School Fundraising Flyers & Templates

School Fundraising Flyers & Templates

These school fundraising flyer guidelines and sample templates were created to assist your school with promoting your fundraising event or initiative. Marketing your school fundraising activity is an important part of the planning process. Good visibility raises participation, and in turn, helps bring more dollars to support school programs. We’ve created these guidelines to help you effectively organize the information for your school fundraising event, and provided sample templates that can easily be customized!

School Fundraising Flyers are a basic “one-sheet” designed to explain the purpose of your event, educate people about what your school is trying to accomplish (i.e. what the money raised will support) and outline the important details for the fundraiser you are hosting.

Creating Effective School Fundraising Flyers

  1. Make your school fundraising flyer visually appealing. Use compelling imagery that shows students and participants having fun at the event.
  2. Capture attention with an interesting headline: Create a fun name for your event, and include an introduction explaining what are you trying to accomplish.
  3. Tell them about the “fun activities” that are part of the event:
    • Will there be entertainment, games, food, drinks, etc?
    • Do participants receive free T-shirts or goodie-bags?
    • Will there be prizes for top-performing students?
    • Will there be raffle tickets available for large-prize items donated by sponsors or members of the community?
  4. Details: This is one of the most important parts of the flyer. You need to tell participants and sponsors the “who, what, when, where, and how” of the event.
    • Date, Time, & Location
    • What school programs does the fundraising activity benefit?
    • What will be happening at the event? Prizes, Music, Food & Drink.
    • What Else? What to wear, what to bring, are there any costs?
    • Contact information in case people have additional questions
    • Include any relevant sponsor logos

Printing School Fundraising Flyers

Now you’re ready to print your school flyers. The printing of your flyer is just as important as the design. Be sure to select a reputable, high quality printer that can deliver your flyers on time.

Sample School Fundraising Flyer Templates

To simplify this process, we have created a few school fundraising flyer templates for you. Simply customize the text and insert your school logo and you are ready to start spreading the word about your fundraising event.

Download the editable Word version of our templates here.

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