Free Donations Websites for Nonprofits and Charities

Use a Branded Donations Website and Raise More Money Online
Includes One Time and Recurring Donations
Supports Tribute Campaigns and Preset Donation Amounts

DoJiggy delivers a free donations website to nonprofits and charities. Your nonprofit or charitable organization can customize a free website built on our powerful donation software platform. Use the free donations website for year-round and recurring donation campaigns or special donation initiatives.

There is no platform fee or percentage of funds taken out of your donations. With our free pricing model, we ask your donors to cover the platform costs via optional tips. Organizations pay only for secure payment processing by Stripe. Enable custom branding, recurring donations, tribute gifts, and free text to give functionality (US organizations only) for a full-featured donation website. It’s almost too good to be true, we know! 

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Recurring Donations are included in Free Donations Websites

Recurring Donations

Allows donors to set up weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual contributions with a few clicks

Donations Widgets

Donations Widgets

Embed simple donations widgets to drive donations from your organization’s website

Tribute Donations

Tribute Donations

Donors can make in honor of and in memory of donations and send a special tribute message

Easy Social Share

Easy Social Share

Supporters can easily share any page to their network via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Branded Donations websites

Custom Branding

Organizations customize the free donations page with their logo, fonts, and background image

Digital Wallet Support

Digital Wallet Support

Donors can donate using debit and credit cards, or Google Pay and Apple Pay digital wallets

Security Matters for online donations

Security Matters

All donations are encrypted and monitored by Stripe Radar for the identification of security risks

Automated Receipts

Automated Receipts

All donors receive automated, customizable receipts to their designated email address

Text to Donate

Text to Donate

US-based organizations get free, unlimited text to donate with any keyword you select

Gift Aid for UK donations

Gift Aid

UK charity organizations can collect donations with Gift Aid functionality

Customize your Free Donations Website with an FAQ Section

FAQ Section

FAQs allow organizations to provide information without distracting from donations

Free Pricing for online donations

Free Pricing

No subscription fees, when you ask donors to cover platform fees with optional tips

How Our Donations Websites Work

Free Donations Website

Your free donations website allows your school, church, or nonprofit organization to easily and securely process one-time, tribute (In Honor Of or In Memory Of), and recurring donations year-round. Our donation pages are mobile-responsive to look and work great on all devices, and our templates are easily customized to meet your organization’s branding standards. Branded donation forms are key to giving donors confidence in your platform that allows them to give more.

Online donations are transferred directly into your bank account and settle in about 2-5 business days. DoJiggy does not hold your money or write you a check after a fundraising campaign. Instead, we allow you to maintain your current banking relationships and process transactions directly with Stripe payment processing services.

Use the donations fundraising platform for special holiday fundraising, year-end giving appeals, and capital campaigns. Or use it as your Donate Now donation button for general, year-round giving. All nonprofits and charities in the US, Canada, and the UK qualify for free donations websites with us.

So why not get your free donation website so your organization can start to collect online donations?

Features and Benefits of Our Free Donations Platform

Donation Software for Charity Donation Websites
  • Our responsive, mobile-friendly donation platform makes it easy to donate on all devices
  • Easily brand the website with your organization’s logo, colors, and subdomain of choice
  • Enable free text to donate functionality (US organizations only)
  • Recurring (i.e., weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual) donations are supported to help your organization create membership campaigns
  • Add suggested donation amounts as buttons for easy mobile giving
  • Tribute donations for In Honor Of or In Memory Of gifts accepted
  • Get to know your donors by customizing your questions when you receive donations
  • Ask supporters to subscribe to your newsletter
  • Enable online giving by specific funds or categories within the organization’s budget
  • Add FAQ section for donor questions and answers
  • Gift Aid is supported for UK organizations
  • Receive free online technical support to make sure that your donation website is always running to your expectations

Free Crowdfunding Donations Websites

Free Crowdfunding Donations Websites

Need more than just online donations? Our crowdfunding websites provide nonprofit organizations with a donor-friendly website for online peer-to-peer and crowdfunding campaigns, such as Run/Walk/Ride events. Our P2P crowdfunding platform provides a complete fundraising campaign management experience with the ability to customize your donation website for individual and team fundraising using personal fundraising pages. Securely register or import event participants and process donations and pledges for peer-to-peer (Athon) campaigns, allowing your organization to raise more money than ever.

And yes, you can also use our crowdfunding platform for free with optional tips from your donors.

Embed a Donations Widget on your Website

Make it easy to get donations right from your organization’s website. Embed our Donate Now widget into your website HTML, with no coding required. You’ll love the ease of configuration and your supporters won’t have to navigate multiple pages to make secure donations.

  • Donor-friendly design that looks great on any device
  • Widget and donation pages are optimized to increase donations
  • Allows for easy mobile giving, including support for digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Simple to embed on any organization’s website – whether it’s custom-built or uses common website builders (like Wix or WordPress)
  • Customize the widget with your image and text
Try it out on our demo widget here!

Why Do Organizations Need an Online Donation Website?

While traditional methods of soliciting donations continue to be effective, having a secure, mobilized and credible online donation website is essential to nonprofit organizations and fundraisers. Online fundraising campaigns and donation websites make it much easier to receive funds from your supporters, share information and donation requests via social media, and help your organization reach fundraising campaign goals.

Free Donations Websites: Easy to Share on Social Media

Easy to Share on Social Media

A donations website makes it easy to grow and maintain momentum for fundraising campaigns by sharing your website on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Knowing the art of asking is still the most crucial component of receiving donations. An easy way to receive those funds online makes your fundraising efforts more effective. Mobilized donation websites for donations on the go are key here.

Free Donations Websites: Reaching New Supporters

Reach New Supporters

Another advantage of having an online donation page is the ability for new supporters to learn about your cause. Social Media posts are one of the best ways to build brand awareness when your supporters share with their friends. Especially if you are hosting a fundraiser specific to your community or appealing to a wide audience, sharing a professional donation website is a great way to make a good first impression.

Free Donations Website: Momentum through Transparency

Momentum Through Transparency

Another great influence on fundraising momentum is when your backers see the support you receive from others. When donations from your supporters are transparent, new and returning supporters can see the credibility of your cause to further encourage new donations towards your campaign. Our P2P crowdfunding software offers increased functionality with fundraising thermometers, leaderboards, and scrolling donor comments.

Free Donations Website: Easily Reach Out to Previous Supporters

Easily Reach Out to Previous Supporters

We can help you communicate with supporters from past initiatives, which will come in handy when launching new initiatives or campaigns that need fundraising support. Maintain an email list for marketing purposes and easily share your fundraising website via social media share buttons.

Free Donations Websites: The Power of Suggestion

The Power of Suggestion

Our free donation platform allows administrators to configure suggested donation amounts. By understanding the activity from past campaigns, you can add suggested donation amounts to help reach your fundraising goal. For example, $5 donations can become $15, and $30 can become $50, with suggested donation buttons.

Free Donations Website: Share Your Goal

Share Your Goal

It’s difficult to reach your fundraising goals if they are not clearly defined. Administrators can make goals visible with a fundraising thermometer so that your supporters know how much further you have to hit your financial goal. As you approach your goal, supporters often donate more to help you meet your goal.

Streamline All Your Back-end Needs with Our Donations Websites

Free Donations Website: Streamline All Your Back-end Needs Through Our Donation Software

Donor Communication Capabilities

Communicate with your donors easily with our integrated email tool. Donor communication is one of the keys to fundraising success.

Powerful Reporting Tools

Our reporting allows administrators to monitor donor activity, as well as the progress of your campaign during a fundraising initiative. Whether it’s a report to obtain an update about your overall progress or donor-specific activity, our reporting tools help you obtain the necessary data to make solid decisions.

Versatile Uses of Charity Donation Websites

Tribute Donations

In Honor Of or In Memory Of tribute gifts are accepted. Donors can send a special message with their gift receipts. Tribute giving is excellent for special holiday fundraisers or health-related organizations.

Recurring Donations

Consistent donations from long-term supporters are vital. Whether you’re looking for recurring donations or collecting monthly giving memberships or dues, our free donations website can easily handle it. Recurring donors receive an account to log in and manage their monthly donations.

Online Fundraising Campaigns

Our free donations website assures that you have the same look and feel whenever you’re hosting a special campaign or initiative. Supporters never question whether their donations will be secure, as we keep your brand consistent to build supporter confidence and trust.

Versatile Uses of Charity Donation Websites

Who Uses Our Donations Websites?

We provide free donation websites to all types of organizations. DoJiggy doesn’t do individual fundraising – we focus on organizations.


Who Uses Donation Websites?
  • Schools, universities, private educational institutions
  • Religious or faith-based organizations, such as churches, temples, synagogues, and mosques
  • Nonprofit organizations of all kinds of causes and efforts
  • Community organizations and associations, such as local sports leagues, dog park associations, and veterans’ support groups
  • Service organizations such as Kiwanis Clubs, Rotary Clubs, and Lions Clubs
  • Membership-based organizations that receive monthly dues
  • Any organization or group that receives donations on an ongoing basis

How Does Credit Card Payment Processing Work?

Stripe is the payment processor on our donations platform, and all funds will be processed directly by them. The donation process can be broken down into three simple steps:

Donors submit their credit card information

1. Donors submit their credit card information

Donors submit their credit card information on your donation website. One of the most important things to prioritize when choosing donations software is to verify that the integrated payments or merchant services account stringently follows PCI and industry-standard security practices. With sensitive information such as credit card numbers, address verification numbers, and CVV2 codes, we meet these industry standards to ensure that your donors’ sensitive information is secure.

PCI Security for Credit card processing

2. A credit card transaction is authorized

Once your supporter has submitted their donation details, your free donation website contacts the credit card issuing bank to safely and securely verify that the bank card is active and available with the necessary funds for the transaction. The information is encrypted to ensure that the highest security protocols are used.

Free Donations Website: Receiving the money

3. Your organization receives the funds in 2-5 business days

During your Stripe configuration, your organization will designate the bank account where you wish to receive funds. Once your bank account is verified, the funds from your donation website will typically be received within 2-5 business days. We do not hold your funds and write a check later. You will receive all funds directly into your designated bank account, less the transaction fees.