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Run Online Fundraising Raffles with DoJiggy

Run Online Fundraising Raffles with DoJiggy

We are excited to announce the launch of our new platform for online fundraising raffles. 

A successful fundraising raffle has the capacity to produce high-profit margins with few upfront costs – making raffles a popular nonprofit and school fundraising strategy. Fundraising raffles are a great option for groups of any size and are an especially effective type of virtual fundraising. Great for COVID-19 fundraising! 

With our new fundraising raffle platform, we do the work for you – sit back and watch the money come in. Your organization can even enlist supporters for peer to peer fundraising raffles or offer free merchandise with raffle ticket purchases.

Features of Our Raffle Fundraising Websites

Our new raffle fundraising software offers the most functionality in the marketplace. Features include:

  • Ability to include free merchandise with raffle ticket purchases
  • Fundraising thermometer to track online fundraising progress
  • Live Stream video option (via YouTube Live, Twitch, Facebook Live or Vimeo) for virtual fundraising events
  • Sponsor promotion via sponsor logos and links to website and social media
  • Easy social media share options
  • Ability to incorporate peer to peer fundraising, where fundraisers sell raffle tickets via a personal fundraising page
  • Include social sharing options to reward supporters who share links and bring in other donors with more raffle entries
  • Text to Give feature to make promoting the raffle easy
  • Raffle system can automatically draw winners from all entries or administrator can draw winners
  • Secure payment processing by Stripe 

Fundraising raffles are not legal in every state. States have exclusive rights to determine what is allowed and what is not in terms of gaming, of which raffles are included. Some states, such as California, do not allow fundraising raffles in their jurisdiction even for 501(c)3 organizations. Be sure to check with your state’s Attorney General office before planning a raffle to determine regulations surrounding nonprofit raffles in your state.  Organizations that are based in states where raffle fundraising is not legal will not be able to run raffles on our platform. 

Read more about eligibility to run online fundraising raffles.

Raffle Website Pricing

Select the pricing option that works best for you. You can either select to pay a percentage of all funds raised, or allow your supporters to optionally place a tip to cover platform fees. When using the tip pricing option, your donors will receive extra raffle entries for making a tip. In this way, you can run a raffle free of charge. All of this is managed in the raffle software.

DoJiggy.io Raffle Pricing
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