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10 Steps to Create and Sell Fundraising Cookbooks

10 Steps to Create and Sell Fundraising Cookbooks

Creating and selling fundraising cookbooks are a fun and personal way to raise awareness and generate valuable funds for your nonprofit. Whether you are planning to make an office, church, or school fundraising cookbook, or doing it to compliment your main fundraiser, such as a walk-a-thon, it’s a great way to make an impact on a worthy cause. Financially it makes sense, as the profit generated from fundraising cookbook sales can significantly outweigh the cost of making the product. This is fantastic news when your nonprofit wants to exceed its fundraising goals.

To ensure your organization smashes a successful and memorable fundraiser, look at our top tips and simple guide on creating and selling fundraising cookbooks.

Think about immortalizing your friends, families, and colleagues’ favorite recipes while raising valuable funds for your nonprofit. Well, that’s where fundraising cookbooks hold much of their appeal. Gathering a group of like-minded people to produce an item that offers a variety of delicious dishes is just one of the perks. Another is offering a keepsake that’ll be around long after the fundraising event. This creates a personal touch in your community, which can greatly benefit your charity campaign.

Fundraising cookbooks also make impressive and unique presents. A school fundraising cookbook is an ideal gift for parents and grandparents, especially when they open them up to find one of their own recipes inside. 

Choosing Virtual or Physical Fundraising Cookbooks

Creating beautiful fundraising cookbooks used to be time and labor-intensive. Much less so now with the advancements in digital technology. Whether you opt for physical or virtual fundraising cookbooks to sell on our eCommerce stores, it’s a much more straightforward and stress-free production process now than ever before.

Fundraising cookbook sales

To help you come to a decision, check out the pros and cons of virtual and physical fundraising cookbooks.

Virtual Fundraising Cookbooks


  • Outreach (and donations) are limitless through online sharing.
  • The option to re-edit at a later stage, add more recipes, and update content.
  • Cost-effective, with no need to print or charge postage fees.
  • More sustainable with no need for paper, ink, or damaging environmental costs caused by book production.


  • Some of your target audience may not be up to speed with the use of ebooks.
  • It can be harder to edit as content can be limitless with so many recipe contributions piling up.
  • The keepsake book is not as personal when it’s online.

Physical Fundraising Cookbooks


  • People like to own something tangible that they can fit on their bookshelf.
  • No screen time, which reduces eye strain.


  • Environmental costs of materials and production.
  • More expensive to produce and ship.
  • Limited amount of pages due to cost restraints.

Whichever type of fundraising cookbook your organization chooses, both are great options to sell online. So let’s dive into our 10-step guide on creating a sell-out fundraising cookbook. 

Gather Your Team

Gather your fundraising team

Whatever type of fundraising event you are organizing it’s vital to gather a solid team to lead you down the path to success. Assemble a planning committee to handle the various planning tasks, determine your fundraising goals together and create a roadmap to get there.

Choose the Cookbook Creator Platform

There are so many choices of cookbook creator platforms out there. Make sure you choose the best to suit your nonprofit’s and donor’s needs.  Remember to look for a platform with the following:

  • Extensive database capabilities to make uploading, editing, tagging, and sorting your contributed recipes quick and easy.
  • High-quality full-color printing options with a variety of binding and page count possibilities for those who want to create physical fundraising cookbooks.

Define Your Audience and Theme

Defining your target audience when designing your fundraising cookbook is essential to getting the most out of your charity campaign. Choose a theme that aligns with your brand, mission statement, potential donors’ preferences, and ability to give. Choose a theme that ties your fundraising ideas together rather than creating a random cookbook with all the contributed recipes thrown together. 

Define Your Audience And Theme

Here are a few unique theme ideas for your fundraising cookbooks:

  • Gluten-free or special dietary requirement recipes
  • Healthy food recipes (a 5K charity race)
  • Children’s party food recipes (school or PTA fundraiser)
  • World foods, with each chapter covering a recipe from a different country
  • Foods that can be prepared in under 30 mins recipes
  • Recipes under $10 or $20

Set a Budget for the Cookbook Production

Set a Budget for the Cookbook Production

Get together with your planning committee and set a clear budget for your fundraising cookbook, which will help determine how to price your charity product. If you’re not careful, things can start to get pricey with printing, binding, and shipping costs, so remember to decide if you want to go with physical or virtual fundraising cookbooks.

Choose a Customized Cover

The cover of your fundraising cookbook creates the first impression on its potential buyers, so it’s essential to get it right. Here are a few tips to attract your target donors from the get-go and have your fundraising cookbooks flying off the shelves:

  • Make it eye-catching and appealing.
  • Display memorable, heartfelt image(s) aligned to your cause that stirs emotions in your supporters.
  • Provide photos of the people or community you will impact with the sales of the fundraising cookbooks.

Don’t forget to add a small dedication to the people or community you’re trying to impact, explaining briefly who and what your nonprofit is raising money for and why. 

Gather Recipes

Provide your fundraising cookbook contributors with a shareable link so that they can distribute recipes. Give them a realistic timeframe, such as two to three weeks, to send in their recipes and see how your inbox will fill up with tasty ideas.

Gather Recipes

Tip: Make sure to proofread all recipes for spelling errors and to ensure that each recipe makes sense. It’s worth trying each recipe out first by sharing the recipes with your planning committee, to make sure that they are suitable for your fundraising cookbook. Remember your nonprofit’s reputation is on the line, so make sure the recipes in the book are of a high standard. 

Pricing the Fundraising Cookbook

Finding the right price for your fundraising cookbook is essential. Choose a price that will be low enough to attract your supporters but also high enough to make sure you smash your fundraising goals.

If you are unsure how to price your fundraising cookbook, why not visit a local bookstore or look online to compare the prices of cookbooks in the current market. Remember if you include some extras in your cookbook, such as recipes by celebrities you can price your fundraising cookbook higher

Promote Your Fundraising Cookbook

Promote Your Fundraising Cookbook

Once you have created your fundraising cookbook, it’s time to promote it. Use social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and your personalized fundraising page to tell your supporters about the cookbook and send updates when needed. Maybe even set up a trendy hashtag challenge using one of the cookbook’s recipes to create hype around the charity product.

If you can get a few influencers, celebrities, or musicians to contribute recipes to your fundraising cookbook, even better! Depending on your theme, for example, a golf fundraising cookbook, you could get a couple of famous golfers to contribute recipes.

Sell your Fundraising Cookbooks Online

You have your perfect fundraising cookbook, and demand is growing to purchase it, so where can you direct your supporters to get hold of a copy? Our eCommerce stores are the answer to getting your organization set up and selling quickly, with little effort.

Set up the store for free and add items within minutes. This is a great option for schools, churches, clubs, and all organizations where items can be picked up on-site. Shipping can be done if you build the shipping cost into the product or apply a flat fee to each transaction for shipping.

Sell your Fundraising Cookbooks Online

Thank Your Donors and Keep in Touch

During the online campaign, check in with your supporters with fundraising updates and progress posts, and don’t forget to collect all contact details so that you can personally thank them for their donations and participation. Recognition and validation are priceless in maintaining a fruitful relationship with your donors and sponsors. Remember that if your followers have had a great fundraising experience once, they are sure to return for your future events so be certain to stay in touch.

Thank Your Donors

Don’t forget to collect contact details from all donors to strengthen relationships and for future events. Maybe even start thinking about unique cook-off fundraising events, where your donors take a recipe from the fundraising cookbook they purchased and compete on who can cook it best. 

Conclusions on Selling Fundraising Cookbooks

Fundraising cookbooks have been around forever simply because they work. Everyone enjoys eating, cooking food, or both. And, as a fundraising cookbook encapsulates both of these great pastimes, you are set for success if you decide to create one for your charity campaign. 

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