Dance-a-thon Fundraiser Ideas That Rock

Dance-a-thon Fundraiser Ideas That Rock

A dance-a-thon fundraiser is a creative peer to peer crowdfunding dance with great potential to raise money for nonprofit causes. Ever been to a dance-a-thon or dance marathon? Here’s how it works. Event participants commit to dancing a certain amount of time to raise money for an organization or cause. Many events are 12, 24, or even 36 hours – and can be danced straight or split into sessions. Dance-a-thons are designed for participants to seek donations and pledges before the event from their friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family. Businesses and corporations can become dance sponsors or donate in-kind donations, and their staff can enjoy forming dance-a-thon teams. Participants may purchase tickets or commit to raising a certain amount of funds. Then everyone comes together and has fun! A dance fundraiser can be the bomb with our outside of the box ideas.

Organizing a Dance-a-thon Fundraiser

Organizing a dance-a-thon fundraiser can be accomplished successfully by following these four steps.

Step 1: Assemble a Dance-a-thon Event Leadership Team

All successful fundraising events hinge on the recruitment and action of a strong leadership team. Organizing a dance-a-thon fundraiser is no exception. Get your planning committee in place early.

Step 2: Determine Dance-a-thon Logistics & Financial Goals

This step includes determining the date and location of your fundraising dance-a-hon, fundraising budget and goals, location, and the like.

Step 3: Implement Crowdfunding Software

Peer-to-peer crowdfunding software is a must for this type of event. This is where DoJiggy comes in! One of the most important considerations when planning a dance-a-thon fundraiser is how to successfully and securely manage donations and pledges. We offer the best, most affordable peer-to-peer software in the industry (that’s because it’s free with optional tips from your donors.) Dancers register for the event and collect online donations for your organization here.

Start a Dance-a-thon Fundraiser

Step 4: Recruit Dances and Sponsors

Start by working within your network of supporters. Marketing outreach and promotion will also serve an important purpose in raising awareness and drawing participants and donors for the dance. Just make it fun and everyone will want to participate.

Organizing a Dance-a-thon Fundraiser

Virtual Dance-a-thons Work!

If your school or organization is looking for a creative fundraising idea during COVID-19, consider a virtual dance-a-thon. Dance-a-thons can be awesome virtual events! All you need is an excited DJ with a live-streamed setup and some great music. Participants can dance the night away from the comfort of their own home. They will still feel connected as they can see others having fun and getting in the spirit. Have your dancers signup on your website and take donations for your cause.

To peg the fun meter, consider creating virtual dance-a-thon party boxes. The box can include a colorful party wig, beads, streamers, party blowers or horns, confetti, as well as your dance-a-thon t-shirt and sponsor swag. You get the idea. When participants register, they can select to pick up a box before the event or be mailed a party box. Be sure to tell your supporters not to open the box until the day of the dance-a-thon.

10 Creative Dance-a-thon Fundraiser Ideas

Host a breakfast fundraiser as part of a dance-a-thonDance-a-thons are successful when they are fun for everyone involved. How can you make your dance-a-thon a unique fundraising event that everyone will want to participate in? Here are 10 creative dance-a-thon fundraiser ideas to get you started.

  1. Many college and university fundraising dance-a-thons run for 12 to 24 hours. This idea may not work well for elementary schools, families, and community members with late-night time and travel constraints. Plan a dance-a-thon fundraiser on a Saturday or Sunday from noon to 8:00 p.m. for them. Start on Friday night with a fun kick-off party and your best moves on the floor.
  2. Add a breakfast fundraiser or an evening barbecue to attract more participation and networking. Sell tickets throughout your community. Go gourmet with local chefs and attract the foodies.
  3. Ask your dance-a-thon crowdfunding teams to dress in costume. A group of four dressed as their favorite rock band or Madonna (for example) would be entertaining. Each team dressed as a famous person would liven things up. They could work as a tag team, with one member of the team always on the dance floor. The rules are up to you.
  4. If ever there were an opportunity to sell fun products, it is with a dance-a-thon. Form a design team of volunteers with graphic design experience. Take a colorful step and use tango fans to brand your nonprofit event. Create memories and bring in more funds with custom dance-a-thon apparel. Consider using the hard work and creativity put into your successful dance-a-thon products by starting your own personalized online store. Let supporters display your brand everywhere they go on t-shirts, hoodies, and coffee mugs.
  5. Plan more than one band or DJ. You may attract more participation if you appeal to people with various styles of music. Sell tickets to simply come and hear some good music. Put a bit of effort into getting a band and DJ with a following; they may come from other towns or states to help your nonprofit. Research the things they care about and don’t underestimate their desire to give back.
  6. Open up the floor to anyone who wants to buy a ticket at the door and dance. Have a selection of food and beverage vendors as well. Add a wine vendor in the late afternoon and evening hours.
  7. Partner with a dance school or ballet company. A booth or section on the dance floor promotes their school or organization and they can perform during breaks. Your fundraising event becomes richer as you add the intrigue of learning and enriching the lives of your constituents with an art form. Ask them for in-kind donations in exchange for the promotion and raffle free dance lessons and performance tickets at the event.
  8. Ask your planning committee and volunteers for help in adding big screens and movie projectors. Show some great old dance movies. Add a schedule of classic dance films on your bi-weekly newsletter, fundraising website, and organization’s website homepage. Invite them to buy a ticket at the door to come and watch Singin’ in the Rain and Saturday Night Fever.
  9. Stay in the minds of your community with social media posts, local radio announcements, and newspaper ads. Hold a Facebook Live presentation to promote your dance marathon. Ask your staff to present a segment on a new program and add a fun segment on your upcoming dance-a-thon. Live video streaming of these presentations may be emailed and placed on your website homepage.
  10. Promote your dance-a-thon fundraiser with dance videos. Create an infectious mood of dance fever on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and email promotions with video.

Dance Marathon & Dance-a-thon Fundraiser Ideas

Imagine a dance-a-thon crowdfunding campaign that shows your passion through creativity. Just one successful crowdfunding event per year, when done right, can make the best crowdfunding ideas for nonprofits realized. Start with contributions from board members and donors. Then show the public something to be excited about as you launch your dance-a-thon crowdfunding website.

Utilizing Crowdfunding Software For Dance-a-thons & Dance Marathons

Dance-a-thon fundraisers rely on powerful peer-to-peer crowdfunding software tools, and social media networks and integrations. Utilizing crowdfunding software enables your message to be organically spread by your supporters. Your charity organization is able to manage the over-arching fundraising campaign and maintain brand consistency, while your supporters bring in new people to the fold.

Some features and tools of DoJiggy’s crowdfunding software for dance marathons and dance-a-thons are:

  • Secure participant and team event registrations
  • Individual participants and teams with the ability to personalize fundraising through personal fundraising pages and team pages
  • Fundraising pages that include images and videos, a personal or team statement, social media integration links to easily share
  • Top fundraiser leaderboards and event fundraising thermometers
  • Tracking and distributing of prizes and awards with our prize management system
  • Free Text to Donate functionality (in the US only)

DoJiggy's fundraising software solutions for dance marathons

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Dance marathons are popular and fun fundraising events that can be quite lucrative. Engage the whole community by adding dance-a-thon fundraiser ideas for everyone. Attract new donors through dance, music, food, and an opportunity to help and be a part of your cause.

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