Walkathon Flyer Templates (Free & Customizable)

Walkathon Flyer Templates

Our walkathon flyer templates were created to assist organizations in effectively marketing their fundraising walks.

At DoJiggy Custom Print, we want to be your go-to destination for affordable, high-quality, customizable printed walk-a-thon flyers and related materials to elevate your fundraisers.  Discover a hassle-free customization experience with our extensive collection of easy-to-use flyer templates. Our templates come pre-loaded with compelling imagery, eliminating the need for design work. You only need to input essential details like the walk’s name, date, and prices to create personalized flyers that reflect your organization’s unique look and feel.

Let us print your custom walk-a-thon flyers and posters. Our printed posters measure 17.18″ x 11.46″, and flyers measure 11.66″ x 8.69″.

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Download Sample Walkathon Flyer Templates

Looking for a DIY solution? We have created two walkathon flyer templates for organizations that want to print their own walk flyers. Simply customize the text and insert your flyer design or logo, and your group is ready to start spreading the word about your walkathon.

Creating Effective Walkathon Flyers

Walkathon flyers (fliers) help organizations spread the word about a walkathon. Good visibility raises participation and, in turn, helps raise funds for your charitable cause. These walkathon flyer templates can also be easily customized for other charitable peer-to-peer fundraising events.

Volunteers can post walkathon flyers around the community at restaurants, coffee shops, community centers, grocery stores, and schools to raise awareness for your cause and the walk.

Event flyers are basic one-sheet posters designed to explain the purpose of a fundraiser, educate people about an organization’s mission, and outline the important details for getting involved with the walkathon or fundraiser you are hosting. Follow these guidelines for walkathon flyers that will get your organization noticed.

Make Your Walk-a-thon Flyer Visually Appealing

Start with your nonprofit’s branding standards and make your event flyer visually appealing. Use compelling imagery that shows walkers having fun at a previous event.

Here’s how to enhance the visual aspect of your flyers:

  • Use Contrasting Colors: Stand-out colors can make your raffle flyer pop.
  • Leave Some White Space: Don’t overcrowd; space allows your content to breathe.
  • Add High-Quality Photos: Invest in good photos. They can convey emotion and tell a story in a way words can’t.
  • Be Mindful of Typography: Your choice of font can impact readability. Stick to a maximum of 2-3 fonts on a single flyer.

Capture Attention with the Walkathon Flyer

Create a fun name or theme for your fundraising event.

One way to capture your audience’s attention is to make an emotional appeal by explaining the current situation and telling participants how they can help.

Example: 1 in 8 women today are diagnosed with breast cancer. How can you help? Give back to your local community by participating in our Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraising Walk.

Explain the Perks of Walking and Donating

What are the perks of walking? Tell potential walkers about the fun activities that are part of the fundraising event:

  • Will there be a hospitality area with free food and drinks for walkers?
  • Describe your after-party and entertainment – walkers want to have fun!
  • Do participants receive T-shirts or other items for participating?
  • Will there be incentive prizes for the walkers and teams that raise the most money?
  • Will raffle tickets be available for large-prize items (donated by sponsors)?

Include All the Essential Details

This is one of the most important parts of the flyer. You need to tell potential participants and sponsors the who, what, when, where, and how of the walk:unique fundraising ideas for walkathon flyers

  • Who’s hosting the event? Briefly introduce the organization and charitable cause you support.
  • Why should they support you? What is your unique value proposition? Again, this must be very brief on a flyer. 
  • Date & time: include event start, pre- and post-activities, and registration/sponsor check-in times here.
  • Location: include the address of the event and parking information.
  • What Else? What to wear, what to bring, are there fees or fundraising minimums involved? How will you raise money?
  • Your walkathon website URL for registration and donations.
  • Your phone, Social Media links, and other contact information in case people have additional questions or want assistance with registration.


Sponsor Management for walks

Highlight Sponsors on Walkathon Flyers

You don’t want to forget this important part of a walkathon flyer. Understanding and articulating how prospective sponsors benefit from working with your organization is very important. This becomes the foundation for selling sponsorship packages for your walk. Everyone likes to help out a great cause; however, companies seek a win-win relationship when investing in your walkathon. 

Including sponsor logos on your walkathon flyers allows local businesses to gain exposure leading up to your fundraiser. This is a great way to say Thank You to your event sponsors and is also a great selling point.

Custom-Print Walkathon Flyers

Let DoJiggy print low-cost custom walkathon flyers for your event! Many of our flyer templates match our other templates or event packages (with Event Tickets, VIP Passes, and more), enabling consistent branding for your event. Our printed posters measure 17.18″ x 11.46″, and flyers measure 11.66″ x 8.69″.


Parents for walkathon fundraising DoJiggy P2P Crowdfunding software is a complete registration and donation management system designed specifically for walk-a-thons and peer-to-peer events where individual and team participants solicit and track donations and pledges for a charitable cause.

  • Provide walkers with Personal Fundraising Pages to customize and promote your fundraiser.
  • Fundraising Thermometers and Leaderboards display top team and individual fundraisers and promote competition so you raise more.
  • Embedded Social Media Share links encourage walkers to share the event with friends and family.

DoJiggy offers a comprehensive set of walkathon resources to help make your walkathon event a success. See our walkathon pledge forms and complete guide on How to Organize a Walkathon.

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