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Breast Cancer Fundraising Events

The costs associated with breast cancer detection, treatment, and research can seem overwhelming. People often organize breast cancer fundraising events to raise funds for patient medical expenses, breast cancer research, and breast cancer awareness programs. These events can be run not only by organizations focused on breast cancer research and awareness (such as the American Cancer Society) but by schools, churches, and other organizations in support of breast cancer charities.

Is your organization looking for exciting breast cancer fundraising ideas? If you have the resources and event planning potential, breast cancer fundraising events can be lucrative and also provide an excellent opportunity for members of your organization to gather with the community and raise awareness in the fight against breast cancer. Below are some tried and true breast cancer fundraising ideas to consider.

Breast Cancer Awareness Walk-a-thons & Color Runs

#1 Breast Cancer Fundraising Idea: Breast Cancer Walk-a-thons

Susan G. Komen Walks are some of the biggest walkathon fundraisers each year. How about hosting your own breast cancer walk-a-thon where members of your community can gather together, get exercise, and raise funds for a great cause? This is a great event that breast cancer survivors will want to attend. Have a few of them speak at your after-party to share their experience and the importance of your fundraiser will be made clear.

Don’t limit yourself to just walking – make it a color run fundraiser or pink-themed walk to add to the fun and build awareness. Provide pink ribbons for all and sell other pink accessories at the walk. Fun runs and walk-a-thons make great signature fundraising events for cancer awareness and health-related organizations.

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Crowdfunding Events For The Cure

Crowdfunding for Breast Cancer

One popular way to raise funds for medical expenses or Breast Cancer research (or other illnesses with no known cure), is to host a “For the Cure” event. You can create this kind of theme with any type of fundraising event. You raise fundraising dollars by having participants collect online donations on your peer-to-peer fundraising website and you also charge an admission fee to attend the event.

Create a Ride for the Cure event if you live in an area where biking is a popular sport. Or partner with the local YMCA to host a swim-a-thon event, where swimmers get sponsors to pledge a certain amount per lap. Even more unique would be to plan a serve-a-thon where participants can dedicate a day to helping breast cancer victims and their families. The options for nonprofit crowdfunding are endless. The idea here is that your organization’s supporters are raising awareness as well as funds for breast cancer causes.

To be most successful in your fundraising efforts, make sure to organize an event that will appeal to your audience. Breast cancer fundraisers often target women since they are most aware of the threat of the disease. With this in mind, you may want to consider creating an event that spreads awareness to the audience most at-risk, while making the activities fun for women.

Cook For The Cure Events

Breast Cancer Fundraising Idea: Cook for the Cure

Cook for the Cure events work especially well for school fundraisers or for churches and community organizations where members are actively involved. Since food is an important aspect of health and healing, be sure to focus your event on healthy eating and lifestyle choices. Though it could be profitable, selling cookies and hot dogs doesn’t align with your mission of supporting breast cancer awareness. Remember that hosting mission-driven fundraising events will boost your organization’s credibility. There are various options to choose from which will allow your supporters to enjoy time with friends and neighbors while raising money for a good cause:

  • Bring in chefs from local restaurants to do sampling and demonstrations of healthy cooking. Include a silent auction with donated restaurant gift certificates and cooking-themed items.
  • Organize a bake sale and sell healthy inspired goods at school sporting events or open houses. Include gluten-free and low-sugar options so everyone can enjoy them.
  • Create a school cookbook combining healthy recipes and food choices to sell online and as part of your fundraising event.
  • Host a Farm to Table dinner highlighting local and organic products and establishments.

Shop for the Cure

Breast Cancer Fundraising Idea: Shop for the Cure

Partner with local retailers by advertising a day or weekend “Shop for the Cure” event. During your campaign, a small percentage of sales made at participating retailers will go toward your breast cancer charity. Some businesses may include special displays of pink items as well. Make sure to promote the breast cancer fundraising event through local media, especially outlets that target women. Consumers may decide to make a special shopping trip the weekend of your fundraising event. What a great excuse to spend money while contributing to a good cause! Consider adding a fundraising raffle with in-kind donations such as a Mall Shopping Spree or gift certificates from your participating businesses as prizes. Raffles add a fun twist and added fundraising potential to any event.

Cuts For The Cure

Breast Cancer Fundraising Idea: Cuts for the cure

Another great breast cancer fundraising idea is to host Cuts for the Cure. Work with local salons to offer free or reduced-price haircuts or manicures in exchange for donations towards your breast cancer fundraising. What a great way for women to bond… over pampering themselves at a salon and contributing to a great cause. Partner with local media (such as radio or newspaper) to promote the event, and you will have no problem getting a salon to donate their services for free publicity. After all, this is a great press opportunity and could help a salon build its customer base.

Another way you can run Cuts for the Cure events is to ask supporters to donate their hair to those suffering from cancer. Men and women, boys and girls of all ages, can get involved as friends and family pledge dollars for inches cut. Those who cut off 12 inches can donate their locks and tresses to breast cancer support and awareness charities that accept donated hair. Note that normally no chemically treated hair, including bleaches and permanent dyes, and no hair that is more than 5 percent gray will be accepted for donations. Donated hair is made into wigs (by organizations such as Locks for Love) that are offered to chemotherapy and cancer patients that have lost their hair as part of their disease and treatment. You will be delightfully surprised how many people are willing to donate when such a strong gesture is made by their friend or family member.

Breast Cancer Charity T-shirts and Custom Apparel

Breast Cancer Charity T-shirts and Custom Apparel

Hosting a sales fundraiser is another great breast cancer fundraising idea to add extra money to your organization’s bottom line. With our customizable online stores for nonprofits, we make it easy to sell breast cancer charity t-shirts and other custom apparel items.

We offer two options for eCommerce sales. Most organizations sell items with our Simple Stores and distribute merchandise to their supporters. If your organization doesn’t want to manage inventory, Printful provides on-demand printing and automated fulfillment (or dropshipping) for our Pro stores.

Purchasing branded merchandise on your online store is a great way for supporters to give to your organization. Better yet, supporters can display your brand everywhere they go – on t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, and more – carrying your logo and message on your organization’s behalf.

Yoga Workshops

Breast Cancer Fundraising Idea: Yoga Workshops

Living with breast cancer or supporting someone you love through this time will certainly be stressful. Yoga helps relieve stress through breathing and mindfulness practices and can help you introduce moderate exercise into your daily routine. Also, a yoga studio is a supportive environment of people coming together, making it a great way to raise money for breast cancer research and awareness.

Team up with a local studio to offer a full day of classes and perhaps a workshop on breast health and early detection. You could also include a small bazaar of pink breast cancer items for sale. Think beyond the pink ribbon to pink yoga mats, water bottles, jewelry, and breast cancer awareness t-shirts.

Breast Cancer Fundraising Pledge Drives

Breast Cancer Fundraising Idea: Just Ask Pledge Drives

If you don’t have the resources to plan a fundraising event, you can organize a breast cancer fundraising pledge drive. These used to be door to door events, but today we have safer and easier ways to conduct these “Just Ask” pledge drives online. Simply create a donation appeal email and/or letter directing people to your fundraising website, where your organization explains your mission, purpose for the funds raised, and accepts secure donations online. These types of fundraising pledge drives are best held in October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease.

We offer free donation websites that can be used for this type of breast cancer fundraising drive.

Don’t forget to make the donation process easy for your supporters. People are busy, and convenience is a must to get the participation levels and meet the financial goals you seek. Provide a way for people to contribute online in case they cannot make the event, and make collecting donations and pledges easy for participants to reach their goals by implementing easy-to-use online fundraising software tools.

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Spread the Word!

Spread the word for Breast Cancer awareness

Regardless of the breast cancer fundraising idea your nonprofit organization decides to undertake in the fight against cancer, remember that the key to any successful fundraising event is getting the word out. Create your fundraising website, then announce it on Social media, to your newsletter audience, and within your community. Write a press release announcing the fundraising initiative and follow up with local media to see if they might want to be involved. Work with local businesses for sponsorship opportunities, donations, and helping to spread the word. Encourage community members to volunteer their time, to participate in the event, and support your fundraising participants. Since most everyone knows someone who has been affected by this disease, you have a host of supporters ready to be motivated by and for your organization.



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