Start-up Service Package

Start-up Service Package

With the Start-up Service package, we take your logos, photos, and content and create your fundraising website. This is an excellent package for organizations that don’t have the time or expertise to get a website running or are under a deadline to launch a campaign. Please note: this package is limited in scope to the work described below and does not include any custom HTML work.

The Start-up Service Package Includes:

  1. Insert, review and layout content for an 8 page website
    • The organization provides typed content & instructions in Word format (page by page) or in the DoJiggy editor
    • Review colors, formats, fonts
    • Resize & place up to 5 pictures
    • Recommend site theme
    • Add event location and related address information
  2. Ensure all basic registration settings are configured
    • Registration page settings include individual and group registrations, donation solicitations, and product sales
  3. Website Header – resize from existing logo/artwork only. We can also create a custom banner, including your text overlay and logos.
  4. Sponsorship management
    • Up to 7 sponsor logos resized
    • Up to 5 Sponsorship packages – content uploaded (additional sponsor packages entered at $25 each)
  5. Assist with payment processing configuration

We will present your website with all submitted content in place. If you’d like to make revisions, you will have the benefit of working with our design team for two revisions only and a limited time of up to two hours. Please note that all required content should be included in the initial specifications and we cannot do unlimited or lengthy revisions as part of this package.

To get started, we will send you the Start-up Package questionnaire. Fill in the information requested (this must be typed!), and email it back to us. We will not begin any work until the package has been purchased.



Before ordering service packages and custom work, carefully review your needs. Our designers will follow the guidelines listed here very closely and cannot perform additional custom work without additional cost. Most work will be completed within 3 – 5 working days of purchase and delivery of all required content. Custom work is non-refundable and cannot be canceled once ordered.