Golf Charity Auctions

Golf Charity Auction

One great way to raise additional funds at your golf tournament is to host a golf charity auction. Golf charity auctions and charity golf tournaments have become popular and effective ways to raise fundraising dollars for your cause, especially with the use of golf tournament software. The combination of these two fundraisers can significantly increase your fundraising potential without creating double the amount of work of hosting two separate fundraising events.

Your organization can even include large ticket items, such as vacation packages, at no risk to your organization with our No Risk Auction Items.

Why Host a Golf Charity Auction?

  • Hosting a Golf Charity Auction provides an opportunity for your organization to reach a larger audience. You can promote your auction website to people virtually anywhere (it does not have to include “local only” items). By including diverse golf auction items, you are offering something for everyone, not just golfers.
  • A golf charity auction gives people who cannot attend the golf tournament an opportunity to contribute to your cause as they can view your auction website and purchase items before the tournament even starts (with Buy Now pricing).
  • Since you are already promoting your charity golf tournament, promoting the golf auction takes little or no additional effort. Just include the auction website URL on promotional materials for your golf tournament, and include a link from your golf tournament website.
  • Including a golf silent auction on-site at the actual golf tournament also enhances the party, giving people another fun thing to do while they are mingling with friends and co-workers.

Here’s How Charity Auctions Work

Planning a Golf  Tournament Auction – Finding Golf Charity Auction Items

The first thing you’ll need to do for your golf charity auction is to solicit golf auction items from local businesses. Include some popular items that will attract serious bidding from people interested in golf, such as golf lessons from the club pro or a set of new irons. Also include items of interest to the general public such as spa services, electronic equipment, and restaurant gift certificates. 

You will also likely want to include a few large ticket auction items. These may include vacation packages or travel experiences that will bring in larger bids and more donations for your organization. If you can put together a travel package of donated items, that would be great. But many organizations cannot do this – so don’t limit yourself to donated items. GolfRegistrations offers premium vacation packages for use with golf charity auctions. These packages can auctioned off at no cost or risk to your organization. If your reserve is not met, the packages are not purchased and your organization is not on the hook for any fees.

Setting up your Golf Auction Website

A golf auction website allows for more detailed information about the purpose of your fundraiser, as well as more information about each item including: product images, starting bids, detailed product descriptions, item values, reserve amounts, bid increments, links to the donor’s web page, optional Buy Now pricing and more. If conducting an online charity auction, we highly recommend sending an email invitation with a link to the web page, making it much easier for people to access. You can easily include this in your confirmation email to golf participants and dinner attendees, as well as invitations to community members, media and more. Be sure to invite them to share the link to the online auction, as this event can really be open to anyone.

DoJiggy has discontinued our Auction software service as of January 2016, but have recommended a charity auction software provider. Find more information about our recommended auction software provider and download a free trial.

Online to Live Auctions Are Key to Success

If you do choose to host a silent golf auction at the golf tournament event, we still recommend staring your auction online and then closing the auction at the actual event. If the golf charity auction begins online, people can start reading about the items up for bid, look at photos, and even choose Buy Now pricing if there’s an item they must have. They can also forward the golf auction website link to someone else they think may be interested in bidding on an item. Then, on the day of the event, the organizer prints up bid sheets noting the value of the last online bid, and the bidding continues at the actual golf silent auction event. Make sure to have a volunteer monitor the table and answer any questions. Do a last call for bids at the banquet when everyone arrives to the post-tournament golf party. Then at the close of the event you can announce winners, collect payments, and disperse the merchandise.

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