The Best Cheerleading Fundraisers for Your Squad

The Best Cheerleading Fundraisers for Your Squad

Cheerleaders are important members of a school or university’s student body. Whether it’s cheering for their school’s football, basketball, or other teams, or participating in a cheerleading competition, it’s no secret that great cheerleaders are just what every school needs to rally up school spirit. Since items like cheerleading uniforms, props, training, travel for competition, and even rental of cheering space aren’t exactly cheap, cheerleading squads often need to run cheerleading fundraisers.

We’ve put together some of the best cheerleading fundraising ideas to get your next campaign up and running for the sake of the cheer.

Our #1 Cheerleading Fundraising Idea – Cheer Crowdfunding Campaigns

A cheerleading crowdfunding campaign or cheer-a-thon is the perfect idea for cheerleaders to get their stunts down and earn money at the same time. This is especially great for competitive squads that are practicing routines for nationals or big competitions. Here’s how it works: Your cheerleading squads commit to cheering all day or for several hours on a Saturday. For all-day events, you will need to have different squads and activities. Time can be spent working on dance routines, tumbling, working mounts, and learning cheers. Generally, the cheer-a-thon is held in the school gymnasium and open to the public. Another option is to live stream the event if supporters want to check it out.

About a month before the cheer-a-thon, launch your crowdfunding website. Cheerleaders can customize their own fundraising page and ask people to donate funds to the cause. You can easily get donations and spread the word about your cheerleading squad on the cheer-a-thon website. This will motivate your team to work harder in their practice time and get a lot of money for doing what they do best.

The Best Cheerleading Fundraisers for Your Squad

More Great Cheerleading Fundraisers to Consider

If a cheer-a-thon is not what your squad has in mind, there are plenty of other great options to raise money.

Host a Walkathon or Color Run

Themed Fun Runs and walk-a-thons are a great fundraising idea for cheerleading school groups. Have your runners dress up as their favorite superhero or holiday character. Or make your run a Color Run fundraiser where runners wear white and throw colored powder. Make it fun and festive and your supporters will get excited about an event that allows them to support your organization and get some exercise. Hosting virtual run/walk events during COVID is also completely possible.

Our walkathon software is essential for secure registration and donation collection. Each runner has a personal fundraising page with a fundraising thermometer and links to social media, allowing your organization to reach new supporters online.

Present a Fashion Show

Cheerleaders are generally natural performers, so why not set up a fashion show starring them? First, create a theme for the fashion show – it could be a retro theme, an eco-friendly show or something that uniquely represents your school. Ask local clothing stores and boutiques to donate clothes for the students to model, and in exchange, they can set up a booth to sell items at the show. Charge entrance fees to a glamorous night of fun and fashion. As always, add in fundraising raffles and concession sales to boost your profits.

Open a Refreshment Bar at the Game

Set up a bar to provide refreshments at school meetings and events, with donations from parents to help cover ingredients. Serve lemonade, iced tea, juices, energy bars, and healthy fair. The Varsity team can sell during the JV game and vice versa. You can make quite a bit of money at sports games or any other high school event selling refreshments for the benefit of your cheerleaders.

Run a Cheerleaders’ Car Wash

Have the cheer team band together for a car wash. Hang flyers to spread the word about your team-run car wash and get the soap, water, buckets, and sponges ready for a fun afternoon where you could make a lot of money for the team. Be sure to set up at a busy location like right next to the weekend Farmer’s Market or soccer fields on Saturday game day.

Sell Fundraising Products Online

The most common product sale fundraisers in schools are chocolate/candy bars, holiday gift wrap, popcorn, magazines, and catalog products. Product sale fundraisers can be difficult to run and manage, but not with our online platform for peer to peer sales. Each student and/or group will have a personal fundraising page where items are sold and sales are tracked by the participant. Top fundraisers are rewarded with a rewards badge and prizes can be configured for the top salesperson or team. The platform makes it easy for cheerleaders to send a personal URL to friends and family, asking them to purchase items securely online. 

Product sales are perfect holiday fundraisers since people are looking for gifts and treats to share. 


Establish The Squad 100 Club

Set up a campaign where you ask 100 people for $25 each. Entice them to support your team by joining the 100 Club. This is great for smaller communities that are more tight-knit, as everyone will want to join. You could have their names placed on a plaque or brick in exchange for the $2,000 or more you could potentially raise for your cheer squad. Just be sure to consider the best way to recognize club members for their contribution and make it very public. Of course, you can change the amount to $50 or anything else you’d like. 

Setting this up online is also a great idea for virtual fundraising during Coronavirus. With our crowdfunding platform, you can even offer perks for donations at specified amounts.

Hold a Raffle for the Squad

During the major sports events at your school, it would be a great idea to promote a fundraising raffle for spectators to enter. Ask local businesses if they’d be willing to donate free merchandise or a gift certificate to raffle winners. Charge for the raffle tickets and raffle them off during the big day. Remember that prizes are key to raffle fundraising success, so if you can’t solicit sufficient in-kind donations to make the raffle exciting, consider hosting a 50/50 raffle or purchasing a unique vacation package to drive excitement.

Again, taking your raffle online will net a much larger profit and keep everything well organized. DoJiggy can help!


Create and Sell Cheerleaders Calendars

Have everyone show up for a photoshoot and get some layout and graphic designers from the art or design department together to create a cheerleading calendar that everyone will love. Get some creative shots in, do a few mounts or stunts, and you will definitely have material for a calendar that will sell very well, with all proceeds going to benefit the cheerleading squad.

Host a Community Yard Sale

Spring cleaning time! If your cheerleading squad and their friends and family have things that they no longer need (and who doesn’t?), this could be a very successful cheerleading fundraiser. There’s no reason to keep items in storage or junking up your basement and garage. Instead, donate them to a cheerleaders’ yard sale. Selling them off that way could make plenty of money to add to the cheer fund.

Read more on how to run a yard sale fundraiser. 

Put on a Dog Wash

Do your team members love furry friends as much as everyone else? Why not run a dog wash day where the community can bring in their dogs for cleaning in exchange for money for their services. You can ask for donations to cover the cost, just be sure to set a minimum of about $10 per dog. You can further cut costs by having pet owners donate shampoo and towels, too.

Offer Summer Cheer Clinics

The Best Cheerleading Fundraisers

Do your elementary or middle schools have a lot of young, aspiring cheerleaders who want to make the team when they get a little bit older? A cheer clinic run by your squad will be the perfect summer day camp for younger kids to try out being a cheerleader and learn new skills. Your coach and cheerleaders run the camp and use the school facilities, so costs are minimal. Just charge for camp participation and you’re set to make some money.

Run a Dance-a-Thon

Cheerleaders love to dance, so why not host a dance-a-thon fundraiser? Dance-a-thons or dance marathons are tons of fun and can be quite lucrative cheering fundraisers when run online with a crowdfunding website. Have people place wagers on who will come out on top and watch them battle it out for victory.

Host a Cheer Squad Flag Football Game

Cheerleaders are generally very athletic and can play well in many sports. Change things up a bit by having your cheerleading squads play against each other in a friendly round of flag football. Charge family and students entrance fees, sell refreshments and make room for donations on the day itself.

Hold a Good Old Bake Sale

If you have cheerleaders who love to bake (or parents who do), you could set up a bake sale where they sell their freshly-made pastries and other delights to the school and the rest of the community. It’s a great, classic way to earn much-needed funds. Think about offering healthy and gluten-free options, so everyone can enjoy a treat.

We hope these cheer fundraising ideas made you cheerful and excited enough to start your next campaign for your cheerleading squad. Get creative and ready to rally up money for these amazing athletes who build team spirit.

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