Product & Services Promotion for Partners

Product & Services Promotion for partners

We encourage partners and affiliates to promote our services on your website. You may find promotional content on our websites, but please keep in mind the following:

  • You cannot copy and paste the content from our resources pages. You are welcome to reference and restate these pages, but Google does not allow duplicate content on multiple websites.
  • If you stop selling DoJiggy (or GolfRegistrations) services or are asked to remove them, any content or references must be removed from your website in a timely manner.
  • We require that before going live with new websites or pages referencing our services, you allow us to review and approve related content.

Partner Tracking Codes

To link your website to ours, you will use a link like this:

  • – where the 3 is your affiliate partner code

By placing your partner code in the URL, constituents will be tracked and credited to your account. You can get your code at or by contacting us in Sales.

Your users will appear in your Partner Dashboard (for partners only, not affiliates). 

Promotional Buttons and Images

We offer promotional images or buttons for use on your website. Use these to promote DoJiggy services and earn commissions when users click through to our website. Be sure to use the included code, which contains your affiliate ID.

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Promotional Text

Here are some descriptions of our services that you are welcome to include on your website. Feel free to edit the text to meet your needs. We ask that you allow us to review your description of our services before going live with your website listing, to ensure accuracy.


DoJiggy™ provides nonprofits, schools, and organizations with a robust fundraising platform to improve online fundraising and event management. DoJiggy offers registration and fundraising services for golf tournaments, school Fun Runs and fundraising events, nonprofit galas, online eCommerce stores, and peer-to-peer crowdfunding events. DoJiggy has the most affordable software in the nonprofit industry and offers 14-day free trials on all services. Visit the website or call (888) 436-1999 today.

DoJiggy – Short Version

DoJiggy™ provides nonprofit and community organizations with fundraising software and websites. They offer registration and event management services for school and church fundraisers, golf tournaments, and peer-to-peer fundraising events where individuals collect donations. DoJiggy offers affordable pricing and free trials.

Golf Pro

DoJiggy™ Golf Pro is the industry-leading golf tournament software platform for managing your tournament’s complete event life cycle. The Golf Pro platform includes a customizable website where golfers and sponsors securely register online. In this administration area, your site is built and maintained, detailed financial reports are generated with each transaction, email communications are administered, and more.

Make your next golf tournament more successful with less staff time and trouble! DoJiggy offers 14-day free trials. 

Demonstration Website

Each partner is eligible for one complimentary website to be used for demonstration purposes. This website can be mocked up with your logo or signature event and presented on your website and/or in-person to potential clients. If you are interested in receiving your complimentary demo account, please contact your sales representative.

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