DoJiggy Releases New Auction Checkout Tool

DoJiggy Releases New Auction Checkout Tool for Live Charity Auction EventsBoulder, CO (June 19, 2013) – Online fundraising software provider, DoJiggy LLC, announces the release of a new, upgraded auction checkout tool for live charity auction events. The new auction checkout system greatly simplifies the auction checkout process, saving time and making check-out lines shorter for auction attendees.


The new auction checkout tool allows auction administrators and event volunteers to easily perform the following functions from their charity auction website:

  • Search for bidders by name, username or bidder number (as generated upon auction registration). When a bidder is located and selected, all data and items associated with this bidder appear.
  • Search for auction items by name (including partial matches) or item numbers. When an item is found and selected, it is associated with a bidder. If the bidder is not the current high bidder, a new high bid can be entered at this time.
  • Add new bidders (who have not previously registered online), create orders for each bidder, and print receipts and reports.

At the end of a live charity auction, auction administrators can print a full report of winning bidders. This will include all final bids, order status, and tally of auction proceeds. As an individual is ready to checkout, administrators simply search for the bidder and create an order, which includes all of the auction items they have won. Payment can be made with check or credit cards processed through the auction software system or external credit card terminal. Administrators may also perform a search on specific auction items to find the winning bidder or adjust high bid values. If an item does not sell or payment has not been collected, orders can also be marked as incomplete for follow-up or payment at a later date. Receipts are auto-generated and can be printed on the spot for event attendees.

“We created this new simplified auction checkout system to avoid bottlenecks at the end of live auction events,” explains Lisa Bennett, Director of Sales at DoJiggy. “If we can keep things moving smoothly from start to finish, we will make auction and gala event attendees and our customers happy.”

For more information about the new auction checkout tool, or how online charity auctions can help your organization maximize revenue and minimize costs at your next fundraising event, please contact DoJiggy Sales at 888-436-1999 x2.

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