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Walkathon Flyer Templates

These walkathon flyer templates were created to assist your organization in marketing your walkathon. Marketing and promoting your walk is an important part of the planning process. Good visibility raises participation, and in turn, helps bring more dollars to your cause. Walkathon flyers are essential to help your organization spread the word about walkathon. These walkathon flyer templates can easily be customized for your bowl-a-thon, swim-a-thon, hike-a-thon or other fundraising event.

Flyers are a basic "one-sheet" designed to explain the purpose of your event, educate people about the mission of your organization and outline the important details for the walkathon or fundraiser you are hosting.

Steps to Creating Effective Flyers

  1. Make your walkathon flyer visually appealing. Use compelling imagery that shows participants having fun at the event.
  2. Capture attention with an interesting headline: Create a fun name for your event, and include an introduction explaining what are you trying to accomplish.
    1. One idea to capture your audience's attention is to make an emotional appeal by explaining the current situation and telling participants how they can help. Example: 1 in 8 women today are diagnosed with breast cancer. How can you help? By giving back to your local community through participating in our "Breast Cancer Awareness Walkathon Event"
  3. What are the perks? Tell them about the "fun activities" that are part of the event:
    1. Will there be a hospitality area with free food and drinks, music, etc?
    2. Do participants receive T-shirts or other items?
    3. Will there be prizes for "most pledges raised", "first to cross the finish line", etc.
    4. Will there be raffle tickets available for large-prize items donated by sponsors?
  4. Details: This is one of the most important parts of the flyer. You need to tell participants and sponsors the "who, what, when, where, and how" of the event:
    1. Who's hosting the event? The organization & cause you support.
    2. Date & Time: include event start, pre- and post- activities, and registration/sponsor check-in times
    3. Location: include address of event and parking information
    4. What Else? What to wear, what to bring, are there any costs?
    5. Contact information in case people have additional questions
  5. Sponsor Logos: You don't want to forget this! Including sponsor logos on flyers gives local businesses the opportunity to gain exposure to many influential leaders in your community, as well as participants and the general public watching the event. This is a great way to say "Thank You" to sponsors (and is also a great selling point)

Download Sample Walkathon Flyer Templates

To simplify this process, we have created two walkathon flyer templates for you. Simply customize the text and insert your own graphics or logo and you are ready to start spreading the word about your walkathon. Download the editable Word version of our hip walkathon flyer template or traditional walkathon flyer template. The PDF version serves as a sample walkathon flyer.

Need other resources for your walkathon?

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DoJiggy also offers a comprehensive set of walkathon resources, to help make your walkathon event a success! See our walkathon pledge forms and complete guide on How to Organize a Walkathon.

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