Church Donation Software

Church Donation Software & Online Giving for Churches

Utilizing Church Donation Software allows today’s churches to connect with and tap into their constituency throughout the week. While traditional methods of soliciting donations continue to be effective for churches, having a secure, mobilized online donation website is becoming more and more important. A donations website makes it so much easier to receive funds from your congregation, share information and donation requests via social media, and help your church reach campaign goals.

Why do Churches Need Donation Software?

If your church has never gone online before, you may be asking if investing in donation software is necessary. Churches that use church donation software are much more likely to attain fundraising goals and build needed capital for their church than churches that collect donations only in the traditional way. Most people order goods and make donations online today, so why should your church be left out?

Features and Benefits of Our Church Donation Software

DoJiggy offers affordable, easy-to-use donation software for churches (aka church tithing software) that allows donors to safely and securely make one-time or recurring donations to your church. Providing the option for tribute gifts (In honor of or In memory of donations) and recurring donations will increase your church’s fundraising success with little effort.

Our donation software is mobile-responsive to look and work great on all devices, and our templates are easily customized to meet your organization’s branding standards. Branded donation forms are key to giving your supporters trust in your platform, allowing them to give more confidently.

Your donations are transferred directly into your bank account. We do not hold your money or write you a check after a campaign. Instead, churches maintain their current banking relationships. Plus, the easy integration and free implementation with Stripe for payment processing make our software a clear choice.

  • Donors can easily make one-time donations via a one-page form
  • Recurring (i.e., monthly or quarterly) donations are supported to help your church with monthly giving and tithing campaigns
  • Our responsive, mobile-friendly donation platform makes it easy to donate on all devices
  • Create a customized donation form (starting from our templates) to match your church identity
  • Add suggested donation amounts as buttons
  • Tribute donations for In Honor Of or In Memory Of gifts accepted
  • Administrative features to allow key people within your church to manage your donation website
  • We uphold strong PCI and industry-standard security practices to protect your donors’ sensitive information
  • Receive free online technical support to make sure that your donation website is always running to your expectations

Implement Our Church Donation Software – for Free!

Our church donation software is simple and effective, allowing your church or organization of faith to save valuable time and resources. There are no excessive transaction fees, technical support fees, set-up fees, or costly add-ons. 

Uses of Donations & Giving Software for Churches

Our church donations platform has many uses, including:

  • Regular tithing, offerings, and donations
  • Tribute gifts (In honor of or In memory of donations)
  • Christmas or holiday fundraising campaigns
  • Church capital campaigns
  • Special allocations, such as mission trips
  • Campaigns for the needy or homeless in your community
  • Taking funds online for classes or materials

Creating an Online Giving Campaign for Churches

Online giving is an essential part of any church fundraising campaign. Online giving provides an excellent opportunity for your organization to raise more money for your church by reaching new potential donors and extending your reach beyond current congregation members. Of course, traditional fundraising methods should not be dismissed, as they are still very effective in securing donations. However, by combining church online giving programs with traditional fundraising tactics, your church can maximize fundraising results.

Start by creating a website to post information about your fundraising campaign and allow for online donations. Ask members of your congregation to share the fundraising website link with neighbors, family members, friends, and co-workers. This will allow you to take your fundraising campaign beyond your congregation, making your cause more visible to new potential donors. You can also post a link to your fundraising campaign on your church organization’s website. And, if you have a church blog where you share stories of faith, this provides another opportunity for sharing personal fundraising stories.

Church Campaign Outreach

Collect email addresses from your congregation to send email donation requests with a link to your fundraising website. Email is a great way to inform your congregation about fundraising drives, send event reminders and more. Not only can you easily embed a link to your fundraising website for online donations, but an email is very easy to forward.

Promote your online giving campaign with a strategy that blends traditional solicitation efforts with new online outreach opportunities. Continue to distribute donation request letters, either at Sunday services or through the mail, as they are effective – especially when you provide people with an easy way to respond (i.e., self-addressed and stamped envelopes and collection boxes at church). But be sure to provide these new online contribution options as well.

Church Event Fundraising Software

There are many reasons for non-profits and churches to host special events besides just raising money. Building awareness and community are important for your congregation, and fundraising events help you to do just that. DoJiggy also provides event fundraising software perfect for managing church fundraising events such as community walk-a-thons, breakfast fundraisers, charity golf tournaments, and more. With our crowdfunding platform, participants can easily register online, create a personal fundraising page, and collect online donations for your church from their friends, family, and associates.

Event fundraising can help your church raise funds for mission trips, youth fundraisers, capital campaigns and more. Read more about fundraiser ideas for churches.

Fundraising Software Features and Benefits for Churches

We strive to assist organizations of faith in fulfilling their missions by providing comprehensive, easy-to-use, and cost-effective online fundraising software solutions to help you build lasting relationships with your congregation and community while raising money to support your worthy causes.

  • All fundraising software solutions include a complete customizable fundraising website to easily connect with your congregation and constituents.
  • Your software package includes a secure administration area where you can manage your tithing and donor records, manage registrations, pledges, organize details for fundraising events, and generate numerous reports.
  • Software solutions can be integrated with the industry’s top payment processors, so you manage the intake of your money.
  • DoJiggy is one of the only online fundraising software providers that does not charge transaction fees on registrations, donations, or other transactions.

We believe that DoJiggy’s online fundraising software tools will save your church valuable time and resources, allowing you to raise more funds and focus on your mission. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your church.