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how to get sponsors to support a walkathon

You've decided to host a walkathon to create awareness and raise fundraising dollars for your cause. To offset the costs that are required to produce your event and boost your fundraising dollars, you may be considering how to get sponsors to support a walkathon. Corporate or community sponsors fulfill a critical role in any successful walkathon or fundraising event. These businesses help increase awareness for an event by promoting it to their employees and customers, which is helpful when it is time to attract the attention of local media and recruit walkers and volunteers. But, most importantly, sponsors create a financial backbone by helping to offset event costs.

Below are some useful guidelines on how to get sponsors to support a walkathon.

Utilize Your Network

A great way to build your sponsorship list is to consider who you know. Who on your leadership team is connected to a small business owner? Who in your team of volunteers works for a larger company or corporation that may designate funds for local community projects? Can they help connect you to the person who deals with corporate sponsorships?

The most important thing to remember about networks is that they are constantly growing and changing. Most organizations do a great job of assessing their networks when first constructing recruitment and prospecting plans. However, as your registration grows, and you recruit volunteers and participants, your network will also be growing. Schedule a second and third assessment of your network, and actively seek out connections that will aid the success of your event.

Remember: Companies Benefit From Sponsorship!

Understanding and articulating the ways in which prospective sponsors benefit from working with your organization is very important. This becomes the foundation for selling sponsorship opportunities. Everyone likes to help out a great cause; however, companies are looking for a win-win relationship. Be sure to explain exactly how sponsoring your walkathon will provide value to the local businesses you are prospecting.

Benefits your Walkathon or Fundraising Event provides to Sponsors:

  1. Inclusion in Promotional Materials:
    • Where do you intend to promote your event and how many people will you reach?
    • How will sponsors be mentioned? (i.e. link from your DoJiggy website, logo inclusion on walkathon flyers, mentions in media press releases, etc.)
  2. Exposure at the Event:
    • How many people are expected to attend the event? Make sure to let them know that their involvement will expose them to thousands of potential customers!
    • Will sponsors have a tent or table onsite where they can educate people about what their business does or generate leads? Businesses are always looking for ways to reach new potential customers.
    • Perhaps if they are a company that sells products that correlate with a walkathon event (i.e. food and beverage companies), your event could be a great venue for sampling!
    • Do you intend to have a VIP area or a hospitality tent with free food and beverage for sponsors?

Don't Forget the Basics

In addition to pairing the mission of your potential sponsors and the activity or mission of your event, remember that other general benefits exist for lending sponsorship. These benefits may include:

  • Increased exposure in the community
  • Tax deductions (check with your organization's tax advisor for details)
  • Opportunities for teambuilding and employee development

Be Creative

When considering how to get sponsors to support a walkathon, think outside the box and find compelling tie-ins for local businesses. For example, insurance companies may be able to create special slogans pertaining to health and safety. Or invite a local furniture store to set up a "rest stop" for your walkers where they can feature some of their best-selling lounge chairs.

Be Organized

  1. Develop a corporate sponsor packet with a concise cover letter.
  2. Determine what your agency will provide in exchange for sponsorship. For example, use of logos on signs, tee shirts, websites, or in publicity materials.
  3. Brainstorm a list of prospective sponsors. Delegate each prospect and create a concrete timeline for approaching each prospect.
  4. Make sure to obtain the logos for each sponsor as you go.You'll be thankful that you have them ready when it's time to post on your website or print walk-a-thon materials.
  5. Don't forget to thank your sponsors! Mention the contributions of each sponsor at the event, and send thank you letters. This may bring them back again for annual events.

The possibilities are endless. Don't be afraid to think outside the box.

How to Get Sponsors to Support Your Fundraiser

For step-by-step guidelines to help you create and sell sponsorship packages, watch our free webinar, "How to Get Sponsors to Support Your Fundraiser".

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