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How To Plan A Successful Virtual 5K For Charity

How To Plan A Successful Virtual 5K For Charity

Since the start of Covid-19, the face of fundraising has been forever changed. Finding new ways to provide services, work with individuals and communities, and spread awareness has been vital to the survival of many charities and nonprofits. Going digital has become a lifesaver for many organizations, with virtual and hybrid fundraisers now increasingly popular and safe ways to raise money and awareness.

So why not try a virtual 5k for charity fundraiser to shake off the cobwebs and get moving and giving for a great cause? Check out our simple guide to a Virtual 5K race and get started today! 

What Is A Virtual 5K Race?

A Virtual 5K race is ultimately a peer-to-peer event where participants complete five kilometers by either walking, running, skating, hiking, using a treadmill, cycling, or participating in other sporting activities. The beauty of a virtual 5K race is that you can compete at your own pace, wherever and whenever you choose. 

Often, participants will be given a choice of timeframes to complete their virtual 5K race. This may be a specific day where everyone competes together or over a longer period of time, like a week or weekend, to race when it’s most convenient for them.  Each registrant can set up their personalized fundraising page and start receiving donations to reach their fundraising goals.  

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Plan A Virtual 5K Race In 5 Simple Steps

Virtual 5K races are versatile fundraisers, as there are so many different race activities to choose from. Saying that, whether you decide to host a virtual 5K run, hike or skate, typically all sporting activities take on similar steps to organize.

Follow our simple guide to ensure you host a successful, fun, and profitable virtual 5k fundraiser.

Assemble Your Fundraising Leadership Team

Assemble Your Fundraising Leadership Team

First up is getting a virtual race planning committee in place. All successful virtual run fundraisers rely on the recruitment and action of a strong leadership team. Don’t try and go it alone – get a committee in place early to help with all of the event logistics,  determine your fundraising goals together, and create a roadmap to get there.

Determine Virtual 5K Race Logistics and Financial Goals

This step includes determining the date and time of your virtual run fundraiser, fundraising budget and goals, virtual race location, and such. You’ll need to recruit plenty of volunteers to help on the day of the event as well.

Implement Great Virtual 5K Race Software And Personalize Your Fundraising Website

5K Race Software

Peer-to-peer crowdfunding software is a must for organizing successful virtual 5K sporting events. A virtual run platform must be easy and fun to use and have personal and team fundraising pages with fundraising thermometers, social media sharing, and personal goals.

This is where DoJiggy comes in! We offer the best, most affordable fundraiser software in the industry. Be sure that your virtual events start with a great online experience for your participants. People signing up for the virtual 5K race will register online and create a customized fundraising page.

Our peer to peer software for virtual 5K races is a powerful registration and donation management platform for all events, where individual and team participants solicit and track donations for your organization. Participants invite friends and family to support your organization through secure online donations to their page. Our crowdfunding platform also has all the privacy features you need to keep registrants safe.

Recruit Virtual 5K Race Participants And Sponsors

Plan A Virtual 5K Race

Recruit sponsors and attendees by working within your network of supporters, as well as by outreach and marketing efforts. Generate hype on Social media and use traditional marketing and promotion efforts, which will be essential in raising awareness and drawing participants and donors for your virtual 5K race for charity.

Check out our detailed guide on How to  Attract Charity Event Sponsors here.

Manage Virtual 5K Donations and Pledges Online

One of the most important considerations when planning a virtual run for charity is how to successfully and securely manage donations and pledges. Our crowdfunding platform has you covered again. Paper pledge forms can still be used, but most donors will prefer to pay securely online. Our mobile giving features allow donors to pay on their phones with Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Benefits of Hosting Virtual 5K Charity Fundraisers

Virtual 5K Charity Fundraiser

Do you struggle with motivation and getting out of the front door sometimes? Then a virtual 5K fundraiser could be what you’re looking for to get yourself moving and in shape while raising money for a good cause. 

Even if you’re already an active person, there are plenty of other benefits of a virtual 5K fundraiser. Joining a 5K race challenge can kick start the motivation you need to raise funds to give back to your community and help individuals or a cause close to your heart. It’s a great way to come together as a team to reach common fundraising goals, have fun, and get in shape. 

Virtual 5K races are popular events for fundraisers, as they can raise a lot of money with few upfront costs. Here are a few examples of why virtual 5K races are a great fundraising idea:

  • Due to social distancing and isolation requirements, many people are craving connection and community right now. A virtual walk/run/ride gives your registrants an opportunity to connect with their friends, family, and colleagues online.
  • We all need to exercise and be outdoors, perhaps now more than ever, as exercise is important for physical and mental health and wellbeing. Your virtual event can motivate people to get active.
  • Create a well-known annual event. Organize a virtual 5K race that gets everyone excited to be part of every year and start a tradition in your community.
  • The choice of sporting activities included in a virtual 5K charity challenge are limitless, incredibly inclusive, and flexible for everyone of all abilities, ages, and backgrounds.

Live Stream Your Virtual 5K Race

Live Stream Your Virtual 5K

Live Streaming can be another great way to engage with your virtual 5K fundraiser participants. Adding a live-streamed video to your fundraising campaigns allows attendees to join in the fun and start giving. DoJiggy’s live streaming platform allows users to interact with your cause. Why not try live streaming for virtual race campaign Kick-Offs (especially for P2P campaigns to motivate fundraisers).

Another idea to boost your 5K fundraiser’s success is getting a virtual host to elevate engagement for the 5K race participants. This means that the online attendees will receive that personal touch often lost through the screen. 

Don’t Forget The Prizes!

Don’t Forget The Prizes

People love prizes of all kinds and will work hard to earn even very small gifts. Consider asking local businesses to provide gift vouchers to support your community or offering customized merchandise that highlights your organization’s logo or mission statement. If you’re looking for prize inspiration, check out our Best Prize Ideas (and how to get them donated) here.

Our virtual 5K race software also includes a prize management and gaming incentivization system. These tools allow your organization to monitor fundraising prizes and awards easily. The function is completely configurable for your prize levels and ideas. A prize widget will appear at the top of personal fundraising pages when a participant has reached a certain prize level and participants and donors alike will love to see this.

Why not incorporate an extra fun element to your virtual 5K fundraiser by adding an online raffle?  Dojiggy also offers free software for online fundraising auctions and charity raffles. Sign up today and check out how easy it can be to raise money for your organization online.

More Virtual Race Ideas 

A Virtual 5K Race

If a run/walk event isn’t exciting, there are lots of online and virtual fundraising events you can consider. Other peer to peer events that make great virtual fundraisers include swim-a-thons and bike-a-thons. Skate (roller or ice) races, hiking challenges, coffee walks, fancy dress and themed runs/walks, and even dance-a-thons. These events are sure to get everyone in shape and having a great time to raise money and awareness for your charity.

Conclusions on Planning a Virtual 5K Fundraiser

There are many benefits to hosting a virtual 5K fundraiser, and these events are relatively easy to organize. Almost anyone can plan a successful virtual race with the right preparation and tools. So what are you waiting for? Choose the best activity for your virtual race, get moving, and start raising money for a great cause!

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