Color Run Fundraisers

Color Run fundraisers are a great choice for nonprofit and school fundraising events. Our Color Run fundraising websites can help make your event a success! Get ready to have a blast and make more money than ever with an exciting and creative color run fundraiser.

Color Run Fundraising Websites

A Crowdfunding website is essential to raising money with a color run fundraiser. Crowdfunding websites make it easy for your participants to share their fundraising page and get donations from friends and family. Some key features with our software:

  • Personal & Team Fundraising pages are the heart of the system. Each participant has a personalized page with images, videos, their mission statement, Donate Now button, a fundraising thermometer and social media links.
  • Multiple registration types for day and night color run fundraisers and easy check-in and registration.
  • Team & Individual Registration: All participants may easily create or join teams.
  • Prize Management: Track multiple award levels and print reports to easily distribute prizes. When participants reach a certain fundraising level, they get a prize widget on their personal fundraising page.
  • Reporting Capabilities: Always be able to check the progress of your Color Run registration and fundraising progress in real-time so that you can plan that extra push to promote your event strategically.
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How Color Runs Work

A color run fundraiser is run similar to a walkathon fundraiser in which crowdfunding participants collect donations in an effort to raise money for your fundraising campaign.

A Color Run is a non-competitive Fun Run or running event where participants and observers throw brightly colored paint on the runners. All participants should wear white to start to make the most of the colorful splashes. Kids love color run fundraisers and by using paint that is non-toxic, everyone can participate.

See our preferred provider for Color Run Paint!

Color Blaze - Color Run Fundraisers

The After Party & Celebration is also a must! Our fundraising ideas below for the After Party add more ways for you to raise funds for your important cause.

Why Choose DoJiggy?

Organizing and planning a color run fundraiser from start to finish is seamless when powered by DoJiggy’s software for crowdfunding events.

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Compare our fundraising software prices and decide to choose DoJiggy. We offer a flat fee with no hidden costs and we are the only major fundraising website provider that does not take a percentage of your funds raised! Other sites charge 10% to 30% of your fundraising dollars.

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We Are Experienced and Trusted

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Merchant Services Freedom

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We Have Great Customer Support

We Have Great Customer Support

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Why not make your next fundraising event a Color Run?

Since thousands of people worldwide are signing up to participate in color run fundraisers, imagine how successful your organization could be with so many crowdfunding advocates to raise money for your cause. Holding such a popular event is a way to brand your organization by putting it in the limelight and attracting more donors.

With DoJiggy Crowdfunding software, each participant easily creates a personal fundraising page where photos and videos are uploaded, personal mission statements are shared, and secure online donations are collected. They easily send the link of their fundraising website to family and friends in advance of the event and share across social media channels. By making the event an online fundraising campaign, participants are able to expand their reach and raise more money for your cause.

Promoting a Color Run Fundraiser



Whether it’s working with other nonprofit fundraising teams to make your color run fundraiser bigger and more successful, or connecting with a well-funded business, sometimes it’s helpful to combine efforts with other groups. A shared interest in supporting your community can come from different angles – big business and nonprofits unite. And some nonprofit organizations share the same audience.
Social Media Planning

Social Media Planning

Social media is, of course, a powerful method of promoting your color run fundraiser. Set your calendar ahead of time to share particular types of posts to keep the momentum of attention for your crowdfunding event going. Posts can include promoting a different color run sponsor each week, statistics and articles relevant to your cause, past achievements or causes from your organization, volunteer, donor or staff member of the week for recognition.
Post Color Run Flyers

Post Color Run Flyers

Task a group of devoted volunteers to spread flyers throughout the local businesses and community centers to get everyone excited about your color run fundraiser. Make sure your Color Run Fundraiser is well promoted to ensure success.


Color run fundraisers are popular, fun and unique from many other fun run events, which is a great topic for local TV stations. Contact your local television and radio stations and invite a reporter come out to speak to your organization about the cause and get it on the news!

Fundraising Ideas for a Color Run

In addition to raising donations on your color run website, be sure to use the event and after-party as a fundraising opportunity. A great theme for a color run fundraiser may evolve around art and encouragement to create.

  • Sell white t-shirts, hats, and bandanas as well as paint color packs so that runners and observers alike can purchase them and get colored. Take your audience into consideration – selling paint packets may not be the right choice for school events.
  • Nighttime events may sell glow in the dark necklaces, bracelets and jewelry.
  • Face painting and finger painting booths may be included in the after party.
  • An art sale would add a layer of sophistication and create another fundraising opportunity. Bring the art sale to the celebration at the end of the event, and get local galleries and artists involved to donate their work.
  • Fundraising ideas around art and color are endless. Let the creativity of your nonprofit fundraising campaign be known and put your creative hats on to come up with new and artful fundraising ideas