A Unique Church Fundraising Idea

An interesting fundraising idea uniquely meant for church fundraising is a pray-a-thon. Pray-a-thons are a variation of the walk-a-thon theme, where individuals and even groups collect donations for your church or community.

A pray-a-thon can be used to help raise funds for people in need (this could be families in your congregation with sickness or other unfortunate circumstances) or for other church projects. Church members raise funds by reaching out to family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors and asking for donations. Then the church can host a large community pray-a-thon where the congregation gathers in one location and prays together to send their thoughts and prayers to the person/s in need of God’s guidance and prayer at this difficult time.

A pray-a-thon could also be used to raise funds for development of church resources and programs to encourage growth and prosperity of the congregation. If funds are raised for the benefit of the church, congregation members will seek donations and pledges from family, friends and the local community, and in-turn will make an obligation to recognize donators in group worship and individual prayers.

People interested in supporting a pray-a-thon through donation contributions will go online to a church pray-a-thon fundraising page where a story is told about the purpose of the pray-a-thon, how the funds raised will be used, and why the special prayers are needed at this time. Photos and statements can also be shared. One of the biggest benefits about a church fundraising program like this is teaching members to be less selfless and more giving, while helping less-fortunate families or those in need.

Fundraising Software and Additional Resources

DoJiggy Pledge peer-to-peer software is the perfect tool for collecting online donations and pledges, managing the details of your fundraising event, and informing people about your cause.

Of course, a pray-a-thon is not the only fundraising option for your church group. A regular walk-a-thon event is a great way to bring members of your community together in a fun way to raise money for your cause. We have an entire walk-a-thon resource center to help guide your planning efforts if this is the type of fundraising event you are interested in.