Walkathon Pledge Form Templates

Walkathon Pledge Form Templates

Walkathon pledge forms are often used by organizations to accept pledges and donations associated with a Run/Walk/Ride fundraising event. To help participants manage pledges and track ongoing fundraising progress, the participant collects information from contributors using walkathon pledge forms. Such forms generally include Donor Name, Donation or Pledge Amount, Contact Information, and Payment Method (credit card, check). The form may also include questions or custom information from the fundraising organization, such as ‘Would you like to be included in our mailing list?’

Is there a difference between a donation and a pledge?

Pledge forms may be used to collect donations or pledges for your cause. So what is the difference between a donation and a pledge? A donation is made in a certain, set amount, for example, $25. Donations may be made and collected before a walkathon. A pledge is a solemn binding promise to give a specified amount once a pre-determined goal is completed (i.e. the participant finishes the walkathon). Walk-a-thon pledges are usually based on laps, miles, or kilometers – there is some unit of effort to measure here and therefore, the pledge cannot be completed until after the fundraising walk is over. Schools often use this method of pledge collection by lap, as they want to encourage athleticism in their students.

Free Pledge Forms

We’ve created these walkathon pledge forms to help you get started on your walkathon planning. Both of these pledge forms are presented in Word format so that organizations can easily customize them to fit their needs. It is generally a good idea to present the pledge forms to your fundraisers in printed or digital, PDF format. Your organization may choose to use one or a combination of these pledge forms for your walkathon or peer-to-peer fundraiser.

Walkathon Pledge Forms

Pledge Form Template for Individual Donors

This walk-a-thon pledge form is used to take a single pledge or donation. It can be given to a donor or uploaded to your crowdfunding website. Donors will then have the option of printing and mailing this pledge form or making a secure online pledge or donation.

Click here to download the individual walkathon pledge form.

Pledge Form Template for Multiple Donors

This is a great pledge sheet to use at the office, church, or other any location where fundraisers will talk to several potential donors at one time. The walkathon participant will keep this pledge form and simply fill in the donor information, for later review.

Click here to download the multi-donor walkathon pledge form.

More Peer to Peer Fundraisers that Use Pledge Forms

We host all kinds of Athon fundraising events each year. These pledge forms can also be used to collect donations for the following types of peer-to-peer fundraising events:

Taking Walkathon Donations Online

Taking your fundraising walkathons online with walkathon software can double your fundraising proceeds. Our peer to peer crowdfunding software is a powerful registration and donation management platform for walk-a-thons, School Fun Runs, dog walks, and other events where individual and team participants solicit and track donations for your organization. Each of your participants manages their personal fundraising page which includes a fundraising thermometer and social media links and invites friends and family to support your organization through secure, online donations. Administrators configure the walk-a-thon website with registration fees, the types of donations accepted, prizes for top fundraisers, and much more in our powerful administration console.

We recommend using these pledge form templates in conjunction with our walkathon software to raise more money for your cause.

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More Walk-a-thon and Pledge Form Resources

DoJiggy offers a free, comprehensive set of walkathon resources, to help make your peer-to-peer fundraising events a success.