In Kind Donations for Non-profits

In Kind DonationsIn kind donations are non-monetary donations of goods or services. Most non-profits know this well, as they solicit and receive in kind donations for all types of special events. You may wish to accept these donations for your auction, raffle, event goody bags or prizes, or other purpose. Donors of in kind donations for non-profits can be either businesses or individuals – but often they are businesses and sponsors who wish to receive credit for their donations.

Examples of In-Kind Donations for Special Events

Fundraising events such as silent auctions offer a great opportunity to solicit in kind donations. Through your network of supporters, find out what opportunities exist. For example:

  • A massage therapist may offer a free massage.
  • The local gym may offer a week of free yoga classes or a three month membership.
  • An exceptional baker may offer the delivery of baked goods for an office breakfast meeting.
  • A local restaurant may offer a $50 gift certificate or Special Dinner for 2.
  • A local grocery store may offer to provide drinks and snacks for your walk-a–thon.

In kind donations can add to the success of your fundraising events and be of benefit in several ways.

  • In kind donations allow for a greater selection and variety of auction or raffle items.
  • Everyone has an opportunity to give regardless of their financial situation by offering their time and skills in support of your cause.
  • Auction Bidders can show their support for the work of others.
  • Donors gain recognition for their business or services.
  • Costs are kept low, as in kind donations replace purchases.

Tracking In Kind Donations

DoJiggy Fundraising Software packages offer the ability to accept in-kind donations on your website. To accept In Kind Donations, add the In Kind Donation page at Website -> Pages in your administration area. Constituents complete the form on this page with contact and donation information and the submitted form is sent to the administrator’s email. Once the page is added, the In Kind Donation Report will appear under your Reports menu. The report allows you to add In Kind Donations that you receive offline and convert In Kind Donors to sponsors, to appear on your website).

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An Alternative to In Kind Donations: No Risk, Unique Travel Packages

In addition to accepting in kind donations for your fundraising event, you may want to consider DoJiggy’s No Risk Auction Items. These items allow you to advertise and auction unique travel packages without having to put down any money up front. Once you successfully sell an item at your fundraising auction or raffle, your organization purchases it from our experienced partner and they send it directly to the winning constituent. This is a great option when donations come up short.


In kind donations offer businesses and individuals a unique way of giving through an individual’s time, talent and generosity of heart. Utilizing in kind donations will add variety and spirit to your fundraising auction or raffle and help in meeting your fundraising goals.