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Golf Marathons

Golf Marathons or 100 Holes of Golf Fundraisers

Tired of hosting the same old golf tournament each year? Are you looking for fresh new ideas for your fundraising golf tournament? Have you thought of a Golf Marathon or golf-a-thon? Golf marathons, golf-a-thons, or 100 holes of golf fundraisers are the latest in fundraising golf tournaments.

Raise more money and build more awareness for your organization with a golf marathon this year!

How does a golf marathon work?

Golf marathons challenge players to golf 100 holes or see how many holes of golf they can play in one day (or over the weekend – depending on the duration of the golf tournament). Golf marathons are usually smaller, more intimate events with 20-40 players participating.

With a golf marathon or 100 holes of golf fundraiser, instead of charging a fee for golfer or foursome registration, golf participants commit to raising money for your cause by collecting pledges and donations. Golfers can often raise $500 or $1,000 by tapping into their friends and family, and motivated golfers can raise much more. With a golf marathon, golfers get to do what they love best, and friends and family support them by offering per hole or flat-rate donations. Usually the golfer is not charged to play in your fundraising golf tournament if they meet your minimum fundraising standards. Free golf – that will really give your golfers an incentive to fundraise for your organization! Also, consider offering donated prizes or cash awards to the top fundraisers, creating some healthy competition.

Golf Marathon Software

DoJiggy's fundraising software solutions

With our Golf Pledge software for Golf Marathons, your organization can effectively manage your golf marathon, while participants may easily promote the event and collect online donations for your cause.

With Golf Pledge each golfer creates a personal fundraising page where they can:

  • Upload photos and videos to personalize the page
  • Create and share a personal statement, explaining their reason for participating in the golf marathon
  • Create a fundraising goal – and see progress tracked by an event thermometer

Supporters choose to make a pledge per hole or a donation towards the cause. They can show their support by making a comment along with their monetary donation. Golfers share the link to their personal fundraising page via email or social networking sites, creating an easy way to spread the word and collect online donations.

This online registration and donation management system not only makes it easy for golfers, but also allows your organization to manage all the details of the golf marathon with an easy-to-use golf tournament website including:

  • Manage participant registration and communications
  • Host a personal fundraising page for each golfer
  • Track fundraising progress with real-time leaderboards
  • Securely process pledge payments and online donations
  • Manage sponsorships and product sales
  • Generate administrative reports

Our Golf Pledge software package includes 100 golfers, each with their own personal fundraising page. Team fundraising is also supported. And we can always support larger events, with an additional participant package. If a golf marathon or 100 holes of golf fundraiser isn’t right for you, we provide our Golf Pro golf tournament software to meet your charity golf tournament needs. Each software package includes a mobile-responsive golf tournament website and a 14-day free trial so you can be sure the solution is right for you!

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