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DoJiggy Golf Pledge is a complete online registration and management system for events where golfers collect and track pledges and donations for your cause. Our Pledge software allows your organization to multiply your fundraising resources, as each participant taps into their group of constituents to raise funds for your organization.

With a golf-a-thon format, your golfers commit to raising donations to participate in your organization's fundraising golf tournament. They simply register on your golf tournament website and then contact friends, colleagues, and family members to solicit donations for your organization. Many golfers raise thousands of dollars through their social network. Often, the golfer is not charged to play in your fundraising golf tournament if they meet your minimum pledge standards. Free golf - that will really give your golfers an incentive to raise funds for your organization!

GolfRegistrations Pledge software is a fundraising website that allows your organization to:

  • Manage participant registrations, sponsorship and product sales
  • Host a personal fundraising page for each golfer, including pictures and videos, their personal statement, and goal achievement progress
  • View top fundraisers and teams and track progress with fundraising thermometers
  • Securely process pledges and donations assigned to specific golfers

GolfRegistrations Pledge software includes 100 golfers with fundraising pages and unlimited pledges or donations for just $449. Additional participant licenses can be purchased as needed.

Raise more money with DoJiggy! As with all of our products, we charge a flat-fee and do not take a percentage of your sales or donations, nor do we charge for set-up and technical support.

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•• Features & Benefits
  • Easy reporting features & real-time snippets that can be placed on your website for the Top Fundraising Teams & Individuals, Total Amount Raised, and more
  • Each golfer can easily customize their own personal fundraising page, email friends and family, monitor and enter donations and pledges, and view pledge reports
  • Includes sponsor management and promotion capabilities
  • System can accept flat-rate or per hole pledges, before or after your event
  • Auto-generated email receipts & confirmations for all online golfer registrations, sponsor registrations, donations, pledges, and product purchases
  • Allows your constituents to take an active role in soliciting funds for your organization
  • Works with the industry's leading payment processors - you handle your intake of money directly and we do not take any percentage of your donations or sales
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How do my golfers create their personal fundraising pages?
Upon registration, your participants will create a username and password to access the participant control panel. There they can create their personal fundraising page, email friends and family and review their fundraising progress.
Can I require my golfers to raise a certain amount of money to participate?
Yes, our Golf Pledge software allows administrators to configure a minimum participant goal when configuring the event.
Can I track pledges or donations by individuals and teams?
Yes, our Golf Pledge software allows administrators to track and run reports by individual and/or team donations and pledges. Many organizations offer prizes to the top fundraisers to give participants extra incentive to raise money for the cause.