Church Fundraising Events and Ideas

Church Fundraising IdeasFantastic church fundraising ideas make for successful fundraising campaigns, and are a great way to support your faith and community. Whether you are raising funds for a family in need within your community, a special mission trip, important youth groups, or resources for development of new church programs, we have compiled a number of creative church fundraising events and ideas to help you in organizing a successful church fundraising campaign.

Church fundraising is an increasingly important part of a church’s calendar, and something that most churches do and are good at implementing. Selecting the right fundraising event can add to the passion your congregation and fundraisers have, and inspire those around you to support the specific needs of your church. So as you paint a picture of what will change as the money is raised whether it is equipment and supplies, missionary or community activities, bills, maintenance, staff costs or facilities – consider the church fundraising ideas that will inspire a donation and best support the mission of your church.

Choosing a Church Fundraiser

Churches have many fundraising options to choose from. So, what type of church fundraiser is right for you? It’s important to get a small planning group together who are involved in choosing the event type. The time frame plays a part in your event type choices when considering the season, weather, holidays and regular community events. It’s also a good idea to try and evenly space the different fundraising activities throughout the year, and choose a few different event types to keep things interesting, such as a walkathon, lecture series or pilgrimages abroad.

The good news is, there is not only one way to run a church fundraiser, and most church fundraising activities can be adapted to work for many kinds of situations. We’ve created a church fundraising overview with guidelines to help you identify the type of fundraiser that might work best for your church. Things you’ll want to consider include: how much money you have to spend, the financial goals you intend to reach, how much time you have for planning, and the resources you have to reach these goals. The size of your group can also help indicate what type of fundraiser your church should be considering. These decisions may all play a part in choosing your best church fundraising event.

You will also want to keep foremost in mind the kind of message you intend to communicate to members of your congregation through your fundraising efforts. If you are looking for a fun activity that brings members of the church community closer together, you may want to consider a community fundraising event. If you are raising money for school programs, then get the children involved with youth group fundraisers. Or if you are looking for a program that encourages a deepening of faith, perhaps a spiritual mission trip or pray-a-thon event is more appropriate. Keep these things in mind, along with your overall goals and objectives, and you’ll have no problem finding the right fundraising activity for your church.

Our Top Church Fundraising Events and Ideas

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Events

Consider that local and community fundraising develops a deeper understanding of the church’s mission and helps to build important new relationships among its local residents. Bringing people together to identify and share their talents helps in raising the profile of your church. Peer-to-peer church fundraising ideas such as a serve-a-thon (where participants volunteer to clean up the community or assist the elderly in their homes), walk-a-thon (or Fun Run) or pray-a-thon can help set the right climate for people to recognize that giving further enables the church mission and ministry, but also that they are valued by the church as individuals. Adding the dynamic of team fundraising to peer-to-peer or crowdfunding events adds greater strength to the concept of community-based church fundraising.

Top Church Fundraising Events and Ideas from DoJiggy

Our peer-to-peer software allows your organization to easily manage these events and raise more money for your church. Each fundraiser has a personal fundraising page and can easily share their fundraising efforts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels. By letting others know why your mission matters and how it helps your church, others are motivated to give.

Community Based Fundraising
Community based fundraising events are a great option for church fundraisers. Plan for community fundraising events and activities that require cooperation and encourage involvement for families and your congregation. For most events, you’ll raise funds by selling treats or handicrafts, by charging admission or a ticket price, or by collecting donations at the event. We have collected a list of community based fundraising ideas that work for churches.

Youth Group Fundraising
Church fundraising ideas for youth groups that get kids to participate may be simpler than you know – think food. From lasagna fundraising dinners to pancake breakfasts, food draws kids as well as adults. There are so many such gatherings that start with a beautiful event website to advertise the event, sell tickets and sponsorships online and take donations. Or have an art show where the budding young artists of the community are actually performing their work – another idea where selling tickets will bring your community members out to see their talented kids in action who are donating their art to support their church youth group.

Mission Trip Fundraising
Partnering with mission organizations is a great option when embarking upon mission trip fundraising. Partnerships help booster all church fundraising ideas in that your organization will be working with greater resources and numbers when partners are involved. Global fundraising efforts can be supported locally with the help of The Girl Scouts, The United Way and many more organizations. Church mission trips find growth and support by stepping outside of their community to help others in great need. And whether your mission trip is global or local based, social media and online fundraising can be key to your efforts and success.

Church Fundraising Auctions
A charitable auction can be a great way to raise money for your church. Not only have auctions proven to have tremendous fundraising potential, they are also a great community builder involving people from your congregation in a meaningful way. Your congregation can donate items from local businesses where they work, which also highlights the donating businesses. Auctions generally work best with at least one major auction item, which you may need to purchase. DoJiggy can help with our no risk auction vacation packages.

Church Donations Software
Probably the easiest of all church fundraising ideas is a secure, online donation page with year-round constituent management. Donors can make one-time donations or set-up a user profile for recurring giving by month or other term. Recurring donors can easily access and change their profiles with their username and password. This software also includes gift management options for gifts made ‘on behalf of’ or ‘in memory of’ another person.

Online giving is growing rapidly, and churches cannot be left out if they want to continue to grow and thrive. A decade ago most folks donated by writing and mailing checks, yet today they have transitioned their giving and their trust to online fundraising. If your church hasn’t implemented donations software, contact us to find out more about your church’s options. We have helped many churches make the transition to taking online donations or tithing, and we can help you too.

Church Fundraising Resource Center
DoJiggy is dedicated to helping churches better plan, manage and execute fundraising events. With our Church Fundraising Resource Center, we strive to provide the best collection of resources to make your events more successful. Our goal is that these fundraising resources along with our affordable software services will save your church or church organization valuable staff and volunteer time and allow you to raise more money for your church and mission.