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DoJiggy provides affordable fundraising websites for nonprofits, schools, churches and community organizations. Our WordPress driven nonprofit website builder provides a full nonprofit platform with recurring donations, membership management, an online store, events calendars and even an optional CRM integration. From powerful crowdfunding websites to the industry leading golf tournament software platform, our fundraising software has helped non-profit organizations to reach new donors, build stronger community relationships, manage successful fundraising campaigns and raise more money online.

How Our Nonprofit Fundraising Websites Work

Step 1

Select Your Website Template

Select Your Nonprofit Website Template

First, choose the fundraising software platform that’s right for your campaign. You’ll get a customizable website template that includes all of the pages needed for your campaign. These templates allow you to create a look and feel that mirrors your organization’s brand standards and supports the theme of your fundraiser.

Fundraising Websites are the go-to place to host information about your event and engage participants, sponsors, donors, and the community at large. Post videos, pictures, quotes, maps and more, then easily link to social media to help spread awareness for your cause. Our Fundraising thermometers help visitors see your progress and encourage them to help your organization reach your established fundraising goals.

Step 2

Register Participants & Collect Online Donations

Register Participants & Collect Online Donations

Drive traffic to your fundraising websites with fundraising widgets, email campaigns and social media channels.

  • Register Participants: Participants can securely register, make payments via credit card, start or join a team, share their personal link to social media channels, request and review donations from their friends and family.
  • Collect Online Donations: Donors easily make online donations from any device on our mobile-responsive templates.

Step 3

Track Fundraising Progress & Generate Reports

Track Progress & Generate Reports on the Fundraising Website Back-End

Our fundraising websites for nonprofits come with a robust administration area where administrators manage the fundraising campaign and update their public website.

Management & Reporting functions include:

  • Participant and team listings
  • Detailed order reports which include all payment details and status
  • Fundraising progress (current funds raised by individuals and teams, compared to overall goals)
  • Sales reports to show product, registration and sponsorship totals
  • Top fundraisers and top fundraising teams

Why Choose DoJiggy for a Nonprofit Fundraising Website?

Fundraise online and raise money for a project or cause you truly care about. DoJiggy offers affordable online fundraising websites for nonprofits and schools. Our websites include the latest technology for personal fundraising pages, non-profit fundraising and special event fundraising. Whether you need a charity gala fundraising website or are creating a donation website for a special campaign or recurring donations, have the best experience and get results with us.

Great Fundraising Website Pricing

Great Pricing

Compare our fundraising software prices and we think your organization will decide to choose DoJiggy. We offer flat fees with no hidden costs – designed to fit any budget. We are the only major fundraising website provider that does not take a percentage of your funds raised.

Fundraising Websites for Nonprofits: We Are Experienced and Trusted

We Are Experienced and Trusted

Since 2003 we have maintained the trust of our customers and continuously seek the most innovative fundraising website solutions. We have helped thousands of organizations raise money online. See some of our loyal customers with their fundraising websites here.

Fundraising Websites for Nonprofits: Payment Processing Freedom

Payment Processing

Choose DoJiggy Payments which offers low, flat-rate fees or the quality payment processor of your preference for your fundraising website campaign. We also offer merchant accounts and we don’t lock you in to just one option. The freedom to choose is yours.

Free Donation Software

Free Donation Software

Our mobile-responsive Donation Software offers a charity donation platform with one-time, tribute (In Honor Of and In Memory Of), and recurring monthly donations. Choose our credit card payment processing or merchant services to use in conjunction with your fundraising websites and receive our donation software at no cost.

Flexible Fundraising Software for nonprofits

Our Services Offer Flexibility

We know not every fundraising event is the same. Our services offer more features and flexibility than our competitors. For nonprofit crowdfunding events, we offer team and individual fundraising, prize management, participant privacy options, per unit of effort pledges, participant import functionality and much more. Ask us and we can help with your unique fundraising website needs.

Fundraising Websites for Nonprofits with Great Customer Support

We Have Great Customer Support

We offer personalized training and support at no extra cost. Reach us by support ticket, live chat or email and receive excellent customer support from real people. We’re not a huge company of robots and drones. We’ll be there for you when you need help.

Non-profit Fundraising Website Templates and Services We Offer

Below we’ve provided a number of fundraising website types for great non-profit fundraisers. Each of these websites has proven time and time again to be successful. There isn’t one right answer for every organization. We want you to be sure your chosen fundraiser makes sense for your project or group. And, remember that fundraisers really take-off when you add an online fundraising component. With a fundraising website designed specifically for your school or non-profit fundraising your organization will be able to spread more awareness for your cause and offer a safe place for donors to make online donations, all while saving time and money by increasing your efficiency in managing the intake of funds. Simply put, you’ll raise more money this year!

Fundraising Websites for Nonprofits, Including School Fundraising Websites

School Fundraising Websites

With every school fundraiser, you are teaching your children about community service and being a part of something larger than themselves. In addition, using a fundraising website designed for school fundraising will get your students on the computer and customizing their own personal fundraising page. They are not only helping to raise money through school fundraising campaigns, but learning that helping out can be fun and rewarding. Different school fundraisers require different fundraising event budgets, resources, and time commitments. We offer high school and elementary school fundraising ideas and to help you decide on the right fundraising campaign and help you to create a successful fundraising website.

Church Fundraising Websites

Church fundraising is an increasingly important part of a church’s calendar, and something that most churches do. Selecting the right church donations website and fundraising events can add to the passion your congregation and fundraisers have, and inspire those around you to support the specific needs of your church. So as you paint a picture of what will change as you raise money, whether it is equipment and supplies, missionary trips or community activities, bills and maintenance, staff costs or facilities – consider the church fundraising ideas that will inspire a donation and best support your mission.

Fundraising Websites for Nonprofits, Including Church Fundraising Websites
Fundraising Golf Tournament Websites

Fundraising Golf Tournament Websites

Many non-profits host charity golf tournaments as a way to raise a large amount of fundraising dollars and gain recognition in the community. A charity golf tournament often attracts large sponsors especially if promoted properly. In addition to the dollars you raise through sponsorships, you can also raise money through golfer registration and online donations. Plus, a golf tournament provides a number of creative ways to raise extra money throughout the course of the tournament. Offer various golf contest such as “closest to the pin” or “longest drive.” Consider offering a grand prize for a “hole-in-one” such as a car or vacation getaway or new car. Don’t worry, this is entirely possible (and risk-free) when using Hole-in-One insurance. Charity golf tournaments can be easily managed using a fundraising website designed for golf events. Create a golf tournament website where golfers register for the event, donors make online donations, and administrators can schedule team pairings, manage sponsors, product sales, generate reports, and more.

Peer-to-Peer & Crowdfunding Websites for Nonprofits

One of our favorite non-profit fundraising ideas is a Peer-to-peer or crowdfunding event such as a Walk-a-thon or Fun Run, Golf Marathon or Spin-a-thon. A walk-a-thon event not only helps to raise money for your non-profit, but also brings people together to support a cause. Members of your organization, individuals and families affected by the cause you are fighting for, members of the community, media, and more all come together to make a powerful statement. A walkathon fundraiser provides a great opportunity to raise funds through peer-to-peer fundraising or non-profit crowdfunding via an online crowdfunding platform. Each individual participant works hard to bring in donations. This can become a very exciting activity for individuals as they are able to create a personal fundraising page on your fundraising website where they set goals, upload images, track fundraising progress, and share their page with family and friends via email and social media channels.

Walk-a-thon & Crowdfunding Fundraising Websites
Online Donation Websites

Online Donation Websites

Although this seems like a simple solution, it’s often a good one, especially for non-profits with little internal resources (including staff and budget). For this type of fundraiser, you simply set up on online donation website where donors can easily go to learn more about your cause and make a safe and secure online donation. To promote this type of fundraiser, simply send email blasts with a direct link to your fundraising website and be sure to post a fundraising widget on your organization’s home page. You’ll also want to share on social channels, partner sites, blogs and encourage participants to make posts in their social networks as well to create a viral approach. You may want to consider offering a prize for the best video appeal where people can share a video on YouTube – a great way to spread awareness and drive traffic to your site!

With DoJiggy Donation Software you can create donation web pages with ease and accept one time and recurring donations online and track them with our accounting reports. We offer your organization a cutting-edge, responsive fundraising website for an online donation campaign. Our fundraising website is uniquely designed for a non-profit fundraising campaign for school fundraising, church fundraising and to raise money for a cause. Pair our charity donation fundraising website with your crowdfunding site and make the process easy with one fundraising website interface.

Charity Event Fundraising Websites

Charity Gala and other community events can be an excellent way for non-profits to raise money while bringing members of an organization, supporters and media together for a worthy cause. Keep in mind that planning a fundraising gala or event does take a lot of time and resources. You will need dedicated staff to plan the logistics (vendors, permits, sponsors, media, etc.). You also need to start your planning months in advance. But, often the financial rewards and increased awareness in the local community make a fundraising event worth it. If you choose a fundraising event, there are different kinds to consider:

  • Gala Fundraising Event – This type of fundraising event provides an excellent way to target your exclusive high-level donors and VIPs. Make your gala event a VIP spectacle that people do not want to miss by provide great entertainment (magician, music, art-performance, etc.), high-end food, perhaps a celebrity appearance, etc. That will allow you to charge a high ticket price while attracting a large audience and capturing media attention.
  • Community fundraising event (such as a school carnival) – This type of non-profit special event provides a great opportunity to gain awareness for your cause as you’ll be promoting the event throughout your community. Approach local businesses to sponsor the event. Offer food and beverage and merchandise for sale. Perhaps bring on game vendors – such as bouncy houses, giant slides, obstacle courses, and other carnival games. All sales will have a percentage of profits going to your non-profit. Invite popular local bands to perform, helping to draw in a large audience and tap into their followers. Invite radio stations to come on-site at the event and air live.
Charity Event Fundraising Websites

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Fundraise Online and Extend your Reach

One of the best things about creating a fundraising website for your non-profit campaign or project is the enhanced ability to promote your fundraiser. The global reach of your fundraising website is the perfect place to direct potential sponsors, donors, participants and media to register and find the information they need. A fundraising website also provides a place to share personal stories providing your organization with an opportunity to make an emotional connection with the community. Fundraising pages make collecting donations much easier than in the past. Participants can now send email donation requests with a link to the website, and post announcements within their social networks. An online fundraising website also provides an excellent opportunity to spread the word faster and farther. Participants, sponsors, volunteers and members of your organization should all ask family and friends within their networks to forward the fundraising site on to others, thus opening up the potential pool of donors to a much larger audience.

Tools for Nonprofit Event Planners & Participants

A fundraising website increases efficiency with easy-to-use tools for special event planners and fundraising participants. Event registration software is implemented on the fundraising website enabling participants to sign up online and create their own personal fundraising page. Each personal web page can be customized, allowing participants to create unique sites where they share personal goals, post photos, and collect online donations. Also included with a fundraising website is a secure administration area for event planners to manage administrative details such as: event promotion and marketing, sponsor and sponsorship management, online event registration, product sales, donations, detailed financial reporting, and day-of-event operations.

DoJiggy’s fundraising websites for nonprofits are highly customizable, allowing organizations to select from a variety of fundraising website templates in order to create a look-and-feel that supports the branding of the organization. In addition, administrators are able to provide detailed explanation of the cause for the fundraiser and need for the funds, they can also post pictures, share stories, and showcase sponsor logos and statements. A fundraising thermometer can be added to the website to monitor and track progress. If the fundraising campaign is any type of event such as a walk-a-thon, charity golf tournament, or gala fundraiser, the fundraising website is a great place to post up-to-date event details such as: date, time, location, parking information with links to maps, expected weather, tips to help participants prepare, and more.

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