Choir Fundraisers: The Best Fundraising Ideas for Choirs

Choir Fundraisers: The Best Fundraising Ideas for Choirs

Looking for choir fundraising ideas? Like any nonprofit organization or cause, choirs need the fundraising support of friends, family, and the community. Many types of choirs are an integral part of the community and often require support towards the costs of hosting events, traveling, rehearsal space, and other necessary means to continue operation.

Here are some top fundraising ideas for choirs to achieve their donation goals. 

Our #1 Fundraising Idea for All Types of Choirs: Crowdfunding Campaigns

One of the most popular and effective trends in nonprofit fundraising is peer-to-peer crowdfunding. Choir members send out donation requests via social media and social networks with nonprofit crowdfunding. By allowing choir members to tap into their networks, they cast a wider net for requesting donations while building the online presence and brand of the choir.

Each choir member is typically accountable for a certain donation amount when implementing a crowdfunding campaign. It can be broken down further by finding a certain number of donors to donate a minimum donation amount (i.e., each choir member has a goal of finding ten donors to donate $20 each). We have hosted several 30/30/30 Crowdfunding Campaigns where choir members have 30 days to find 30 donors of $30.

Choir Fundraising Websites

The benefit of crowdfunding is that costs and time commitment to participants are minimal and usually kept to just promoting the crowdfunding website. Sounds much better than selling overpriced candy and cookie dough, right? Yet due to this powerful technology and friendly competition, the financial rewards can be quite large.

Contact us, and we’d be happy to share some choir crowdfunding campaigns.

More Great Choir Fundraising Ideas

If you’re looking for more of a special event to bring choir members together with your community, we have you covered. Here are some more great ideas for choir fundraising.

Benefit Concert, Dinner Show, or Fundraising Gala Event

A natural fundraising idea for choirs is hosting a benefit concert, dinner show, or gala. Choirs can further share their impact by including a choir performance in the event. Fundraising comes from ticket sales, table purchases, and event sponsorships.

Benefit Concert, Dinner Show, or Fundraising Gala Event

One of the key things to be mindful of when hosting a dinner or gala is the logistics of organizing such an event. This includes the added cost of the venue and possibly catering for the gala, as well as the effort and time needed to find event sponsors. However, with proper event marketing, the funds raised from hosting a formal event can be well worth it. 

Many choirs are also hosting virtual gala events and happy hours during COVID.

Trivia Night for the Choir

Trivia Night for the Choir

Trivia nights are easy choir fundraisers with a more informal atmosphere. In keeping with the theme of the choir, the trivia topic can be about musicals, music genres, topics relevant to the choir (i.e., religious questions for gospel choirs, mainstream age-appropriate TV shows for student choirs), or other fun topics. Revenue comes from registration fees to participate in the trivia night and a small percentage of food and drink sales. The benefit of this fundraising event is that it is simpler to organize and typically takes place at a restaurant or bar that will welcome the added business without additional cost to the choir. However, the proceeds will likely be considerably less because the event is on a much smaller scale, and the registration fee is smaller than a concert or gala ticket.

Consider hosting a silent auction or raffle fundraiser to boost profits. 

Local Business Night for the Choir

Another easy choir fundraiser is a local business night. Local businesses, such as restaurants, bars, or lounges, will often be open to donating a small percentage of the evening’s proceeds to the choir’s cause. This event works well if a choir member is also a business owner and offers a great way to mingle with local community supporters. 

Our Donor-Friendly Crowdfunding Platform Supports Choir Fundraising Campaigns

Choir Fundraising websites

Planning Your Choir Fundraiser

Whether the event your choir chooses is big or small, here are some fundamental steps to plan for a successful choir fundraising event. 

Define the Choir Fundraising Goal

Before deciding on which event to pursue, understand the fundraising goal that the choir needs to achieve. Some things to consider in the fundraising goal:

  • Have the cost of performance venues and rehearsal spaces increased in the past few years? Should an impending venue cost increase be considered?
  • Will there be additional tours or travel costs for an added line-up of performances or competitions for the year?
  • Is there new equipment, choir robes, or other costs that need to be purchased?

Also, when choosing certain choir fundraisers, consider if there are additional costs for hosting the event that should be included in the fundraising goals:

Orpheus Male chorus
  • Venue cost
  • Food and beverage
  • Catering
  • Prizes or giveaways
  • Gift bags
  • Audio/visual equipment

Successfully achieving a fundraising goal begins with meticulously planning the end goal to know how much is needed. Then, work with an event fundraising budget to make the magic happen.

Utilize an Online Fundraising or Donation Platform

Choosing a donation platform that meets your needs is essential to accomplishing your choir fundraising goals. An online donation platform allows your members to easily reach a larger network through social media. Our crowdfunding platform generates individual fundraising pages for each choir member, so they can reach out to their networks. Also, donation platforms provide real-time updates on how close the choir is to reaching its goal. This comes in handy when there are milestone pushes towards finishing up the goal. Another reason why a donation platform is needed is the ability to receive donations through a secure website that encrypts personal information, such as contact information and credit card details.

Maximize Your Donations

When hosting a special event, there are several choir fundraising ideas to maximize the donations from your supporters.

Corporate Matching: Promote the possibility for donors to reach out to their employers to see if they offer corporate matching gifts. Simply by donors inquiring with large companies and employers, goals can often be doubled with little effort.

Raffles or Auctions: By selling raffle tickets, your choir fundraisers will receive a noticeable uplift in donations. The raffle drawing can be made in one round of giving away prizes or split into several rounds through the night to continue promoting raffle sales. Auctions can be hosted throughout the entire evening. The key to hosting a successful raffle or auction is having enthusiastic volunteers to promote sales or auction bids throughout the event and securing exciting and attractive prizes. The difference between both options is considering which will receive more donations: several higher-value bids or a large number of small raffle purchases.

Fundraising raffles and online charity auctions can also be great stand-alone events when managed with our fundraising software. Our software platform has amazing features to run these events virtually, including:

  • Fundraising thermometer to track online fundraising progress
  • Live Stream video platform for virtual fundraising events
  • Sponsor promotion via sponsor logos and links to website and social media
  • Easy social media share options
  • Text to Give feature to make promoting the fundraiser easy
  • Ability to incorporate peer to peer fundraising in raffles, where choir members sell raffle tickets via a personal fundraising page

DoJiggy offers unique travel vacation packages that can be used for high-end raffle and auction fundraising.

DoJiggy travel vacation packages

Sponsors: Sponsors can help minimize the cost of hosting a certain event, which includes procuring high-value prizes, marketing, or food and beverage costs. This often takes a lot of effort for outreach, so sponsorship inquiries should begin as soon as possible.

Conclusions for Choir Fundraisers 

No matter the choice of choir fundraising ideas, taking the steps to properly plan the event, holding choir members accountable for their goals, utilizing a great fundraising platform, and maximizing donations will help achieve your choir fundraising goals. Good luck with your choir fundraising!

DoJiggy offers these excellent campaign options for choir fundraising events.

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