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How to Host a Livestream for Virtual Fundraising Campaigns

How to Host a Livestream for Virtual Fundraising Campaigns

Live streaming or (livestreaming) refers to online video streaming simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real-time. It is often referred to simply as streaming.

Live streaming has gained popularity with nonprofits during COVID-19, as a means of hosting or enhancing virtual fundraising campaigns. If your organization is looking for new and innovative ways of reaching your supporters and fundraising online, you should look into live stream fundraising events.

How Do Organizations Use Livestreaming for Virtual Fundraising?

Live-streaming video allows organizations to connect with their supporters and tell their stories. It is the closest thing to a live event during these times, in terms of making a real connection with viewers. Live stream works great on social media, as it provides the added benefit of increased reach when shared on social media platforms.

Here are some ways nonprofits are using live streaming in virtual fundraising campaigns: 

  • Live Stream Campaign Kick-Offs or Virtual Pep Rallies (especially for P2P campaigns to motivate fundraisers)
  • Live Stream Events, such as Happy Hours, Galas or Concerts
  • Live Stream to Draw Raffle Winners
  • Live Stream in the Field for Research or Conservation Organizations
  • Live Interviews and Q& A Sessions with a Panel or Expert

DoJiggy’s Virtual Fundraising Platform Supports Live Streaming

DoJiggy’s Virtual Fundraising Platform Supports Live Streaming

Turn Social Media Followers Into Donors

Turning your organization’s Social Media followers into donors is an effective social media fundraising strategy that we can all get behind. Live streaming can make this happen, by allowing organizations to make a genuine connection with supporters and state a clear call to action.

Social Media fundraising

Livestreaming allows you to interact with potential donors regularly, even during COVID. When done well, supporters will see your team on a regular basis and form a relationship with you. 

If your goal is to increase revenue with Live Streaming events, add a Text to Donate option and promote it during your livestream. Text to Donate allows your donors to easily support your organization any time and anywhere right from their mobile phones. Supporters will text your organization or fundraising campaign’s keyword to a designated phone number. In return, they will receive a link to your website, auction item, or other feature to make a mobile donation.

Which Platform Is the Best for Nonprofit Livestream Fundraising?

There are so many options to live stream and hence it can be challenging to know which platform to use. Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, and Vimeo are some of the most popular platforms which you may wish to review.

Live Stream Fundraising options

So which is the best? It depends on your supporters. What Social Media platforms are you using now? You may need to do some research into what your constituents are using and which platform they prefer. Livestream videos are generally stored within the platform where they were created for later viewing. Of course, they can also be downloaded and used again on your nonprofit website or blog.

If you aren’t sure, Facebook Live is always a good bet as it’s well, Facebook. Facebook Live videos go straight to the top of your constituents’ news feeds, and your followers are able to share the streaming content while it is live. They’ll have the pleasure of watching the same presentation with their loved ones and colleagues – even while remaining socially distant. When done right, it is a much richer, more interactive experience than sharing a photo or video. 

UPDATE: DoJiggy.io now includes a free live streaming platform for virtual and hybrid fundraising campaigns. Unlike the other options listed above, our platform was designed specifically for fundraising campaigns. Read more on our live streaming platform for virtual and hybrid fundraising campaigns.

How Do You Livestream?

Livestream is easy to do and most everyone with a new phone or computer and a good internet connection can do it. Still, there are tools and costs to consider for live streaming, mainly webcams, microphones, and lighting or backdrops. Also, be sure to check your bandwidth as live streaming (especially music) takes quite a bit of bandwidth. 

Tips and Strategies for Nonprofit Livestream Fundraising

Follow these best practices for live streaming events:

How to Host a Livestream for Virtual Events

Stick to a Livestream Schedule

If you have the bandwidth, try to create a regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly live stream schedule during your fundraising campaign. Your supporters will get used to the schedule and your attendance will grow.

Make it Exciting and Interactive

You’ve got the platform to interact, so be sure you do. Otherwise, you might as well just post a video. Keep your supporters engaged and coming back for more with contests and clear calls to action.

Always Test It Out First

Be sure to test out the platform and your tools before the live stream. How does it sound? Do you have enough bandwidth or do you need a new microphone? Know what you plan to say – especially if you’re new to live streaming. Also, test lighting before the big event.

Know What You Want

Just like with your website, be sure to have a clear Call to Action. Tell viewers to click on your website to donate or call in to share their stories. Make sure you have a clear idea of your goals for the event.

Conclusions on Using Livestream for Fundraising Campaigns and Virtual Nonprofit Events 

If your goal is to cultivate deeper relationships with your supporters and to get more exposure for your cause, a live-streaming campaign is definitely a nonprofit strategy to consider.

Allow Social media to be a force for good in your organization with live streaming. Use our virtual fundraising platform to set it all up for free. 

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