a Blast at Your Sporting Clay Shoot

At the sporting clays shoot, the event logistics must run smoothly for participants and sponsors to have a phenomenal experience. Having a fun shoot is what everyone wants. Here are some critical elements for an amazing event day experience:

Tips for fundraising
  • Think safety first! You may want to offer or require new shooters to take gun safety classes or shooting lessons to participate. Be sure to include vests and earplugs for all shooters. Talk to the shooting complex and follow their lead here.
  • Before deciding on your fundraising date, contact local clay shooting ranges to find out if other sporting clay tournaments are taking place in your area. You don’t want to compete against other tournaments, which will risk low attendance at your event.   
  • The more volunteers, the better. Always err on the side of having too many volunteers than not enough as things come up.
  • Give your participants plenty of good food. Make sure the food is tasty and presented in a way that will wow your participants.
  • Ensure that the drinks are cold and readily available. If the skeet shoot is on a hot day, plan for even more drinks to be served.
  • Create fun games that are in addition to the skeet tournament. The more winners you have, the better. Many gun clubs will be able to include a 5-stand setup, a wobble trap, or a flurry. You may be able to charge for contests and raise even more money here.
  • Have music playing so that it’s not a distraction yet adds to the party-like atmosphere that you want at your event or post-event party. DJs may work with you on their rate to create a lively gig while promoting themselves. Make sure the day is fun!
  • Keep the mission on the minds of your shooters by placing stories, pictures, and inspiring client quotes throughout the online fundraising campaign so that supporters remember why they’re involved.
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