Partner Account Management

As a DoJiggy/GolfRegistrations partner, you can access your current, free trial, and expired client accounts at any time through your online control panel, the Partner Dashboard. Partners can login, view, order and renew your client accounts from here. Partner billing information is also available from your Partner Dashboard under the Billing tab, at any time. Your Partner Dashboard is accessed from:


Private Brand partners should ONLY use your Private Branded administration area, and not the ones shown above.

Account Management

Getting Started

We have created this video tutorial to introduce you to your partner dashboard functionality. This short video covers account management, ordering, free trial setup, partner email system, billing and more.

Partner Ordering Procedures

As a DoJiggy/GolfRegistrations partner, you will receive a discount on all purchases made through your Partner Dashboard. To place an order from your Partner Dashboard, you have two options.

  1. Go to the Order tab at the top. From this page, you should see your discounted rate displayed next to each product.
  2. Next to an account that is already in the system, there is an ‘Order’ tab. By selecting to order here, the hostname is populated into your order screen.

Be sure to select ‘Partner Billing’ as the payment method. You should not have to enter your credit card details when making a purchase, as we already have your credit card on file.

Partner Billing Procedures

On the first (or first business day) of each month, you will receive a billing statement, via email, detailing the previous month’s purchases. In the event that you have a zero balance, you will not receive any bill. The billing statement will include the event name and hostname for each subscription, date of purchase, and cost. Please review your bill as soon as you receive it, and contact us at the email address listed on the bill, with any questions or concerns. Your credit card will be charged three business days later, and you will receive a confirmation email at that time. This email will contain a summary of charges; so again, please review the billing statement for detailed billing information. Your credit card will only be charged one time per month. Partner billing information is also available from your Partner Dashboard under the Billing tab, at any time.