School Auction Fundraisers (with Best Auction Items)

School Auction Fundraisers

Are you tired of the same old boring school fundraisers that seem to barely scrape by in terms of raising money? Look no further than fundraising auctions! These events not only have proven to be incredibly successful in terms of fundraising potential, but they’re also a fantastic way to bring together your school community in a fun and engaging way. 

Everyone can get involved in the excitement of a school auction fundraiser, from teachers and students to parents and administrators. Whether you’re hosting a live, silent, or online auction, the unique items and experiences up for bid will incentivize people to open up their wallets and support your school. So why settle for mediocre results when you can make a big impact with a thrilling school auction fundraiser?

DoJiggy can help with fundraising auction software. Our auction platform is easy and free to set up. Donors can view auction items and securely bid online. Use Text to Bid and easy social media share links to promote your school auction online.

Best Auction Items for School Fundraisers

When hosting a school auction, the key to success is all in the items. So, if you’re planning a school auction fundraiser and looking for exciting and unique auction items to entice potential bidders, look no further! Here are some excellent auction item ideas for school fundraisers that will surely make your event a success.

Vacation Packages

Teacher Experience Packages

Ask your teachers to donate a unique experience like a field trip, pizza party, or game day with the teacher, as auction items. These items will encourage parents to bid higher and support their children’s school.

Vacation Packages

Offer a fun getaway for families with exciting vacation packages like a weekend away, a staycation at a local hotel, or a family-friendly theme park vacation package.

Sports Memorabilia

Sports enthusiasts will love the chance to bid on autographed sports items such as footballs, jerseys, and baseballs. Reach out to local sports teams or famous athletes for donations.

Community Services

Unique services from local community members can be a hit at your school auction fundraiser. Consider reaching out to talented individuals in your community who are willing to donate their time and expertise to offer services like free piano lessons, knitting or other crafts lessons, or even a handyman for a day. 

Personalized Items

Unique, one-of-a-kind personalized items with the student’s name or school logo can make a great auction item. Items such as t-shirts, water bottles, and backpacks are great examples of personalized items that can be included in the auction.


Artwork created by students, teachers, or local artists can make excellent auction items. Consider including paintings, sculptures, or other pieces of art in your auction.

Gift Baskets

Create unique and themed gift baskets to auction off at the event. Some great ideas include a spa basket, a foodie basket, or a gardening basket. We’ve seen school auctions where each classroom is in charge of a themed gift basket, and all of the students bring in something to add to the basket. The possibilities are endless!

Virtual Experiences

In the current climate, virtual experiences are all the rage. Consider auctioning off virtual cooking classes, virtual wine tastings, or virtual workout sessions.

Movie Night Package

Create a fun and relaxing night in with a movie night package. Include items such as a projector, popcorn machine, and blankets.

No-Cost School Auction Experiences

Think outside the box and consider no-cost auction items like Principal for a Day or Lunch with the Superintendent. These items can be a great way to involve the school administration in the event and the amount schools can raise on unique offerings like this may surprise you.

Private School Auction Ideas

If you’re hosting a fundraiser for a private school, consider offering exclusive items like a VIP parking spot or front-row seats at school events.

These are just a few auction item ideas for school fundraisers that are sure to attract bidders and raise funds for your school. Be creative and think about items that will appeal to your audience. With the right items and marketing strategy, your school auction can be a great success!

Movie Night Package

Procuring School Auction Items

3 Day/2 Night Luxury Vacation Passport

You’ll need the best auction items around to make your school auction fundraiser a success. And once you’ve got your sights set on those must-have items, it’s time to gather them up! This is where your local community businesses, celebrities, and networks come in – don’t hesitate to ask for donations. With the right items up for auction, you’ll have bidders lining up to support your cause and make a real difference. 

If you can’t acquire enough in-kind donations, consider purchasing items on consignment. Many schools and organizations don’t do this; they think they’ll earn the most money by auctioning off only donated items. Wrong! If you purchase unique items on consignment or at a good sale price, you can raise more money than by auctioning off only donated items. We offer one-of-a-kind vacation packages at special nonprofit rates. These packages can help your school raise thousands at your next school auction fundraiser.

What Is the Best Format for a School Auction?

There are three ways to auction items: via an online charity auction, live auction, or silent auction. All three types of auctions can be very successful school fundraisers, and you don’t have to limit yourself to just one option. Instead, consider combining an online auction with a live event to create a more unique and exciting event.

Online Auctions

Online charity auctions DoJiggy Auction website for schoolsare a convenient and effective way to fundraise, especially during times like the COVID pandemic. This type of auction can be held entirely online or in conjunction with an actual event, allowing for wider accessibility to bidders. Online auctions enable organizations to provide detailed information about their cause and each item up for bid, including:

  • product images
  • starting bids
  • detailed descriptions
  • item values
  • reserve amounts
  • bid increments
  • links to donor web pages and much more.

Not only do online auctions allow more people to participate, but they also give those unable to attend a live event a chance to bid on items. To make it easier for bidders to access the online auction, use QR codes and custom URLs for each auction items.

Live Auctions

A live auction is another great option for a school fundraiser. Live auctions require top-quality auction items, or they’ll fall flat. They’re also the most labor-intensive, and you may need to hire an auctioneer. You’ll need additional staff to:

  • assist with assigning bid cards to participants
  • creating the auction booklet
  • processing payments after the event. 

In a live auction, you’ll want to gather your attendees in an atrium-like setting to showcase auction items and take bids. A live auction is often best utilized in combination with another event, such as a charity gala or fundraising golf outing where people are already in a festive mood.

Silent Auctions

A silent auction is similar to a live auction; however, there’s no need for an auctioneer. Items are displayed on tables with a sign-up sheet or QR code for supporters to bid on throughout the event. The minimum bid and raise amounts should be noted if the silent auction is a paper event. Bids are closed at a specific time with announcements that bidding is ending to encourage one last round of bidding. Once closed, the winning bidder is notified and can collect their items. If the silent auction is managed online, payments are handled there.

Remember, whatever format you choose for your school auction fundraiser, make it fun and memorable.

Using DoJiggy’s Auction Platform for Your School Auction

Auctions have a lot of moving parts. Be sure to use fundraising auction software that makes the grade!

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