2012 Grant Recipients

DoJiggy Giving supports the following organizations:

$1000 DoJiggy Giving Grants

Gabriel's Angels

Gabriel’s Angels

Gabriel’s Angels is the only program in Arizona that delivers healing pet therapy to abused, neglected and at-risk children. The organization’s short term goal is to instill in children an overall emotional sense of well-being, safety and happiness. Long term aspiration is to help children learn core social skills that will prevent them from continuing the cycle of violence as adults. Presently Gabriel’s Angels provides pet therapy services to over 115 agencies and serve 13,000 children annually through nearly 155 Pet Therapy Teams. Services are provided free of charge to the agency and the children by volunteer Pet Therapy Teams, usually consisting of a companion dog and owner. Teams visit each participating agency on a consistent schedule to build trust, empathy and respect in the children.

Funds from the DoJiggy grant will be used to train these pet therapy teams.



Mainstay’s purpose is to offer safety, support and assistance to families experiencing the emotional and physical pain of family violence and to provide an opportunity to work toward mending their lives and creating violence free homes. Through services, shelter and hope, Mainstay works to build safe, self-sufficient families.

Mainstay’s crisis services provides women and children a safe place to live while overcoming barriers that prevent them from establishing and sustaining safe and self-sufficient independence. Mainstay is the only agency in Henderson County and the largest domestic violence shelter in Western North Carolina providing crisis response services and shelter to adults and children who are victims of domestic violence. Crisis and stabilization services include 24-hour emergency shelter, counseling for adults, youth and children, case management, and court advocacy.

Funds from the DoJiggy grant will be used to support Mainstay’s crisis and shelter services.

$500 DoJiggy Giving Grants

Roots of Development

Roots of Development

Roots of Development helps impoverished communities in Haiti obtain the resources they need to sustainably manage their own development. The organization strives to promote an alternative, grassroots, community-driven approach to rural development. Roots promotes an alternative approach to rural development by facilitating a process in which they bring together diverse representatives from a community, listen to their goals, and build on their inherent strengths to complete community-driven projects that foster greater independence. Among rural Haitians, only ten percent have access to improved sanitation facilities, contributing to the spread of disease by contaminating community water sources in rural areas. Only 55 percent of rural Haitians had access to an improved drinking water source compared to the world average of 87 percent access in 2008.

Funds from the DoJiggy grant will be used to restore access to potable water and building protective structures to prevent future damage.

Halo Foundation

Halo Foundation

The HALO Foundation is empowering youth in the greatest need to become contributing members of their communities. HALO is committed to enhancing the living conditions and providing art therapy for orphans and at-risk youth worldwide. HALO provides American youth with opportunities to learn philanthropy and volunteerism by seeing the world through the eyes of the less fortunate. Youth supported by HALO are provided food, water, shelter, clothing, education, and art therapy. HALO works with orphanages in Mexico, India, Uganda, Kenya, Nicaragua and residential care facilities in the United States.

Funds from the DoJiggy grant will go towards funding a 4-month program of Art Therapy in Uganda.



InStride Therapy is recognized as the leading hippotherapy center in the southeastern United States and has been a member of the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) International since 1994. InStride’s mission is: to improve the physical and/or neurological status of individuals with physical and mental disabilities through the utilization of the horse as the most effective treatment tool and, 2. To apply special human and horse resources to enhance and improve physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual learning and growth. InStride’s new state-of-the-art facility offers year round programs in equine assisted activities including hippotherapy, therapeutic riding, clinic-based therapies and learning programs.

Funds from the DoJiggy grant will be used to support one child with special needs with hippotherapy sessions.